Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hey June! June.1.2011

When I think of June I think of school ending & summber beginning -possibly my favorite time of year! Don't get me wrong I love studying and getting my edumacion on but seriously who would pass up long days in the sun and being with friends?!?! (crazy people thats who!)

This June in particular is pretty exciting- marks 1st year of college completed (booyah!) I can't believe I've completed a years worth that will go towards my career (eek that word makes me sound like an adult lol) I register for summer quarter (ya ya I am one of those crazy people BUT in my defense its only 1 class and its at night-OH and its ASL 101 so I'm actually excited for it!) But ya it should be awesome!!! And with June comes the packing and moving out process-I look at my dorm and think "how am I going to get this all out of here?" but no fear ladies and gents-my mom is all ready to get it up and out of there lol (she's the woman with the plan lol)
With June also comes another month down (for all you mg's out there ya know what I mean) although its NOT QUITE here yet I'm going to post it anyways (its my blog and I do what I want lol) but on the 14th of June will mark Elder Schott's 11 months out (holy cow!!) so make sure ya come back in oh 13 days to see his post (maybe I'll have a new picture of him too, knowing him maybe not but I'm keeping my fingers crossed-he said in his last email that he forgot his camera but he will have it next week. With him I am debateable on the word "forgot" lol)

Happy June everyone & even though its raining at the moment here in Seattle I have hope that the SUN will make its appearance so that my summer excitement will return! :D

Memorial Day May.30.2011

"I'm proud to be an American,

where at least I know I'm free.

And I won't forget the men who died,

who gave that right to me."

In support of our troops for FHE (family home evening) we made cards & cookies to send to the troops serving for our country! We were split into two groups-(my group) made cookies first while the others decorated cards then we swapped. So the group I was in made chocolate chip cookies-well the guys in the group wanted to prove their manlyhood I mean wanted to contribute to the cooking so they helped us out by measuring...ya they used a liquid container to measure out sugar which was hilarious when he saw the measuring cup for the dry ingredients and saw he was COMPLETELY off lol! Gotta love guys trying to cook ;p

We popped the cookies into the oven then headed to the gym to make our cards :) Shea (the guy in the photo below) is a pretty crafty guy and transformed the scrap piece of paper into an alligator-impressive eh? Then he took a piece of green paper and turned into a heart (ok that one was a fail but his friend Trish transformed it into a bat-his favorite lol) and ya he was really excited about it which was hilarious to watch! I on the other hand am not so crafty so I stuck with the square paper lol and drew on it! But my fireworks aren't half bad lol ;)

Then Carole called us into the kitchen to see the results of the second groups cookies (and it was too good to pass up, I had to take a photo of the HUGE sugar cookie!) believe it or not this cookie started out as 10 individual ones BAHA!!! Apparently the "recipe" wasn't the best...I will leave that up to you to decide lol but it was a good laugh!

For our thought tonight, Tessa gave it on "remember" how on this day we take time to remember those who have fallen because they were protecting our Nation. I have a great appreciation for the men and women who serve on the front line, protect our nation here in our country, and sacrifice their time and life to better our nation. Having my brother in law Johnny leave our family for his service in Iraq made me realize how the military can affect a family. I am definitely grateful for all the individuals who leave their family, friends, lives to go out and fight for my rights and so that I am able to continue my education and in turn be able to give back to my community one day :) I'm proud to be an American!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lesson Learned May.30.2011

So last night our friend Joe came over to drop something off...we have this kind of big brother/little sister relationship where we always go at it. Well as he was leaving he took my watch and ran to his truck-i ran out after him. Then he rolled up his window and I waited (knowing he would crack) well I was quick and when he rolled it back down I unlocked his door and opened it. I asked for it back (no luck) so then I hit his arm...and hit him again..a few times actually (in the same spot so it would hurt) and it worked. I got my watch back-then he grabbed my hand and hit me back (i suppose i deserved it) but man he is a bit more powerful than I. Boy did it hurt! I walked back inside and my arm was throbbing. Last night I was shocked there was no bruise. This morning however there was-kinda hard to see in this picture but it is there!

So moral of the story-don't pick on people bigger then you? Nah more like hit harder next time! Revenge is coming Joe!!! just you wait-I'll be back home in two weeks!!!

Homemade goodness! May.27.2011

You know a kid can only handle SO much college cafeteria food before she goes insane....which is why I am SUPER grateful I have friends like Courtney (below) who live on their own and I can go over and make dinner with! Tessa & I went over to her place on friday night (ok lets be honest she picked us up lol) and our first stop was Safeway to buy the supplies! Courtney had decided on homemade pizza so we had some fun running around the store trying to find all the ingredients-I'm not so good at it come to find out lol
BUT mission accomplished (after Courtney took over for me lol) and off we went to Courtney's apartment :)
Courtney and her awesome cooking skills had a killer time watching Tessa and I try to create the knot shaped rolls she had prepared for appetizers for us-Tessa & I failed but boy were they delicious (Rhodes rolls, garlic, olive oil, & cheese) Tessa here with the bags for the rolls...we put all the ingredients in there and then ya SHAKE!!!
Then came the pizza time!! Yummyness (yup just made that a word) Making the pizza sauce was pretty fun-a little this & a little that lol

As we ate we chit chatted-Tessa & I made Courtney feel REALLY old (by the way she isn't!) from our lack of knowledge about movies and songs from the past-apparently we only know 90's-2000's-oops lol...Now we have a new thing to work on lol!
After that we watched Tangled-such a great movie & I totally have bad timing (i talked during the boat scene-oops again!)
After the movie we chit chatted a bit more-I had such a blast you two lovely ladies and we will for sure be doing this again :) Thank you Courtney for letting us come over & thank you Tessa for coming with me!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gifts well loved :) May.27.2011

A few weeks ago I found a Disney Store at the Bellevue mall-well
Electra/Carlye found it but I found two tshirts for my little guys :D Jaxson is in love with Buzz lightyear & little miss Brooklyn loves princess Tiana so when I spotted these two tshirts I had to get them (what else is an Aunt supposed to do?!?!) And plus I thought it would be kinda fun to send them a surprise gift from Auntie K (I even addressed the package to Jaxson & Brooklyn Derbidge :) ) Well Brittany (their mom) texted me with these pictures of my niece and nephew after they'd seen their gifts (apparently Jaxson took his shirt off so he could wear the buzz one-I laughed ;p) And miss Brooklyn looks so cute :) I love them & I love being an Auntie-definitely one of the greatest blessings in my life!

Sorry to the boys out there May.27.2011

So at Seattle University if you order Peach, Mango, Strawberry smoothie with yogurt this is what you get on your cup :D Sorry to any boys/guys that read this blog but it was just too good to pass up :D Oh boy it tasted good too-fresh fruit & yogurt....mmm mmm good :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Geo Field Trip May.25.2011

Who said field trips end in middle school? Not UW that's for sure!!! For my geology class we did field trips throughout the year and our last one was to the IMAX theater to watch a movie on volcanoes :) It was in 3d and the seats had a slight forward lean to them so it was REALLY like you were in it lol :D
Well I try to take photos so I can blog about what I do in my life for everyone-well my roommate Carlye is a dork and this is the first photo I got out of her *shakes head*
This one is better:D She is adorable-I just love her!
My mom came up for my field trip which was super awesome (totally felt like a little kid again & yes I loved every second of it!)
Lora came up with my mom (she's from my home ward and has been a family friend since...well before I was born lol) I just love her & was super excited she came even if I asked super late! It was a great night, I got to treat them to dinner at the cafeteria (let them see what it is like to eat like a college kid lol...of course the night they come it was all good food [build your own burrito or hamburger night-go figure!]) It was a great night! Thank you both for coming I enjoyed dinner and our conversation...oh ya and my exercise-I may or may not have realized I'd forgotten my keys back in the cafeteria once we got back to the car (five mins away) yup 1st time all year would be the day my mom comes...I'm just THAT good ;) but no worries I "snuck"in...more like walked in with other people and I ran and found my keys (dilemma solved-no worries!)

Wallace's Wedding May.21.2011

My wallace (aka Sam) got married two weekends ago [sorry for the delay-pictures weren't with me!] I can't believe the girl grew up with in High School and sat next to in my classes is all grown up and married off to Jubal (her adorable man). My mom and I went to her wedding at the church next to my high school-very pretty decorations :) Ok...I admit I cried (make judgments now if you must) but she was a close friend of mine and man she was gorgeous walking down the aisle. My favorite thing to do at weddings is to look at the groom's face (ya I know kinda the opposite of the norm but hey I love to see their reaction when they see their bride for the first time!) The ceremony was quick and then it was time for mingling :) I got to see some of my old H.S. teachers that were close to her which was sweet to catch up!
So short story-
well all throughout High School I would go on dates with guys and Sam never did so she always teased me that I'd be married first between us (little did her and I know that I'd fall in love with a future missionary & she'd find her other half so quickly) but here we are (down below) on her wedding day-First thing we said to each other when we saw each other was "guess we were wrong" her husband looked at us funny and we just laughed lol :) Sam Mcdaniel (no more calling you Wallace!) you were a gorgeous bride and I can see you are really happy and I wish you and Jubal the best! Congratulations on your wedding!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Temple Trip! May.24.2011

Last night I got to experience one of the greatest works on this Earth, giving those who have passed on a chance to accept the gospel. I love being a Latter-Day Saint for I am able to participate in these sacred ordinances. The Seattle Temple is beautiful, like all temples on Earth. I have come to have a special love for this temple though, you see I've always wanted to be married in the Laie Hawaii Temple. I've always thought that temple was gorgeous and would be perfect for a flip flop lover like me :) Until I met this boy who caught my eye and changed my perspective. He made me realize that who is there to support you on your special day is one of the most important things of that day. Ever since our discussion on that I've seen the Seattle Temple in a new light. I hold more respect for it when I enter into the doors for I know one day I will be lucky enough to enter holding my man's hand and go and make sacred covenants and be sealed for time and all eternity. I love temples :) And I really love the fact that I'm so close so I get to attend a lot more which makes me so happy!!!

Who Says.....May.24.2011

This is what I felt after my temple trip last night. Other's can say what they want about me-judge me if you want, to be honest I don't care anymore. I'm sick of looking in the mirror and not liking what I see. I hit the gym-get my butt kicked. I eat right-no sugar, pop, & candy and yet people still judge me. Well I heard this song and totally agree-who says how I feel? ME!


who says I'm not worth it? who says i'm not pretty? beautiful? Who says I don't pass the test? Who says I'm not the best? NO ONE Its up to me who I will be!

After going to the temple last night and reading the Ensign I had this overwhelming feeling that I am a Daughter of God who was created uniquely in image. I may not be 6foot or 100 pounds but I'm me. I've struggled with my height/weight all my life-but last night I realized that I'm almost 20 and I need to stop letting who I'm not hinder my progress of who I am! I was created this way for a reason, yes I'm the shortest in my family. I have "thunder thighs". But I was made to look this way by a loving Heavenly Father for my divine purpose in this life. I love being able to have a loving and caring Father in Heaven who understands my concerns and helps me get through my trials.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Promotion May.24.2011

I love my job. It is basically awesome-being an office assistant has been a great experience...and the best part is that I was asked to return next school year (everyone here loves me & I them, its a great place to work!)

But my boss asked me into her cubicle (legit eh?) today and told me about my new promotion. My desk phone is now the new "sick" phone. Basically whenever people are at home sick they call it and then it sends a message to my email and I get to handle all of the employees schedules. Pretty cool I'd say...lots of power in such little hands ;p jk! But I am excited

I love my job...never the same thing everyday-the variety is amazing! Right now I am researching people online. Basically I get to use Bing.com (insert BING! noise) and find people..really I'm getting paid to stalk people. You are jealous aren't you? ;)

I've been counting down till the end of school but this morning I realized that means the end of work too which I'm kinda sad about BUT it will be here in 3 months when I return after summer break which makes me happy :) I LOVE MY JOB!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

RS sleepover May.20-21.2011

So friday night-saturday morning I spent my time with the ladies from University 2nd ward :D We met at the Institute and car pooled up to Snoqualime Pass to our Bishop's Cabin...actually it should be called a mansion. Ok get this First floor-bathroom, living room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen (full w/ every appliance), a hot coco nook. Second Floor-bathroom, amazing view of mountains, one bedroom with big bed, and then the bedroom with the triple bunk bed & rock climbing wall -- ok raise your hand if you have a rock climbing wall in your bedroom, ya thought so (how awesome would that be?!?!) oh ya and a HUGE bean bag so if you fall off the wall you land soft :), Attic (yes there was an attic!) there was a bunk bed! and the basement (oh ya I'm not done yet) two bedrooms, one with another bunk bed and one with two beds in it (thats where I slept) and then there was another living room and then outside-HOT TUB! Electra went all the way in around 11 but it was cold out so I just put my legs in lol :D it felt good!
Alright so rewind to what we did that night-first off we ate (we were all starving!) we had chicken taco soup which was delicious! As we ate we chit chatted (mostly about boys in our ward lol) and then we started playing games! Around 10 the Bishop's wife made it there and her and another bishopbric wife answered questions from us :D it was nice to get to know them a bit more, you know you always appreciate someone more when you know a little more about their life story so I am really glad I had the chance to be there! After about two hours of Q&A we all split our ways-most went to bed but us *cough youngins cough* hung out for a bit more, we played Imagine If...which is a really fun game, played a little bit of M*A*S*H-oh ya we kick it old school lol! Then some hot tubing then I crashed lol I had been up since 6 a.m. the day earlier lol so it was time for me to hit the sheets! Saturday morning I woke up to breakfast made (my favorite thing!) We had blueberry pancakes-mouth watering! And bacon, fruit salad, and sausage! It was an awesome breakfast for sure :D Then we packed up and left :/ but I had tons of fun and the car ride back was just as fun as the one going up (Tessa, Electra & I like to make up actions to songs as we sing to them :D )
A BIG thanks to the Relief Society for putting this event together (Especially Courtney for thinking it up and getting everything ready-you are awesome!) I had a great time and I can't wait for the next one!!!
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Pac 10 May.14.2011

Well this past Saturday was jam packed with things to do: help Carlye with photoshoot, visiting with her family,writing my paper, going to get her birthday gift, dinner with her parents, and watching Charlie St. Cloud and chilling at her bros apartment while he is gone....BUT that doesn't mean I forgot about Elder Schott's 10 Month mark!!!!! Ya I said it-ten months down (all mg's out there know what that means!) TWO MORE MONTHS till the YEAR MARK :) :) :) I am basically all smiles right now lol!

Well monday night (aka right now) I opened up my email to find this: a GIANT moose!?!? ok? an email and a moose from Texas! JK (scroll down)
There's my guy in front of said moose....fyi this is nate's caption for it, "and a really big metal deer in our area its is about 50 ft tall, its really cool."
AND He and Elder Loveland have had another baptism :) Go ELDERS Go! I'm so proud of them! This was Elder Loveland's FIRST EVER baptism since He has been out (that he has got to do!) & guess what?!?! He got to baptize Connie in a members pool ( i guess she requested it so thats pretty cool!)
The people in the photo:
freddy and connie and their four kids from oldest to youngest
athena amor, lani linda, and then the twins carly corazon and ezeqial zacharias
And last but certainly not LEAST is my calender-WOWZA is this thing getting full :) (no complaints here!)I love how the 10th month mark was the one random dot on a new row lol...But I may have calculated it and that row will be filled the day I leave college for home! What an awesome day (excited for both) and then all I've got is one more row and at the tip of it will be day 365 (can I get a holla?!?!)

Build a BEAR May.14.2011

This is my roommate Carlye. She is turning 19 in a few days (May 29). Her birthday wish: to build a build a bear! So we went to the mall and got her one! This is her process of building her birthday bear:

Step 1: Find the PERFECT bear-CHECK! A very comfy & fluffy bear!
Step two: Fill him up! Grab one, two, maybe even three hearts (you can never be TOO careful now lol) to put inside him-check! (by the way pushing the pedal to make the machine go scared the crap out of her BAHA!)

Step three: (founded by Electra) Fluff it up!! Electra and Carlye had a fun time giving the little guy and air bath lol :)
Step four-well we didn't get photos of that but Carlye picked out an outfit- she chose a star wars outfit! -check!
Step five-give him a name....going with the theme she wanted to name him obi one ..i told her no that was taken, we shortened it to obi :) -check!
Step six-take a photo in front of the store with your new bear-check!
Then Carlye's parents took a photo for me of all of us :)
And for the audience here is an upclose one :)

Dinner & a movie May.13.2011

What a better way to spend my friday night with these two!!! It was an absolute blast!! They picked me up from work (yes I get to be casual at work-reppin my school with pride :) ) Then we headed on the bus (first photo) to Tessa's school where she bought us dinner (Electra and I are so graciously spending up her money-she has a lot left to spend before the end of the year lol) Dinner was delicious & we got smoothies (with real fruit-i got a strawberry/banana one!)
Then we headed back to UW....
We went and watched Something Borrowed...awesome movie-we laughed SO much!
we went to the 9:30p.m. showing so when we got out it was super late (so excuse the tired looks on our faces)
The end of the movie (no I'm not going to spoil it for anyone) but I will just say this...Tessa and Electra walked out of the theater VERY upset-I however enjoyed the ending :) Ya I've turned into one of those sappy girls-I blame Nate. lol!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 is the magic number :) May.10.2011

Day 300 (65 days till the year!!!) 3 photos of my man (two of which I hadn't seen before making me go like this = :D) Ah today is great day!!! 65 days from now it will be the tip of my uphill with this battle called life without him for two years and it will be summer which is AMAZING! I love the sun so I'm totally excited! Elder Schott has been out serving the Lord for 300 days :) I'm so proud of him and the work he is doing! He just recently had a baptism (first picture) & was super excited about this families story and shares all of their progress with me which makes me all excited!

Keep up the hard work Elder Schott :)

Brooklyn's First Birthday Party May.7.2011

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My little niece had her first birthday party this past saturday! Ah the sun was out, family and friends came over, and lady bug decorations galore thanks to my very creative sister for all the decorations and goody bags and Cricket for bringing the cute cupcakes and adorable cake! My little blue bug eyed niece is adorable! She is walking everywhere and is growing so big! I loved having this long weekend to play with her! It was a great party Brittany and John :)

Party Decorating May.6.2011

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When I was younger I hated having to be the first one to go to bed because I always thought the "adults" partied after I fell asleep-now that I've grown up I KNOW THATS TRUE!!! After we put the little kids to bed friday night all the adults stayed up to decorate for the party! It was a blast-we all get a bit goofy as the night goes on & if you throw some sugar in there from the yummy party favors my mom and sis made then you get CRAZINESS :)

Monkey Island May.6.2011

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To celebrate Brooklyn's birthday we went to Monkey Island which is basically a building full of blow up toys!!! it was tons of fun

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mommie's Day May.8.2011

There is something about a woman who can hold her own, be such a great example to others, and speak kind words no matter the situation. And that woman my friends is my amazing mother. Over the course of my nineteen years of life I haven't found another individual that can compare to the woman she is. Through all that she has been through in life she still gets up each and every morning and is determined and motivated to get out there in the world and make a living, give a helping hand, give advice to her children and do it all with a smile on her face!
To the mother who gave birth to three wonderful kids who have given you grief and yet you still love us unconditionally, I love you and owe you my world. You have taught me what it means to be a daughter of God who doesn't lower her standards in the face of a trial. To become Christlike in order to find true happiness. To love someone for who they are and not judge them for what they aren't. To learn how to compromise with others. The lesson of pure sacrifice-giving up something and not feeling grumpy about it. To strive for excellence because you are worth it. To always Remember Who You Are!
These are just a few of the reasons I am very grateful for my mother! Mommie I love you :)