Monday, October 31, 2011

Howdy Halloween 10.31.2011

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope it was sweet ;) 
mine sure was :) I got to dress up (cowgirl oh ya!) and then spend my night with some awesome people at FHE trunk or treat-which turned into a dance party in the parking lot since only like two people had cars lol (we are college kids ok, we walk everywhere lol) but it was tons of fan and I can proudly say I only ate two Reese's peanut butter cups-I ended up only having a few pieces of candy on Halloween (which is a BIG deal for me lol)
Again i hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! I can't believe October is over already!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breakfast fit for a Queen 10.30.2011

Sometimes (ok every morning I'm at home) I get spoiled, well you know my mom REALLY loves to cook so I'm actually just helping her "practice" her skills lol! ;)
I love it, waking up to the smell of syrup in the morning, nothing really compares lol!
I rolled out of bed this morning and laid on the couch wrapped up in my blanket and my mom comes out and bring me this (look below) delicious! It was so warm, my belly sure thanked her ;)
I love home, the smells, the food, the company-it's the best! Thanks mommie for always being amazing and making amazing breakfasts for me :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ward Fall Festival 10.29.2011

Each year my home ward puts on a fall festival!
This year the kiddos had games and trick or treating activities from 4-5:30
then at 5:30 there was a apple pie eating contest!
the people I house sat for the Babcock's, well the guy Tim had signed up for it, so I got a front row seat and cheered him on alongside his wife and guess what....
HE WON!!!! 
There was SO much pie, it made me sick to watch him eat it all lol but it was pretty awesome too!
It was an overall sweet night! Chili, cornbread, and potatoes and great friends :)

Cookies! 10.29.2011

Saturday night baking sweets with my mom-what could be sweeter? ;p
So my mom's calling in her ward is the secretary of the Primary and the ward likes to give out gifts every now and then to show appreciation to the teachers who have a really hard job and do a lot of work (I know, I substituted this summer for the 4 years olds-phew that is a heck of a job to keep them entertained for an hour lol) So we decided to go with the theme of halloween and make some treats for them!
My mom did the actual baking of the cookies (remember I said she LOVES to bake!) And I decorated them :) I tried to make a pumkin smile but to be honest they kind of look like snowman cookies lol but its all good cuz we put them inside halloween baggies (hopefully people got the idea and weren't confused lol)

TImes like these 10.29.2011

1 mother + 1 daughter = 2 best friends.

The noblest calling in the world is that of mother. True motherhood is the most beautiful of all arts, the greatest of all professions. She who can paint a masterpiece or who can write a book that will influence millions deserves the plaudits and admiration of mankind; but she who rears successfully a family of healthy, beautiful sons and daughters whose immortal souls will be exerting an influence throughout the ages long after paintings shall have faded, and books and statues shall have been destroyed, deserves the highest honor that man can give.-David 0. McKay

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Midterm week 10.26.2011

Midterm week is just ugh-ya ugh it means late nights studying since you have NO idea what's going to be on the test. Reading till your eyes hurt. Asking questions over and over till it becomes clear to you. Its when you see all the college kids downstairs at the convenient store buying ice cream, pop, candy, anything to keep you awake so you can study-its conveniently there to add pounds to ya ;)
My awesome roomie Clara gave me this shirt it says "Up your ave" I was dying to get one during Dawg Daze at my school *the first week of school where they have fun activities* but I didn't get the chance but she asked if I wanted it and I was super stoked. The "ave" is the street right across from campus, its real name is University Avenue but who wants to say that? so we call it the Ave-and I just like the saying haha
So here is what I did to take a break from studying:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dinner for 7? 10.25.2011

We aren't normal lol, no two missionaries for us! We have 5 of them serving in our ward in fact (3 English speaking and 2 Mandarin ones) Carole and I signed up to feed the missionaries on Tuesday night so we headed over to the institute at 6 to start the cooking (we live in a dorm so it would be really cramped quarters if we did it there so that's why we went to the institute instead!) The Elders arrived at 6:30 and we had a table all set up with place settings and the food ready to go-it was really cool to be honest, having dinner at a table with a lot of people, I miss that since I usually eat at my desk while I do homework lol.
Dinner was fantastic (spaghetti, bread, and snap peas oh and chocolate donuts for dessert-we are classy lol) but the Elders seemed to enjoy it and I sure enjoyed their company, we have some really awesome Elders serving in this area! It was cool to get to know them a bit more and then after our bellies for full they left us with an awesome message (spiritually fed too!) I love this church! Great memories are always created!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Water Taxi 10.23.2011

How do you get from UW to west Seattle??? 
great question! the answer is by the WATER TAXI :)
I got to experience taking the bus to downtown Seattle (not as creepy in the daylight lol) and then navigated my way to the water taxi (which wasn't ALL that hard since the water was only in one direction so my chances of messing it up were slim lol)
So not so funny story-Seattle was closing the viaduct (a road that connects west Seattle to east Seattle) soon, I thought it was the friday 10/21 so I looked up the times (they added more times because more people would be using the water taxi since they couldn't drive for a week) so I thinking I was all smart and set to go got to the loading dock at 10:45 ready to set sail (look at me and using sailor jargon lol) at 11. Well LITTLE did I know the viaduct (that road I mentioned before) wasn't closing till monday 10/ when I thought I was being all "smart" turned out to be I wasn' fact I was 45 mins early for the next one lol. 
But it was alright-the sun was out and I got to enjoy the beautiful scenic view of Seattle while I waited!
Then I got on board, the water taxi is only for people (its literally a taxi for the water) but it was super sweet and zoomed us across the water to the other side (no traffic on water ;p)
It was a pretty sweet adventure and I got to see all of Seattle which was pretty awesome! OH! As we passed by this ship (middle right side photo) we got to see California sea lions which was pretty sweet!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Britt's Big Day October.21.2011

So just so you all know....this girl 
So this is my sister-in case ya'll couldn't tell already, we KINDA look a like lol!

you want to know something else? 
Today is her BIRTHDAY!!

27 years ago this beautiful woman (well a baby then) was brought into the world, and I have been blessed to spend 20 of those years with her in my life and BOY am I grateful.
I love my sister.
I love our random chats. 
our late night texts encouraging each other to do better.
how she motivates me to become a better person
she is the one who taught me to sew like a pro (lol ok not really like a pro [but she is] cuz I could never be THAT good but I did finish a quilt lol) and motivated me to start eating healthy and start up running and now I'm addicted (a good addiction lol) 
striving to be a great homemaker, wife, and mother.
I love her style
I love shopping in her closet lol, hammy downs are the best!
I love her smile-she has like the WHITEST smile ever!
I love hanging out with her-spending 3 weeks this summer with her was fantastic!

I'm a pretty lucky girl.
I have two great examples of amazing people in my life-my brother and sister
we've struggled in life yet they have shown me how you can come out conqueror.

so here is to my sister, the one who has been there for me through the ups and downs whether you know it or not, you've helped me while I was struggling just by calling to say hello. You've been a great example in my life and I hope one day I can be as amazing of a mother as you are to my niece and nephew. The love and patience you have with them is incredible. You've become such an awesome mother over the past years, you've showed me that with faith and prayers you can overcome any trial. Thanks for all that you do and I know it will continue so to the best big sister a girl could ask for, thank you! I love you Brittany!

your little sis!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rock Bottom October.18.2011

Sometimes I feel like this inside, a bottomless pit. Its kind of a crappy feeling I won't lie, I feel like I'm falling not sure when I will hit rock bottom (at least at rock bottom there is a bright side of being able to start my way back up) but no. Here I fall, deep down confused about a lot of things, I'm sort of a routine kind of girl. When things don't align I go crazy. I thought at first it was because of my boy, two weeks without a word from him has had me on the edge for sure, but there was something else as well...the thing is I couldn't figure out what that THING was. It was driving me nuts, oh ya uncertainty is also something that doesn't work well with me (and here I am waiting for a missionary-oh the irony lol)

I've been praying and reading my scriptures searching for the answer, it wasn't coming which brought me down even further :( Then as I was chatting with Marlee one afternoon she mentioned something that Brigham Young had said but couldn't remember the exact wording so I went onto and I searched the word trials. I got this awesome quote:

"Rather than simply passing through trials, we must allow trials to pass through us in ways that sanctify us." -Neal A Maxwell.

It hit me, I couldn't just let this hard patch pass, it wasn't going to be as easy as sitting and waiting for the storm to pass. Instead I had to learn to dance in the rain-which isn't something I'm used to doing. I had to recognize my weaknesses that Satan was revealing unto me through this process and take them and turn them into strengths, so I should actually thank Satan for bringing me down into this state of misery because you actually brought me closer to my loving Heavenly Father and made me a stronger individual.

I began to listen to Glee songs (go ahead and judge if ya want but I love that show) while I was at work, man how they changed my mood- I started to listen to the words and realizing I am who I am. I've been given these characteristics, sure sometimes I wish there was an exchange center where I could swap some of my negative things for a positive ones but no, that is not how this works. Instead I realized who I am and learned to love them.

Some of you may be wondering right now how you didn't notice this happening, I seemed so happy and cheerful. Ya well I don't show my feelings very well, I'm really good at keeping it inside and not talking about it lol so if this is coming as a shock to you I apologize for not talking about it but it wasn't something i wanted  to broadcast mostly because the fact I didn't know exactly what it was. But this was one of those personal trials I had to face, I'm writing it now because I'm getting over it, but I need to write it down to really get off my chest.

Life is like a roller-coaster, you experience the highs and lows and sometimes you get stuck in neutral (aka middle) Highs are awesome and the lows really suck but its at those times where you really come to find who your true friends are, what you stand for, and you gain a stronger testimony and relationship with your Heavenly Father gets stronger. I know this gospel is true and when I am feeling all alone and lonely in life, all confused and sad I always have a loving Father in Heaven that cares for me, he gives me these trials to make me stronger. I also have an awesome Savior who has experienced EXACTLY what I am going through, he fought the same battle as I which is great strength that I lean on whenever I feel down. I love this gospel, its my beacon of hope, my foundation.

The light has been restored back into my life, I see life through a set of happy eyes, my perspective is back to optimistic. Although hard I'm grateful for my trials, they make me stronger. :D

Pumpkin seeds 10.18.2011

What do you do with the seeds you take out of the pumpkins? 
well if you are me then you want to bake them so you can eat them :)
So Tuesday evening after work I whipped out the baking pan and laid out all of the pumpkin seeds!
we decided to be crafty and sprinkle some brown sugar on some, mix some with vanilla flavoring, and then kept some plain!
Turns out brown sugar and the oven are not such good friends and vanilla soaked into the seeds and BOY was it flavorful lol, a bit too much for my liking but we added some honey on to them and they were tasty! The plain ones, sometimes its good to be plain old jane lol DELICIOUS :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Carving for F.H.E. 10.17.2011

Want to know an awesome way to take out your anger??? stick a knife in a pumpkin! JK
But you do need a little man power to get that sucker carved out the way you want!
Tonight for FHE (Family Home Evening) we got together as our ward and carved pumpkins. Since Carole and I share the same room *dorm life* we decided to share a pumpkin....but you see Carole is more of a traditionalist and wanted a "smiley" pumpkin, where as I was all in the spirit of Halloween so I was going for the "evil" face! So what do you do when both roommates want something different-compromise of course! Now you might be wondering how you do that on a pumpkin...well let me tell you! We made a double faced pumpkin-NO JOKE!
I carved out my side and then let Carole do her thing, it was tons of fun and it totally threw people off guard but we LOVED it!

I would say pumpkin carving was a success!

Friday, October 14, 2011

SINGLE DIGIT MONTHS! October.14.2011

Who only has to wait 9 more months to see her man again?!?!?! Oh ya THIS GIRL :)
I can't believe it....Single digit months to go.
No more 20's. No more Teens. No more two full hands to count how much to go for Elder Schott!
9 fingers...9 months to go :) Just that number (although 9 months is STILL a long way to go it sounds so close-well compared to 24 lol)
 Elder Schott has a new companion (Elder Montgomery -above) 
 Elder Dupape and Schott cooking in the kitchen! Do you see Elder Schott's amazing tan line lol. My babe is getting dark its insane!
 So this is the awesome family in his old ward that let the missionaries come and wash their clothes there! And they had lots of birds that Elder Schott got really close with-even kissed one lol!
This lady is a recent convert so Elder Schott said goodbye before he got transferred from San Antonio to Cedar Park Texas :) This was two weeks ago but its the most recent I have from him. If only he sent photos more often lol, but I'll take what I get and be thankful for them :) Keep up your hard work and serving the Lord :) I love you tons and see ya in 9 months :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Redmill Burgers 10.13.2011

Tonight I got to taste of Seattle-literally! So this burger joint my Dad had seen on Man vs Food Nation is "near" (story later) my school in Seattle so my Dad came tonight and picked me up and off we were to try out this place, we are kinda suckers for a GOOD hamburger and milkshake!
So when my Dad suggested we try it out I Google mapped it-oh the power of technology! And I learned that it was NO WHERE near my school, ladies and gents I'll let you in on a little fact yes I live in Seattle but Seattle is HUGE-my campus is like a city itself (we have our own power/ city people lol) -we aren't even all that close to Seattle area (aka by the Space Needle and all the touristy sites) so when the address said Seattle I figured it would be nearby. Boy was I wrong lol
But hey we got to go on an adventure!
We took lefts and rights and even managed to get onto a freeway/highway thing that came out of nowhere lol
But after turning the wrong way (my fault) and turning around we saw it in the distance :D
So this place had been on that show (as I previously mentioned) the burger that was on it was this huge burger stacked with I don't know like 5 pounds of bacon or possibly even more-it was HUGE!
But Dad and I didn't want to be up sick all night so we went for the regular hamburgers instead.
Two bacon cheese burgers (do you see how big that burger was????)
Two milkshakes-his Raspberry Chocolate mine Mint Chocolate Chip
And one order of Onion Rings later
and we were STUFFED!

It was so nice to feed my belly and chat about my week with my dad!
Thanks Dad for taking me there! That adventure was definitely one for the books :)

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Best friend returns 10.13.2011

I can't believe two years have come and gone just like that (I just blinked ;p)
What is even crazier is that I've known this kid for years now lol 
So Austin lives across the street from my Dad and Cricket in Utah, basically we were friends from hello-
his siblings and mine became the neighborhood crew, we played video games, watched movies, and stayed out each night!
Since I live in Washington our time together to hang out was always limited though, summers and winter vacation mostly (sometimes spring break if I could make it down there!)
But we made the most of it & we've been best friends ever since!
Austin got his mission call to the Guatemala mission and was to report in October of 2009 so that meant summer of 2009 would be our last chance to hang out for 2 years!
One of the best memories of that summer was when Austin and I went out to the Deseret Star Theater (this place takes popular movies and makes fun of them, its basically awesome) 
 Can't forget making him over with my hair ties, the fact that he actually let me do this to him is amazing (I don't know of many guys that would let this happen lol) But it was awesome, his little sister and I had a blast doing this to him ;p
 Two years later, emailing back and forth (because Guatemala's post system sucks and my letters never made it to him) staying in touch and keeping our awesome relationship :)
Elder Hemmert returned home to his excited family on October 13, 2011 late at night, he was supposed to get home in the afternoon but a weather interference caused his flight to be delayed but he did end up getting home safely which I'm grateful for!

Because now my nights are filled with these two guys-Austin and his not so little little brother Jayden!
These two crack me up and I love our skype chats :)
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I'm so proud of Austin for serving the Lord for two years, its a hard journey that many are not choosing to do these days so it makes me happy that he did it! I'm so grateful for our friendship, he helps me become the best I can and teaches me something new everyday! Welcome Home Elder...I mean Austin :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2 years and counting...October.12.2011

Today marks two years since we became an official couple.
Being an MG I know what two years means...
730 days
104 weeks
3760 hours

I can't believe how time is flying, it feels just like yesterday you were asking me to date exclusively and now we are here two years later still going strong. We may be 2,106 miles apart but our hearts are still tied as one :)
I love you a little more each day babe and I can't imagine my life without you!
Its been such a journey so far and I can't wait to see where the next years take us.
Love isn't a peaceful walk. Its a roller coaster. We've had our ups and downs, we've felt the highs and lows of life, Satan has tried to separate us but our love can conquer all :)
We've been in love for two years babe, just saying that makes me smile and get all giddy inside! As I sit here tonight wrapped up in your hoodie, I can't help but think of how awesome celebrating our 3rd year will be lol we've missed both the 1st and 2nd so we gotta make up for it with our 3rd-I'm excited babe.
Nathaniel, I love you forever and always, you are my prince charming, my other half, the love of my life :)
I can't wait till you return babe so we can be together again :)

So here is to two years down and eternity to go :) Nathaniel I love you!
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chemistry Lab October.11.2011

So I get to look like this sometimes. I get to play with chemicals and make measurements and be all official like :) 
It's pretty fun to wear the outfit, I won't lie I feel like a scientist-you know you are jealous!

But boy oh boy does this little outfit get HOT-I definitely got the "run hotter than normal people" gene from my Dad lol, as we were working on our density experiment it was SO HOT!!!! 

It is going to be fun to do some more experiments-oh and I got my lab partner...her name is Michelle-she is the first person I chatted with in our quiz section so we were stoked to get assigned to each other! This is going to be an awesome quarter!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

First timers October.8.2011

So perks of going to college....well there are lots of them but in this post I am going to highlight one awesome one-you meet people that have connections :)

So I met this girl named Ava in my Spanish class-she is now mi amiga ;)
So one friday she comes into class and says that she has two tickets to the Sounders (Washington's professional soccer team) but can't go because she has to work. This game had been postponed in July and Saturday would be the make up game. I told her I would love to have them, I whipped out my cell and called up my Dad to see if he'd like to  go with me.....HE SAID YES :)

So Saturday night after we had met up with family and went to costco for groceries-thanks again Dad for filling up my storage :) We headed up to my school to park at the institute (free parking) then we started our adventure walking up to the bus and  then trying to figure out which stop to take-YES i had looked up directions for it but the FANS got off on the stop before so we figured they KNEW better so we followed lol :) We turned the corner and it was like BAM the Century Link Field!

We found our seats, Ava has season tickets in the Fan Section-not just the GO Sounders GO fan section but the stand for all 90 mins of the game, cheer the whole 90 mins, and have a cheer for EVERYTHING that goes on fans lol. It was definitely an experience to remember lol :)

Sometimes we pose in front of the stadium, other times we sit and smile...then sometimes we make fish faces lol :) I had a blast with my Dad at this game vs Philadelphia. Even though we lost 0-2 it was still a fantastic night and definitely one for the books :)
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Spookify me Cap'n October 2011

In the spirit of Halloween we decked out our house!
 My mom went to a raffle spaghetti dinner and ended up winning this awesome spooky basket full of goodies!
We had a blast decorating the windows with the sticky jelly things that said "Trick or Treat"
we brought out my mummy planter I made when I was like 13 in YW (one of the few craft projects I actually managed to complete lol) For some reason there is a strong spirit of Halloween in the air, we don't usually get all decked out but this year we decided "why not?" and went for it-these are just a few photos of our morning, the rest of the house got more spooky looking as the day progressed :)
Happy Haunting everyone!

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Family Reunion October.8.2011

So my dad is up in Washington for a conference for his business-that software techy thing he does lol
Well it technically didn't start till Wednesday but he flew up on Saturday to hang with me and to go and visit some family he hasn't seen in awhile.
Saturday morning he got off the plane and came and picked me up (in a SWEET rental car may I add lol a Dodge Avenger...AHmazing!) we started off our morning going to see my mom's mom (Nana), my dad hasn't seen her in years, and since he hadn't seen her since my Papa's passing he wanted to come pay his respects. So we got to catch up a bit with her which is always nice :)
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Then we drove over to our family's favorite place to eat Spuds :) it is one of those little hole in the wall kind of places (which means it has the BEST food!)
We met up with my Grandpa Heffron, My Uncle Bryan, his girlfriend Tara, his son Tanner, my Great Aunt Kris, and 2nd Cousin Kim.
It has been A LONG time since all of us have been under one roof so we had A LOT to catch up on :)
It was nice to sit and chat as we ate Spuds famous salads...we can't decide what it is that makes it SO good but it is delicious-I recommend it to anyone who comes to Washington to try it out :)
It was awesome to have some family time and of course I took photos :)
So from left to right-1) my Nana and I 2)Tanner, Bryan, and Tara 3) Grandpa Heffron with his two sons 4) Tanner and I 5) (middle photo) the boys-Grandpa, Dad, Bryan, and Tanner-3 generations right there! 6) my Great Aunt Chris and 2nd cousin Kim 7) my Dad and I in front of the rental car 8) Grandpa Heffron and Dad and 9) Dad and Nana-phew that's a lot of names lol!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

General Conference October.1-2.2011

  The annual Latter Day Saint Conference was this weekend. 
I love conference!
I get to sit in my pj's for two days straight and NO one cares...ok that is not the REAL reason but it is definitely a perk ;p
Conference time is such a special time-it is like two days filled with spirit that totally leaves you on a spiritual high that I LOVE! We hear words from our Prophet, the apostles, and other select leaders of the church :)
I think the best part is that they all have prayed and have received revelation about what they should be talking about, basically it is not something RANDOM but something that PERTAINS to us in the here and now which is so awesome.
This is the conference center (below and above) It gets filled with over 20,000 people for this event-that's a lot of Latter Day Saints lol and guess what....that is not it, you have it being broadcast all over the world in TONS of different languages-is that sweet OR WHAT? It is so incredible what technology can do! :)

The seats on the stand behind the general authorities get filled up with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, man can they sing (I can't so I admire them a ton!) What a special gift they have and are willing to share that gift with everyone in the world :) Music was beautiful this year :)
Conference weekend was fantastic, I definitely had my prayers answered. I love growing up and maturing and finally realizing what my parents, teachers/leaders, and peers meant by going into conference prepared with questions and ACTUALLY paying attention rather than distracting myself with coloring books, homework, or electronics to get myself through those hours. I loved going into conference feeling ready to have my questions answered from the Lord as he spoke through his servants to my heart :) It was pretty fantastic to experience that to be honest. Growing up I guess does have its perks lol :) Conference was amazing and I am definitely refueled and ready to go out into the world! I can't wait till April for it to come again :) oh and to add this is my third conference without Nate...only 1 more to go :) I really do love the fact that we are doing the SAME thing on this day :) its kind of a cool experience!

Welcome October! October.1.2011

Did September really happen this year? I feel like it zoomed past-stopped at moving in day, weekend with my siblings, and then my birthday but besides that it kept on going lightning fast!
Well here we are in October...the month where the weather changes, the sun no longer exists in Washington.
Instead its been replaced by clouds.
And rain drops.
oh can't forget the wind!

Umbrella season has arrived and just in time for Halloween to arrive (okay I'm slightly ahead of myself but it sounded good lol)

Let me see...October means:
1-2 General Conference
8- Dad comes into town for a business conference for a week so I get to see him!
12- Nate and I celebrate our 2nd year together :)
14- Elder Schott's 15 month mark (SINGLE DIGIT MONTHS BEGIN!!!)
21- Brittany's birthday!!!