Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moving in to the UW September 24, 2010

Today was the BIG day...We packed up the car and drove the Schott's BIG BLUE TRUCK all the way up to the UW :) I think I had the most stuff out of the freshmen class BUT I was bringing stuff for a bathroom, kitchen, and then me!!

Halfway packed-I think!

Steven's Farewell Party September 3, 2010

So tonight was Steven's Farewell Party-friends and family came over to the Mosley's Place and we had a delicious BBQ and played ping pong and chilled before Steven left to get set apart as a missionary! Steven wearing his hat from Bro Fa'alelea (he loves it)

Danny playing steven in a game of ping pong!
Aaron cooking the food!

I was playing against Cassie and taking photos-skills

Cassie caught me eating the amazing corn on the cob!

Kendahl and Cassie

Steven eating and playing ping pong-mad talent!

Steven's Farewell August 29, 2010

So it is official-All the Young Men have now said farewell :( Steven Mosley's Farewell was today, it is so weird to see him 19-I can remember growing up with him...He is off to Guatemala, he is actually going to be in the same area as my friend from Utah (pretty cool I thought!)

Bro Schott being his teasing self :p

Sharsten, Kendahl, and Sarah holding steven up (such a ladies man!)

He is serious about the gospel!

Park with Emily :) August 27, 2010

Emily and I met up today, the last time before we split for college :( We headed to Bradley Park with our jamba juices (of course :P) and walked around chatting and getting a work out (what could be better?!?!)
Afterwards we went back to my house and took some funny photos, we tried to dramatically show off our height distance lol...ok fine she is quite taller than me :(

Alec's 7th Birthday August 7, 2010

Alec is now the Big 7 :) We had his birthday party on the 7th! His family and friends came and we had ice cream and cake :)

Alec opening his gifts!

Miss Kenzie!

Mom and me :)

Bryce and Kendahl

Alec blowing out his cake!

Kenzie enjoying the ice cream :P

Zack playing with the balloon!

Spending the day with Mireya :) September 18 2010

Today I had the pleasure of spending the day with the cutest little five year old-Mireya :) I had to run some errands with my mom so she came along! We went to Winco and after being patient while we shopped she got some candy-she picked gobstoppers (I haven't had those in FOREVER!) So of course I had to have some too...she loved checking out the different colors on our tongues :P

"What color is it Kendahl?" Her favorite phrase!!

Swimming August 3 2010

Every friday Clover Park High School has a dollar swim at their pool...Landon and Mireya came along and landon showed off his diving board skills...I later showed him my dunking skills lol!

Lake Tapps August 25, 2010

Today the Marini clan (Joe and Ember, their kids (including Jenna and I, Joe's family) and the Bernsdorff clan (Ember's sister and her 10 kids) went up to Lake Tapps to spend the day! We had a yummy picnic and fun day in the sun-after wards Jenna and I came back to my house and Natasha came over to visit and she braided my hair, where I also happened to discover my sun burn-OUCH! Ya I was EXTREMELY hot the whole night!!!

I got caught-I was tuckered out and fell asleep with Bryce and Kenzie on the way home!

My sunburn and hair!

Jenna and I after a day in the sun!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Las Vegas August 16-19, 2010

Our trip this summer was to Las Vegas!!! The four day vacation was incredible...the heat, pools, shopping, the strip=awesome week!!!

Waiting for the shuttle to take us to the Strip :)

At the M&M factory :)

The derbidge family in front of the wall of m&ms!

Me in front of Coke World!

I taught my nephew the hiding in the cabinet trick...he didn't understand him so i had to show him how it was done!

Bugsy eyed Brooklyn :)

Frozen Hot cocoa...delicious

The Derbs in front of the Belagio water show!

Auntie K and Miss Brooklyn!

Bubbles at the Children's Science Museum

The hurricane simulator! we all had a blast in that...it also felt really nice in the 108 degree weather in vegas!

Pool time!!

Water show at the Belagio :)

New York Skyline :)

Statue of Liberty made out of .....jelly beans...SHOCKING HUH!?!

You can't go to Vegas and not get an ice cold coke in a bottle!!

Mom and I out on the strip on the third night!