Friday, February 12, 2010

Mid-Winter BREAK baby!!!!!

OKAY may i say that i am totally STOKED for this upcoming my portfolio is completed ( well to the point of actually graduating, i am going above and beyond for the distinguished award so i have a few more essays to write....but ITS all good) if i win the scholarship at the end it will be ALL worth it...

so today is valentines day...well nate and i went out to the adult dinner and dance (our first big adult activity....) it was nice, i got the chance to get all dressed up and so did nate may i say...and ya he cleans up

well we went there and had dinner, roast and mashed potatoes with vegetables and my favorite...rolls!! ya joe and i had a compeition to see who could eat the most...i got three!! him sadly only two and three/fourths.. HA! so just in case you couldn't tell, I WON! hehe...ya and by the way i even tried the was pretty good, but i sort of already promised nate he could have it....haha along with the salad which was very decorated hehe

he enjoyed it at least, i am a fan for rolls so i was happy!

After dinner i even got a dance or two out of nate, ya i was pretty made my evening, but shh dont tell him that...OH and i also got a picture out of him....ya i was shocked that he would go for it...

BUT here it is :)

afterwards we went to joe and embers to play wii...and hang out. it was fun, and GUESS what?!?!! Nate won, which is shocking because he isn't a fan of the game but he was a good sport and ended up winning, so i was excited for him....

so ya today my mom woke me up and her illness has been catching up to her, so she decided not to go to church so i was on my own today which wasn't all that bad because i sat with nate and his family so i was ALL good!

after i got home from church and my mom and i just kinda hung around the house today watching tv and movies, occasionally flicking back and forth to the olympics to see how U.S.A. is doing, which we won the cross country skiing (at least i think we did haha) i turned it on right as the interviewer was talking to the U.S.A. guy so hmm...who knows, i do know that we got fourth and sixth cause thats what the guy said haha..

alrighty im off to watch more of the olympics :0
GO USA!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

finally FRIDAY!!!!

well what i week i seems that when you only have a four day week of school that the teachers enjoy giving you double to courseload and homework....boy oh last night i cranked out two essays, one being for a scholarship which i sent out in the mail today and the other being for my english class which was really intended for our portfolios which are due on the 23rd of this month....YIKES! Ya so every day I have been using a little bit of time to work on the different sections making sure I have all the needed items because I am NOT going to be one of those kids that doesn't have it ready by the deadline....heck no techno!!!

So i am SO looking forward to this weekend, first off i get to hang out with nate tonight...we are going to see Dear John (super stoked) and then possibly heading over to coldstone ya i am excited, i love ice cream!!!!
Tomorrow i am hoping my basketball game is later in the morning so i can get the chance to sleep in but i will say i am excited for the game...i went on a 45 min run yesterday and i am totally pumped to actually get to play some ball now :)
Sunday is superbowl can you not be excited?!?!?! not sure who i am rooting for yet, my friends are saying the colts but it really just depends on whom my mom goes for because i ALWAYS choose the opposite team just to make the game a LITTLE more i am a very bad kid hahaha.....

alrighty i better log out, my fourth period which is CWP (contemporary world problems) came into the library to set up a blog for our online current events. I got done early so i figured i would come update my blog :) good thinking eh?

well off to lunch....and then to AP Calculus :( ugh...that class makes me want to pull my hair out and the moment...