Saturday, April 27, 2013

Engagement photos 4.27.2013

Today Nate and I went with our friends Britni and Elizabeth to take our engagements, this is a sneak preview of them! Enjoy!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Grandma Schott's Funeral 4.20.2013

Karen Schott passed away on April 12, 2013 surrounded by her family and loved ones. We celebrated her life today at a funeral held in her honor. I had only known her a few years but she was such a sweet lady and definitely holds a special place in my heart. She will be loved forever but I know she is in a better place now and through the plan of salvation we know we can be together with her once more. We love you Grandma Schott! Peace be with you till we meet again!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

We're ENGAGED!!! 4.18.2013

What started out as a regular date ended up being the BEST DATE EVER!
Nate came over and picked me up and we headed over to Jimmy John's to grab dinner (Nate had tried it before on his mission and I've never had it so we went for it!). We then drove to Mantua and drove to a lake, sat on the dock and ate our dinner. Nate being all sneaky he put a box behind his back and said I couldn't peak. Then he decided to sit next to me so he put the box behind me and told me no looking! Hardest thing ever ;p After dinner he brought the box from behind me and it was cupcakes-the stinker! So as we ate I nibbled on them thinking maybe a ring was in there. (ya I had my suspicions lol) but nothing was in them so I figured it wasn't going to happen. We then to walk off our sub sandwiches around the lake. Then Nate suggested we walk up this hill, it was such a beautiful view! As we were up on the top, Nate got down on one knee and proposed! He is such a sweetheart! I loved how he proposed! I am going to be a Schott :D

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Homemade bowling 4.13.2013

We like to party! Britni and I wanted to go bowling but we found out that it was quite spendy for a college kid's budget so we decided to make our own lol! We got some water bottles and used my mini basketball and went outside and bowled the night away! It was way fun :) Trent (our neighbor) ended up beating us but hey it was still fun! Then we went to Macey's and got Kong cones-they had never had one before! They are AMAZING :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

hipster night 4.11.2013

It seems like one of those dress up like hipsters! Oh Britni and I love listening to you! It was a fun night, we went out to Walmart and tried on some colored pants-never thought I'd do that but hey it was a good laugh!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Conference weekend 4.6.2013

Conference weekend is amazing, spending it with my friends from Seattle-Shannon and Dean along with Nate and oh yeah going to actual conference makes it AWESOME! Thank you Shannon for getting tickets for us so we could go and experience conference together! Love you sweet girl! It was an awesome experience to be in the presence of the general authorities and to hear their thoughtful words :)