Sunday, April 19, 2009

JFY...Just For Youth dance

Sharsten, Levitt, Ashley, Natasha, Kendahl,and Kourtney

Austin and I..

Austin Dipping me....i am actually lauging, not in pain

Doing a move we made up....:)

Doing some ballet

Doing the Y from YMCA

Now its the C from YMCA...
There is a new program that just came out for youth in our church where we can go for a dance with a little keynote speaker for a half an hour and then we break out into the was of our friends from steilaccom area was there and he is amazing he knows how to dance...and he taught me how to waltz...oh the picture that i am dipping down was when we were swing dancing..oh yes he knows how to do that was amesome...
Well our night was fun...i laughed a lot..a great way to spend a saturday night with friends....

Family Visit

Well these are some pictures from
Britt, John, and Jaxsons visit to washington....we had a blast, thanks again for ccoming to visit with us....Our week was full of tons of activities...From Easter egg hunts, Chuckie Cheeses, Cinnabon runs ;), Dinner with grandparents, to just hanging was ya guys..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daffodil Parade.....

So the Daffodil Parade was this morning and thank goodness the sun was out..for was so we decided to go to support friends that were participating in it..we took the Transit Tram and found our spots and got to soak up some sun before the parade started....

So at the beginning of the parade..the patriot guard showed off their fancy motorcycles..the coolest one was orange..i just had to take a picture of it ;)

Above: The Daffodil princesses..each is a senior girl representing a high school..My friend Saige is one and so we went to see her in her pretty yellow dress...
Left & Below : next in line of the parade was clowns...they were hilarious..totaly crowd pleasers..i guess they did their job eh?

Up next: Promotion for the Spring Fair coming up next week...i thought it was pretty cute so i had to take a picture

WOOT WOOT...Washington High School Band..go pats..ok this is my high school..i just had to take some pictures..just might come in hand ;)

Fairy Princesses to the right... I loved the dresses..they were pretty...amazing colors??

After the parade we were walking up to our car and we spotted this little shop called Hello Cupcakes...OH was sooooo cute and delicious... Below: Me enjoying the frosting...mmm lemon!!

Then as we walked further up the road..of course it took forever..tons of people..and our car was quite a bit up there...We found Mary's Burger mom had read about it in the paper so we decided to try it...much to our was great!!.. they have homemade cut fries!!! and this amazing mandarian orange shake...mmm!

Mom enjoying the was tasty

The American Burger with homemade fries.....