Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve/ New Years

What a better way to spend the last few moments of 2012 but with my babe-it was so nice to have him home this year to celebrate with! I got to spend the evening with my mom as I got ready and then I went and picked Nate up and we went out to dinner at 5 Guys :)
Then we went and saw Jack Reacher-good movie!
Then came back to my place to make hot coco for our trip outside to watch fireworks!
Last photo of 2012!
 And first photo of 2013 :) I got my New Year's kiss!!!! So worth the two year wait for that again ;)
I love him, he brings that smile to my face! I had such a fantastic time & I love spending time with him!
Happy New Years to all!!! It is 2013-Let's make it a great year!!!! :D

Jamba Juice with Emily

This morning I got to go out and have breakfast smoothies with my good pal Emily! I love that we make time to hang out whenever we are both in town!!! It is so much fun to sit and chat with Emily :)

Thanks for hanging out with me this morning-great way to spend my morning!

Shannon Time

This lovely lady drove all the way from Seattle to Tacoma to come hang out with me-such a sweetheart! :)
We hit up McDonald's for lunch and then to the mall-we made a pit stop at Dean's house (the institute president but also a great friend!) it was so nice to see him again and to chat for a bit! We made some amazing hot coco-the Spencer's had some yummy flavorings to add in!
Then we hit up the mall and did some shopping and chatting time :) It is so much fun to hang with this girl!
Thank you Shannon!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nate's Christmas gift-from mom

My mom got Nate a Texas Longhorn hat...he was in love!!!!
He loves himself some Longhorns ;p
He was one happy camper! I love that man!!!!

Christmas Presents

As I get older, waking up for Christmas has kind of lost its spark for me. BUT I do get to enjoy my niece and nephew waking up and being all excited to see what Santa brought and to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday! So cute :)
Watching them walk down the stairs pumping their fists with excitement for their presents at the end of stairs!
We all went around and opened out stockings (the thing I look forward to in regards to presents!) and then we opened up all our gifts! This Christmas turned out to be a great one! I got a crock pot, recipe book, running shoes, candles, soaps, winter apparel and lots of goodies for my place! :) 
All the gifts add a bonus for the season, but the greatest pleasure is being around my family! I loved having the time to spend with them!!! :)
I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas cookies

The Derb's got a package of cookies from their neighbors and so we took it upon ourselves to make them and decorate them! The kiddos loved the frosting part ;)
I have to admit...Britt's doughy cookie style was the best ;) 
Thanks to the Derb's neighbors! 

Christmas PJ's

Each year we do our family tradition of opening up our one gift on Christmas Eve which is our pj's :) 
This may be one of my favorite traditions we do as a family!
The Derbidge's do a scavenger hunt from the elf (Santa's helper) for the kiddos to find their pj's-to be shown on another post :)
But here we are in our PJ's :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Allison & I :)

I love getting to go out and visit with Allison...even in freaky snow storms-so worth the crazy drive!
We got to sit around and chill with her family and talk which was much needed!
Thanks lovely for letting me come into your home and visit for a bit!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas tree decorating

Dad and I went over to the Derb's tonight to decorate Christmas trees (upside down ice cream cones)
That was super fun-got a little messy especially after the kiddos attacked the frosting ;p
But it was super fun! Thanks for the invite :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

My Dad cracks me up

 conversation with my dad just now: Dad: "Who is Dr. Dre, you are into that hip hop stuff-you might know" 

Me: I looked him up on youtube and go "he sings with Eminem" 
Dad: "who is that?"
 Me: "and he sings with Snoop Dog" 
Dad: "No idea"

Me: "ok he sings with Akon" 

Dad: " Acorn-what kind of a name is that for a singer?"
 haha I died laughing!

Tessa date

We don't let distance separate us-we find a way to hang out. ALWAYS!
Tessa came down to my neck of the woods in Utah this morning and we went out to Kneader's for breakfast-unlimited french toast for the win!!!! YUMMY!
THEN we hit up the mall-oh ya we did the girlie thing ;)
You know-if you go to the mall at 10 a.m. on a Friday morning NO ONE is there?!? 
it is like having the store all to yourself ;p
We hit up all the stores we wanted-scored a few items! I got a new cute outfit I'm excited to wear :)
Then we had a random dance party in her car on the way home
oh man she makes driving so much more epic!
Thanks for the awesome morning bud :)

Roommate Christmas

So this picture doesn't actually have all my roommates
I am missing Ashley and Leann-they were hiding away from my camera! 
But Monday night after being home taught (our home teachers are awesome by the way, making sure we were all ready to go for finals and leaving for the holidays!) we decided to swap gifts :)
Got a new pair of gloves, candy jar, notepad, manicure set, and rings :) My roommates are awesome! 
Happy Holidays to Rauni, Britni, Ashley, Leann, & Lacey :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

USU Basketball Game 12.8.2012

We came. We played. We conquered ;P
I had a roommate date with Rauni and Britni tonight at the USU's Basketball game against Western Oregon University! 86-57