Saturday, January 17, 2009

Phailure iz knot an option

So next weekend i will be performing in my first theater performance. Phailure iz knot an option is a sketch comedy show with an improvization twist.
"It is hilarious and will keep you lauging all the way through..." -New York Times...

So we had to take headshots that will be put on the windows of the doors behind me, so i tried to take a similar one...
So this is me and Evelyn, she is in two of my scenes with me...shes awesome...very funny..we get along great

These are just two of the boys from the play....Evan and Skylar...skylar is in one of my scenes...

So this is just some of the girls from the play....from left to right Bronwyn [stage director] Saige [ stage director assistant] and Kay [actress, she is in one of my scenes]

Friday, January 2, 2009

Celebrating New Year!!!

As most of you know i babysat new years night...and if you didn't well now you do!!

So my mom and i decided to drink our sparkling cider, thanks Ember again for bringing that over.....on New Year's day night...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day Out

So this morning my mom and natasha and i went and saw Bedtime all those who dislike adam sandler, forget all his other movies. This one is amazing, its really funny and great for the family..Very Enjoyable....and a little bonus for us...there was only about five people in the movie theater so it felt like we had our very own personal theater!

Next on our journey was shopping at Target....we had a blast taking silly pictures and checking out all the sales...

Check this sweet ride out......amazing ain't it!!

Christmas...wrapped up in one..

Okay so most of you i rotate christmas visits between my mom and dad...
so i thought it would be cool to combine all my christmas pics... and give a description of them to save time...and so you don't see my christmas pictures during the summer...!!!
Christmas eve, my Christmas PJS....

Christmas Morning
She really is a morning person :)
Jaxson showing off Uncle Bzs slippers...hes a cutie
This Christmas Jaxson is crawling...All over the place!!

Talking to Bz..our high tech set up-thanks dad

Jaxson and Auntie K...

Johnny and Jaxson opening gifts....

Britt and Jaxson ...playing drums...

Fun times...memories we will look back on

Nicole, Cricket and Kendahl, Christmas night

Christmas in Washington was ...umm a little less busy... :)

The next photos are christmas gifts, if i left something out i apologize i had a lot to gather and i tried my best!!

Christmas gifts


Mom and i showing off our gifts from Brandon....thanks bz

My gift from matts very own boston hoodie...and its GREEN!!!