Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Preschool August.30.2011

So technically this is his 2nd year of preschool seeing as Jaxson is a little tyke he gets to go to preschool more than once!
He started today and was all eager to go to school! :)
Brooklyn wanted to be in the photos too so I got her hair all ready to go-awesome isn't it?
Good luck this year at Preschool bud, I know you will do great!
Love you Jaxson,
Auntie K

The troll August.30.2011

OK she herself is not a troll but we call her that because of her hair, as she is getting older he hair is growing too making it harder to make it stick up but Auntie K has skills ;p
I just love this little girl, she is so stinking cute :)

Up close and personal! August.30.2011

Last night while Britt and John were off at the gym I got to watch the kiddos. I called my mom up on the phone and the thought came to me *why not face time?!?!* So we hopped on the computer and she called us up. Brooklyn and Jaxson just loved having grammie to talk to! It was pretty sweet on the imac desktop cuz it is so big!

We chatted with grammie as she made peanut butter cookies-she kept showing the spatula to brooklyn and she kept trying to lick the screen, it was adorable!
Jaxson & Brooklyn loved chatting with grammie :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Cuddle time August.29.2011

One of the best gifts on earth are these little guys, I love being an Aunt :) Waking up in the morning and having these two little kiddos crawl into my arms to cuddle=amazing!
They love just sitting on the couch with me and cuddling-its such a great way to spend my day! they have decided my purple water bottle is their's lol. its funny to watch them take it from each other!
Jaxson took Brooklyn's pacifier as he usually takes her stuff and came up and cuddled with me, I think he was jealous Brooklyn was in my arms...guess he wants to be little again lol!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The stink face August.26.2011

As cute as this little girl is, she has this face we call the Stink face...Ever since she was born she gets this look on her face and she won't break it for nothing. I remember teasing her on her first birthday and I got this face for at least ten mins lol! she sure knows how to get what she wants lol...because it usually works, especially since I'm the Aunt and I'm a sucker for her ;)

Do as I'm doing August.26.2011

So Nate's mom Michelle had this cd called Popcorn Bopping-its some of the primary songs remixed in a more upbeat way and I fell in love with it so I figured my nephew would love it too! So I got it and we've been playing it in the car everywhere to go so he is getting used to all the songs. Today on our way to lunch we were listening to the one called "do as I'm doing" He stuck his hands in his ear like a moose and his tongue came out...I did it but I just had to get a picture of it. This kid never ceases to amaze me!
Then at lunch he decided his sippy cup was just not good enough and yanked my cup from me and started to drink it...it was as big as him lol!

MG date :) August.26.2011

So what do you get when you are dating a guy who leaves to serve the Lord for two years and leaves the girl behind?
An MG (missionary girlfriend)
One of the toughest girls you will ever meet.
We write each week to our guy to support him along his journey.
We have plenty of lonely nights, tears shed, and lots of ice cream is consumed!
You await your letter each week, anxiously run to the mailbox, and happily write him back.
Its a rough journey we CHOOSE, but if you go at it with the right attitude it will become one of the most memorable experiences of your life, you will be blessed beyond belief and thank your Heavenly Father for each one! I love being an MG, I have become so much closer to Nate while he has been out, its been an amazing journey thus far and I can't wait to continue it :)
One of the bonuses for being an MG is making tons of friends who are experiencing the same things as you and can relate. I belong to a group on facebook called "I'm waiting for a missionary" Its a group where you can go to and turn to awesome ladies (and a few fellas) for advice, to vent, or ideas for packages :)
I met one of my great friends name Jenna from this page, she actually lives a  few blocks away from where my dad lives in Utah :) We officially met last year around Christmas and have been awesome friends ever since-her guy comes home next June so I'm here follower lol :)
We decided to throw a party while I was down here in Utah this summer.
we planned the date, got the goods (aka snacks) and invited all the MG's that lived in Utah :)
 It was such a fun night getting to know a little bit about all the girls! I randomly took this photo + it was 11:30 at night lol but I loved Jalissa's face so I had to put it up (sorry others who don't like it, your faces were too priceless to pass up!) from L to R its Jalissa, Alyssa, Jenna, and Cara :)
 Jalissa and I...her guy is named Riley, they are so cute together! He has been out for a few months so they are just starting their journey but getting stronger each day which is whats important :)
 So this page has brought many blessings into my life, one of the biggest is this girl, Cara! Cara and I grew up together while I lived in Sandy, Utah...I moved away the summer before 5th grade and Cara ended up moving to South Jordan. As the years went on we grew apart, but then when I joined facebook we reconnected (technology is amazing!) Now we are both on the same page (literally) and both awaiting for the love our lives to return :) Its been great reconnecting with her :)
 Everyone meet Tatiana :) I got my first chance to in person at this event lol-we have previously skyped and chatted so we know each other :) Tatitana gets her guy back in December, awesome Christmas gift?!? I think so!!!
These three wonderful ladies we classified as "the next up" because all of them get their guys back shortly :)
On the left Lesha gets her guy back on September 14, Laina in October, and Kallee was that next tuesday!!! Ah so exciting :)

So basically this night was a success :) I got to meet some lovely ladies and get to know them a little bit which was fantastic, we will have to do it again next time I am down :) Good luck ladies on your waiting journey, its rough but we got this :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Afternoon with the gpas! August.25.2011

Today I got to do one of my favorite things.
I got to head over and visit Grandpa & Grandma Schott.
I love going over and getting a BIG hug from Grandpa-sure reminds me of Nate :)
You get to chatting with these two and you hear lots of stories from the family's past, definitely helps me feel
like I'm becoming a part of the family :)
Then they start talking about the future
And I get a HUGE smile on my face!
Grandpa Schott keeps reminding me he wants great grandchildren lol...I told him I'll tell Nate to get on that ;p
I love going to visit them whenever I come down to Utah!
Love you both :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

No transfers for Elder Schott! 8.22.2011

So another 6 weeks down for Elder Schott- woot woot! That means transfer time! Well Elder Schott answered the phone and found out he would be staying put in San Antonio and Elder Ross would be heading out. Guess San Antonio is where Nate's meant to be :) This picture is from this weeks email-this is him and his district :) My first thought when I saw this photo was "man nate open your eyes!" (haha Jenna is right he kinda looks asian lol) but I love him anyways :) guess I'll have to teach how to take a photo when he returns lol! Happy pday all :) another week down!

Brandon and Korrine's Wedding 8.20.2011

For time and all eternity their love was sealed, two hearts became one today at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. It was so incredible to watch my big brother walk out of the temple holding hands with his sweetheart Korrine who is now my sister! As the adults went in to watch the sealing of these two love birds I got to spend the time with my nephew & niece.
Thank heavens for electronics to keep them entertained for the hour we were stuck in the car lol.
Around 10:15 we got all dressed (suits and ties & little girlie shoes) and headed over to the golden doors where we awaited the exit of the Bride and Groom!!
Here are some photos from that day-man is it windy up there! top left corner we have Brittany and John with their precious daughter Brooklyn. Then we have the bride and groom as they came out and one with the mother of the groom :) then jaxson & miss brooklyn again!
You then have the grooms sisters (aka me and britt!) with little brookie. Then the groom with his parents. Then one of my mom and I. Jaxson trying to break in to the temple lol..he really wanted uncle Bz. The bride and groom holding Brooklyn, The best man (john), bridesmaid (britt) & flower girl (Brooklyn), Jaxson holding Brooklyn back from running away lol. The happy couple in front of the temple :) and then the couples first kiss :)

Today was busy yet exciting! After the temple photos we headed to the luncheon where we got to eat delicious chicken cordon bleu, polynesian meatballs, potatoes. fruit salad, & rolls. The parents, best man, and maid of honor gave their speeches then Brandon got a surprise-a goblet full of chocolate peanut butter ice cream (his favorite!) Then the guests got served ice cream with strawberry or raspberry jam..it was yummy!

after which we headed to Korrine's parents house for more family photos and the reception...get this it was raining (and we weren't in Washington!!) so they had to move everything inside then it cleared up so we headed back outside :) Brandon and Korrine cut their cake-Korrine smashed the cake first so Brandon had to retaliate lol they are too cute!

The happy couple walked out to their friends and family blowing them bubbles (brooklyn loved them!) and then they saw their car which was "lovingly" decorated by Korrine's family ;) Brandon tore off the saran wrap and Korrine and him got inside and headed off to their week long honeymoon in California :) Enjoy your honeymoon newlyweds! We love you both!

Brandon and Korrine,
today you two went into the temple as two individuals
but you came out as one family.
The Heffron name you bear is known for its
competitiveness, love, compassion, outgoingness,
being adventuresome, helping one another.
We have seen all these attributes in you already
and so we welcome you with open arms.
Marriage is a wonderful journey
that you two have started on together,
your family is excited to see where life takes you both.
We love you and can't wait to have many memories with you!

Two videos for you guys! 1st one is of Brandon & Korrine walking out as a couple and their first kiss (twice because my mom didn't get the first lol) and the 2nd one is of them exchanging wedding rings for all those who couldn't go into the temple which was nice :)

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

He's a stud. August.17.2011

prior to the wedding we had to try out Jaxson's outfit on him...oh boy he is going to be a heart breaker one day! This kid is such a stud! Seeing him in his three piece suit was priceless..he even posed a few times for us it was adorable :)
We took him out of his dress clothes and put him into his street clothes for errands...he found my sunglasses in my purse and decided to try them out lol again such a stud ;)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Elder Schott's Refuel Box August.14.2011

So the mish has another month down today-woohoo :) So proud of him! And since its his first month out on his 2nd year of the mish my mom and I came up with the idea of a "refuel box" for him :) So we went out and got him some supplies he was probably running out of & then I went into the scriptures to find references for them :) (tried to make this a motivational boost box!)
So what did Elder Schott get do you ask??? Let me give you a tour inside his box :)

Alrighty-starting in the upper left hand corner and moving right you have: Captain Crunch cereal-time to gas up, refuel, and go out and preach :), Cars fruit snacks Psalms 3:13 "this has oft refreshed me" (to gas up with), a traffic light I made for him, a lint brush (no reference but inside joke cuz he wants a dog & I told him this is the closest thing he is getting to one lol), a sponge-Alma 13:12 to keep his apartment Pure and spotless before God, Floss (Finding LOSt Sheep). Next row: razors-Job 17:9 (He that hath *shaven* skin shall be made stronger and stronger), well then there is his box lol, then the inside of the box lol, far right is his sticky note sign I put around it (it said "get ready for your 2nd lap Elder Schott") Bottom row: His tie (to tie it all up "I love you"), a closer picture of it-i drew a missionary guy :), The bottom of the traffic light says finish strong, Colgate toothpaste Psalms 3:3 I changed the words up a bit and said "But thou O Colgate art a shield for my teeth & lifts my mouth to a smile" (cavity protection-a shield for your teeth), The sign at the end of his box that said "Now you're fueled!", fabric sheets (Ether 12:37 ), so the traffic light I made for him said "Elder Schott RESTART your engine and finish strong"

I hope he gets the Refuel theme! I loved making this box and coming up with ideas for it :) Happy 13th Month Elder Schott :)
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stepping into Eternity August.9.2011

I can't believe I am actually writing this post, I always "figured" my brother would get married one day...just didn't think that day would be in two weeks!
My big bro Brandon will be marrying his sweetheart Korrine in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple on August 20, 2011.
I'm so proud of my brother, he has gone from the brother who I would always follow around (as little sisters tend to do ;p) with my barbies as his buddies played with G.I. Joe or army people to the guy I would ball it up with in our front yard to a worthy servant of the Lord who returned with honor from a mission in Mexico to a man who is working his butt off, buying his first place, and in two weeks will be worthy to enter into the temple to be married to Korrine for time and all eternity :)
I may be a few years older and trying to establish my own way, but I will always look up to you big bro. You've hit a few road blocks in our life but I've watched you not run in the wrong direction rather overcome them with the help of the Lord and support from family! You've been definitely a great example to me and now for you to get married in the temple it just adds one more thing that I aspire to follow :)
Your foot steps may be big and it might take me a while to follow with my small feet but the journey will be amazing so I don't mind making it a long adventure :)
I am so excited to make the "actual" wedding post so readers stay tuned and in less than two weeks (August 20) I'll be posting again about that day that is bound to be AWESOME :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Schott getaway! August.7.2011

Sometimes you just need a quick escape from the hectic pace of life to help remind you of what matters most! I got to do that today with the Schotts-we took the day off and headed over to Port Townshend :) (I know so bad skipping church and all but it was a fun day!)

Its all because that boy in the corner-Landon is his name was attending a wood working class up there making boomerrangs :) He started them on Saturday and on Sunday he finished them up and I must say I'm impressed-they turned out really great & best part is that they actually work lol!

Next pictures (on the right side of the collage) is of the car ride...after we dropped Landon off at his class we headed into town and checked out the boutiques...some super cute stuff ( i found tons of those signs that had cute sayings) but BOY were they expensive (gotta get the tourist's money i suppose lol) but I was smart and just wrote them down and will make my own! But Mireya convinced her parents to get her a Hello Kitty notepad with a multi colored pen lol so that's when you get the pictures, the package the notepad came in had this "remove before use" sticker which she thought was hilarious so she put it on my arm...and I was like "i hope you don't remove my arm, I kinda need that"-she giggled :) then she put it on her forehead and her dad turns around and was like "ah man...just what we need, removing her brain lol" it was funny! In the car Landon and I played the license plate & slug bug game (basically an excuse to hit each other lol!) But I'm a beast at that game so I got to hit him a few dozen times lol, he was just lucky that I was hitting him with my left hand which is not my dominant one so it didn't hurt as bad ;)

We headed to the beach-Kitsap State Park to be exact :) can you say BRRR??? cuz I can't...I was too numb from the ice cold water to speak! But after about an hour of wading in and out trying to get up to my neck or at least to where I would have to swim, we got out to go walk up and down the coast line looking for seashells and crabs :) I found some pretty awesome looking seashells :)

Then after turning off my common sense about wanting to stay warm rather than freeze my butt off I did it! i got in all the way into the FREEZING water :) landon and I went out for a swim, good news-the water was a bit warmer once you got out a bit (we may have been hallucinating lol) but still it was tons of fun, we were swimming against the current and sadly it won...we tried so hard to get back to where we had started to get back on land but failed lol. we ended up going a bit off and having to walk up to the parents :)

After we were done swimming we headed to Mongolian Grill-kind of a cool place, you pick out what you want to eat and then they grill it up! It was like BAM food :) I could get used to that ;) At dinner Landon ate a jalapeno, he is usually fantastic with them and it doesn't hurt at all but this one was a fresh one and BOY OH BOY did it BURN! His face got all red, his eyes watered and he couldn't talk...FUNNIEST thing of my life... it gave us a good laugh :)

After dinner we headed home :) I must say today was a fantastic day and I am so glad that the Schott's invited me to come along-I love them! So much fun :) It was fun hanging out at the ocean and in town acting like tourists (probably can't go back though-we got a little goofy lol!) Thank you SO much for inviting me to join on your getaway :)
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

wii would like to dance August.6.2011

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Dancing, pizza, movies...total girls night right? ya buddy!!!

I had Natasha, Cassie, and Kelsey come over to the Phillips house-I was housesitting for them & yes they knew about it (I asked for permission lol)

The girls came over and we watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days!!!

total chick flick but hey we are chicks so its all good :)

After munching on pizza and chips during the movie we decided to burn off all those calories by playing Just Dance 1& 2 on the wii-I personally like #2 better, has more fast paced songs that are more fun to dance to!

Oh ya we totally rocked the dance floor!!!

I struck a few poses ;)
Natasha & I did "girlfriend" by Avril Lavinge which was hilarious!

Oh you better believe videos were taken ;) Enjoy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Down we GO! August.5.2011

tonight I got to spend my evening with Heibert's-three cute blondes that are FULL of energy!

This one is Brooke-she is two

This is Gretchen-she is six

This is Kendra-she is four....
....and oh ya we slid down the stairs in the sleeping bag-better believe it! It was tons of fun-they loved flying down the staircase for me to catch them (seriously they loved it, we did it like 100 times lol!) Then we watched the Little Mermaid and after they went to bed I watched Tangled (getting my Disney on!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Snorkling August.4.2011

This afternoon Nate's mom *michelle* called me up and asked if I wanted to go with them to American Lake to go swimming!
Off we went-we went to a different location that they had never been to so finding the entrance was quite an adventure lol :)
We dropped our bags, snapped on our goggles and snorkling gear and off we went into the water!
This was my first time and snorkling so it was interesting to get the hang of only breathing out of my mouth lol ;) But it didn't help much that Landon kept sticking things in the tube, or covering it with his hand-like what he was about to do in this photo up above..that little turd lol
Little Mireya and her rainbow colored swimsuit :) she loves snorkling to find rocks-she had a whole swimming suit full when she got done lol!
Landon is a pro snorkler-he ended up spotting fish for us which was pretty cool to see and try to catch :) He has had a few lessons so he taught me all his tricks-thanks bud!

Us after snorkling

Mireya and I

Landon and I...its really sad that we are the same height yet I'm like 7 years older :(

Date with the bestie August.4.2011

Don't freak out-no I'm not cheating on Nate lol...

it just happens to be that his best friend wanted to take me out (lol jk!)

This is Brandon...tall, skinny, smart alik-yup that about sums it all up-jk Brandon!

Brandon is the BESTEST friend in the whole world to my Nate and since the first day I met him he has been amazing to me as well (I am quite a lucky girl!)

Brandon and Nate grew up together so they are like this (crosses fingers) and boy do they have so many stories together lol.

Brandon goes to Central Washington University (Yuck...its all about UW lol)

and was headed back to college this week so he wanted to stop and have lunch with me to catch up before he headed out!

So this boy came to pick up this girl -oh ya that's me ;)
so Brandon being the gentlemen he is took me out to Apple Teriyaki -all of our favorite place :) At first it was odd being there without Nate because that's where we would all go for dinner but the food kinda distracted us and then we got talking about Nate and...well about two hours later our food was gone and we looked at the time and decided we didn't want him hitting traffic so he took me back home! Brandon is such a sweetheart and I can't believe how lucky I am to not only have Nate in my life but that his best bro likes me too lol!

Thanks Brandon for an awesome meal and great company :)

Good luck at college this year!

I'm sure I'll be talking to you soon :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Waterfront August.3.2011

hmmm what to do on a sunny wednesday afternoon???

Lunch date with Rasler??? Heck YES!!! Today Rasler took me out to lunch at this cute little chinese place up by my house called the Tea Leaf-I had never been but I am so going back

-it was delicious :)

it was SO nice to catch up with her and chit chat about life

and enjoy some sun in the Northwest :)
After lunch we headed to downtown Tacoma to the waterfront where we walked and soaked up some sun :) It was so pretty out! We got to walk alongside this (look down at picture)

Jealous much? its alright you can be because it was gorgeous :)

Thank you so much Rasler for an awesome afternoon :)

Fun times are always had when I'm with you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Picnic in the Park August.2.2011

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Today i got to take Landon & Mireya to Gonyea park to meet up with Ember and her awesome kids for a picnic :)

the sun was out and we laid out a blanket on the picnic tables and pulled out our pb&j sandwiches and ate up :)

After that we headed over to the playground to waste some of our energy lol

we played tag around the toy set

i pushed kenzie on the swings

kenzie got out and pushed the swings with nothing in it lol-its her favorite thing

Playing in the park was tons of fun :)

This video is of miss Kenzie-she giggles so much when she is swinging-its SO cute!

This one is of me asking kenzie if she wanted to slow down and her response to me..it was adorable :) Sorry its tilted :/

Landon is such a sweetheart-he plays with kenzie whenever he is around her, its so cute! She loved him playing with her :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello August! August.1.2011

I can't believe another month has come and gone by us-adios July :) and hola August, it definitely feels like summer has hit us here in the great NorthWest :) Weather hit up in the 70's-80's everyday, I LOVE seeing the sun everyday!
With August here comes many important things...1) the countdown for my brother's wedding is ON (well it always was on but now its within this month)...19 more days till he gets married to his love of his life for time and all eternity-woohoo!!! 2) I get to go down to visit Utah for a few weeks-par-ty time :) can't wait to spend some time with the fam! 3) (and this one is more of a personal thing but hey I'll share it with you!) With July over with and August here I am finally in the months where I can say "its my last (insert month) without nate" the next august I see I'll have Nate back here with me (ha I'm a poet and didn't know it ;p) But I'm excited to say goodbye to July and will be excited to say hello to it again next year b/c you all know Nate will be heading home!!
So here is to an awesome month filled with lots of memorable moments, family time, and love :)

Happy August Everyone :)

Sunday Best July.31.2011

Saturday is a special day its the day we get ready for Sunday, we comb our hair and brush our teeth all to get ready for sunday! Oh and I also got a new dress :) we went to Kohl's and JcPenny's and found dressed on sale and I got this one :) I really love it! Makes me think of summer for sure!
Sunday is one of my favorite days (definitely in compeition with thursday or whenever I get my letters from Nate lol) But I really do love Sundays, life just seems to stop for a second and I feel like I can breath! I love going to church and feeling the spirit that comes from attending church too! I get to be blessed with substituting for the four year olds, it gives me the chance to teach the gospel to these young minds which I love :) Its so awesome to watch them absorb all the gospel and its principles! I hope you all had a fantastic Sunday :)