Saturday, April 28, 2012

DI hunting 4.28.2012

What is better than a flashback from decades in the past? Oh nothing! ;)
Tessa and I hit up a DI with the idea of looking at bed parts for her new place but while we waited for her mom to answer her phone to ask questions about the bed we did a little shopping of our own!
We got to scope out some awesome dresses! They made for some good laughs and amazing photos as you can see :) It is always a good time when Tessa is around!

The Illusion 4.27.2012

Curled hair, make up on, dress slacks and heels we are out the door...
picked up a salad, pizza slice, drinks, ice cream cones with lots of toppings that go everywhere for dinner & dessert...
Grabbed our tickets and headed to find our seats.
Got to experience my first time in a thrust theater which was awesome!
Saw the play The Illusion tonight and oh buddy was it hilarious-lots of usable quotes in it and you better believe that Tessa and I will be using them to our advantage "we won't disappoint" because we have "lots of lovers to share" haha! 
Thank you Tessa for being awesome company tonight and always knowing how to make me laugh :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tulip Festival 4.22.2012

Its a rose? Its a daisy? No it is TULIPS!!!
And they are everywhere!
This afternoon we (being Tessa, Aubrey, Carole, Malinda, & I) headed UP north (about an hr and a half drive) to see the Tulips :D
We had some awesome car conversations-more so on the ride home about which actor we thought was hot and which ones we DID NOT-very opposites in our car lol!
We arrived at the tulip place only to find out that it has an entry fee..which we were not informed of and all decided since it was the sabbath we didn't want to spend money. 
So instead we scoped out the tulips from afar and still were able to get some pretty sweet photos if you ask me! It was like we were practically there ;) 
Sorry it didn't turn out like we planned ladies but I still had a blast :D

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lake 22 4.21.2012

I'm on top of the world!!!! Or at least it sure felt like it :D Lake 22 hike was our adventure today and man did we beast that mountain-we showed it who was boss lol! We took the scenic route up taking pictures along the way and having the occasional snow ball fight-if you saw snow in April could you pass it up?? I think not. LOL! It was a blast-the sun was shining down on us keeping us warm as the trail turned from dirt and rocks to all snow! (wasn't quite prepared for that!) But we made it to the top-a LITTLE encouragement can go a LONG way :) We snacked on our lunchables-man those things have come in handy lol! And we enjoyed the amazing view of the lake! :D It was definitely worth the hike up! The fun part came as Tessa, Electra, and I attempted to run down the mountain! Oh ya we booked it down-jumping over boulders, sliding down the snow, and running whenever we hit dirt-we are pros :) We were the first ones down the mountain and got to enjoy some nature and my poor attempts to throw peanuts at them to catch lol! (good waste of time + helped the animals lol) Lake 22 was a beautiful hike and a very enjoyable outing :D Thanks for the adventure!

Jessica Beer's Bday 4.21.2012

A shout out to the awesome Jessica on her birthday-you are amazing girlie!!!
Thank you for the awesome cupcakes in honor of your mom's cupcake store opening up-I had a  neapolitan  flavored one and BOY was it delicious! Happy Birthday Jessica and I hope you have a fantastic year! :D

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Seattle girls 4.14.2012

What do you do on a beautiful day in Seattle??? You round up the girls and head out to enjoy the sunshine of course!
We started off our morning at the temple which was amazing (as usual!) Then we grabbed a few more gals and headed up to a park that overlooked Seattle for an Institute tailgate party-a few people had been lucky enough to score tickets to the Sounders game (our soccer team) but for the rest it was just an awesome bbq-a yummy one too :) Then we decided to hit the mall-its a girl thing lol!
Tessa and I decided to be adventurous and try on skinny colored jeans....haha epic fail (at least for me!) I mean they are cute and all but I can't rock them....I will leave those to those who can lol.
Then we hit up Target and tried on sunglasses, checked out belts, scoped some potential purses :) it was a fun and awesome afternoon!! :D

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter from Elder Schott 4.8.2012

Guess what I got in my email??? PICTURES FROM MY ELDER :D Happy Easter for sure! thank you to the wonderful people of Nate's area to invite the Elders over for Easter dinner and treat them to a "real meal"-I say that because he is in a university singles ward right now and let's be honest-we don't eat all that great lol! It was so awesome to open that email up and see his smiling face (well for the most part lol), he seems so real to me in these photos (i guess because they were taken then sent immediately rather than the ones i get weeks later from him) and yes these photos cover all of my photo spots :) Happy Easter everyone!

Hoppy Easter to Elder Schott 4.8.2012

Easter bunny was shipped this year to land in San Antonio, Texas :)
good thing he is the energizer bunny as doesn't mind the mileage ;p
Elder Schott got a tie picked out from an amazing store in Utah called Tie one on!!! The whole store is decked out in all sorts of ties-cheap ones too (that beauty down there....only $4-score!)
Him and his elders in his apartment each got an Easter Egg-well that is if he shared ;)
Last Easter box to decorate and send...such a weird concept for me to know? I mean ok there was only two but hey they had a year difference in between lol. Next Easter will be exciting-I'm excited to see Nate do a hunt with his siblings :) Hoppy Easter Elder!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Parkland Ward Easter Egg Hunt 4.7.2012

Every year the primary kids get to go out and run around trying to find all the eggs-sadly our yard at my building is flat and open so not much of a egg hunt but they still seem to have a blast (it is free candy so who wouldn't! lol) Before the egg hunt happened we all got to color Easter photos for a competition-my chick didn't win :( oh well it was still fun!
I got to babysit little savannah all day which was a blast and thanks to Landon (Nate's little bro) for taking her around with me and helping her find all her eggs (she enjoyed opening them and taking the empty egg more than the actual candy inside lol)
It was a bright and sunny morning and the kids seemed to have a ton of fun :D Good job Parkland Primary!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Red Robin-YUM! 4.6.2012

Sometimes we like to hit up one of our favorite places for dinner.
Sometimes I take big bites of my bacon cheeseburger.
Sometimes I drink 4 glasses of strawberry lemonade..
   sometimes she gets all fancy and gets a "lettuce wrap" instead of a bun. 
Sometimes she make me giggle at her funny obeservations
Sometimes she pretends to be sneaky and texts under the table.
Sometimes  All the time I love her :)