Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do it like Leia 2.18.2012

In a Galaxy far far away...
haha we thought we'd be like Princess Leia and do our hair :D
Jenna did mine and then I returned the favor!
 Then we posed for pictures & you know how we do-posing all the way! :D

Visiting Nana 2.18.2012

After tea party with the ladies Mom and I stopped by a cupcake store in our neck of the woods and grabbed Nana a strawberry lemonade cupcake to surprise her worked -she LOVED it!
It was awesome to see her and get to chat with her for a bit :D We sat and watched Cash Cab on TV for a bit with her which was fun! It is weird to see my Nana at an assisted living center but right now I know its the best for her and she is being taken care of. I am grateful for a mother who takes time out of her life each and every day to go and help my Nana out :) I'll see you next time Nana-I love you :)

Tea Party 2.18.2012

This afternoon I got to spend the day away sipping tea and eating scones. Ha! I never thought I'd say that sentence lol! But no seriously I did! I went with my awesome mom, Lora, and Hazel over to Steeped in Comfort for tea time and lots of awesome conversations. 
These ladies are amazing and full of stories-I loved listening to them as they told me little bits of their history and raising children all around the world :)
As well as amazing story tellers these ladies have been great examples in my life and great support systems as well. I know that whenever I need to let it out I can go to any one of these ladies and they open their arms wide and will listen to me for whatever I need to say! 
Thank you lovely ladies for an amazing afternoon and great company :D

Day with Mireya 2.18.2012

Today was an awesome day-why you ask? I got to start it off by spending my morning with Mireya :D

Mireya had a birthday on Thursday (Shout HOORAY!) She is now 7 years old! 
Since I'm up at school I couldn't actually be there for her birthday so I thought since I'd be home for the long weekend (thank you presidents for giving me a day off ;p) I would take her out for a birthday :D
We started out at the nail salon to get her toes and fingers painted-she picked out green & silver sparkly one for her toes and then a pinky-purple one for her fingers! She was so cute sitting in the chair patiently waiting for her fingers to dry lol!

Then we headed over to McDonald's to grab her some lunch-happy meals for the win! As she played in the toy set I played with her kids right? ;) 

It was so fun hanging with Mireya (Nate's little sister just in case ya'll were wondering) :D

Happy 7th Birthday Mireya!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Its Johnny Boy's Birthday! 2.17.2012

Would you look at that???? Its John's Birthday today :D
Happy Birthday to my bro in law!
I've known you for like ever...or so it feels, a fantastic 10 years may I say :D
You are an amazing friend, an incredible father to my adorable nephew and niece, and a wonderful husband to my sister (she definitely scored BIG time with you!)
I hope you enjoyed my many phone calls and texts throughout the day today to wish you a Happy Birthday!
Just remember we are all getting older, its not just you ;)
I hope your day was fantastic and I wish you the best in this upcoming year!
Happy Birthday Bro :)

Reunited at last 2.17.2012

tonight I got to spend the evening with my little sis. Its been a chaotic year for the two of us and it seems as though we haven't been able to meet up. But tonight her Dad was back in town and so he invited us out to dinner and we all headed out to BJ's. It was awesome to chat with Jenna and play some games and just relax for a bit! She said she has missed me...those words made my heart melt, it meant a lot for me to hear that :D
So glad we got to hang out tonight Jenna & Craig :)

Snowshoeing in the Alps 2.4.2012

Ok maybe not the Alps but I did go for an adventure today with my first time snow shoeing in Snoqualmie Pass. (you not washingtonian's try and say that one lol ;p) It was quite the adventure to just try and drive up there:
"Tessa you are going 85...on a 60"-Kendahl
 "my car is made out of plastic"-Tessa...
"I see sunshine" -Allison (yes ladies and gents we do get sun once in a while lol)

Then we got there, laced up our boots, and tied on our snow shoes. Then made the three hour hike up the hill in snow till we reached our location of the beautiful frozen lake. My is the wilderness a wonderful place! The three hour hike was accompanied by:

"Kendahl-are you ok?" (about every five minutes from Tessa asking about my snow shoes that kept getting clogged up with snow lol)
"would you rather this or that?"-Dean and his awesome questions that kept us distracting as we hiked up the hill
"I LOVE NATURE"-our motto that kept us going for the whole six hour journey!

This was an epic adventure that I loved and I must admit I am SOOOO glad that I let Tessa convince me to go :D Again another success with miss Tessa da Hutt :D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One hand until TWO 2.14.2012

One hand (FIVE months) until I can hold TWO hands again :)
marking today off on my calender was an amazing gift for this Valentine's day!
Ya I admit being away from my love is hard on days like this but he has my heart everyday so that made it go by a bit easier :) I love you Nathaniel!
 With the 19th month mark also comes the 150 days left mark-holy cow! right?1?!?! Time is flying-so fast (not that I am complaining, not all all....I stand in amazement!)

I can't believe I'm down to ONE hand of counting now, even as little as my hands are (thanks to Nate's dad for pointing that one out lol!) all I have to say is that I hope these next few months go as fast as my little hands are-that'd be super nice ;) Happy 19th months out to Elder Schott, I hope he loved his "spreading the love" box that had gospel centered gifts in it this time to celebrate his Valentine's day with :D I hope he knows I love him SO much...but if he doesn't get it by now, don't you bloggers worry...I'll show him in 5 months ;) Happy Valentine's Day :D

Made with L-O-V-E 2.14.2012

Well today being about love and all I figured I'd hop on board and share some love. First of all my professors felt they needed to share it with me by giving me three tests today. So I wasn't in the pre-valentine's day mood as most people were, focusing on Spanish and Biology at the same time can do things to ya lol!
I woke up and handed my Valentine's day gifts to the roomie's- socks and goodies :)
then I got to open up mine from my mommie-socks and an amazing crunch candy bar, delicious!
Later that night Tessa came over and we started making whoppie....pies that is lol! A little lack of crisco held us up for a bit but its nothing a "little" butter couldn't fix lol!
We made a few and invited Rick over for some-he enjoyed them so we succeeded once again! YA BOI!
Then we invited my friend Emily over *Rick may have been our guinea pig haha ;) *
Then we had a dance party with Disney songs-new Valentine's Day tradition taken from Tessa lol!

A sweet way to spend my Valentine's Day 2012! I hope you all found some sweet way to spend your day too!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Savannah's 1st Birthday 2.11.2012

I came back from Seattle today for Savannah's 1st Birthday party. I can't believe this little girl is one today!
I remember holding her in my arms this past summer as she drifted off to sleep each morning looking at that beautiful smile of hers on her cute chipmunk cheeks! This little girl still has that beautiful smiles-her parents definitely passed that gene to her and still has her chipmunk cheeks however she is growing out of them and is growing up-almost walking on her own now its so awesome!

This little girl is a fan of waffles. strike that-loves waffles! So that is what we had at her birthday party :D -no complaints here! Then she got to go crazy while opening up all her new toys from her friends and family! She loved our bouncy ball and book we gave her, her mom loved the clothes lol!

I can't believe this little girl has been on this earth for a year now, what a special blessing she is in our lives :) I am blessed to have her in my life :D Happy First Birthday Savannah! :D

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sweet Meet 2.10.2012

Tonight was the annual YSA Sweet Meet. This year it was the girls turn to come up with desserts to make and for the boys to bid. We started our night off a bit rushed with going over to Betsy's house *thanks again Betsy for letting us use your kitchen to prep in!* I had decided to make dirt cups-adult style ;p....Oreo Surprise is what I decided on calling it. I layered crushed oreos, chocolate and vanilla pudding, hersheys syrup and some whip cream with an oreo to top it off :) We put our desserts together and then made our way over to the Stake Center-with time to spare, we are just THAT good hehe.
 I must admit I think I like the boys making the desserts and us girls being the ones to bid-it is really nerve wracking watching those boys walk up and down the tables staring at your dessert (mind you its anonymous so only you know they are looking at yours!) and placing their tickets into the bags. So during this time we went for a bathroom escape and chilled in there for a bit as we took some photos (yes me and my camera always taking photos lol) Then we got called in and had to line was horrible ;)
They started off with announcing they were going to call the winners of the prizes first. Well Bro Knowles calls out that the Grand Prize winner is took me a second to realize that was MY number. My oreo surprise had won over the hearts of the boys...the mystery got to them I'd say lol. My theory: Every man is a little boy inside. Every little boy loves pudding. Pudding will always win lol!

After being awarded our prizes we got raffled off to our tables. Lucky #14 was my table this year :)  I got to enjoy and amazing pasta bar for dinner with Jason, Dean, and Scott as the boys and the lovely Lisa and Anna with their red velvet and chocolate peanut butter reeses cakes :) Both super delicious may I say. Very worth every pound I gained from that lol!

Then we knocked off the table cloths, put the chairs up and the tables away and cleared the dance floor! Allen our DJ cranked up the tunes and we had a blast dancing the night away! I love dances...especially ones when the boys actually stay on the dance floor (definitely a change from my stake dances as a youth lol) Anthony was an epic dance partner, we made an awesome pair showing off our dancing skills! Thanks Anthony you are awesome! :)

Tonight was super sweet (pun SO intended lol) Until next year... :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

This should be considered illegal 2.3.2012

The fun Tessa and I have when we are together should be illegal lol. Its pretty epic the stuff we get into to! :D
I love hanging with this girl-from freakin speaking spanish to practicing our hiking skills to lots of other random impromptu activities!

Oh bud, you are awesome. Stay just the way you are and never break my heart.....
haha you will know what I mean!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shortest month of the year 2.1.2012

All you will hear this month from everyone is the word LOVE. Well that is until the 15th when everyone switches over to "Lucky" with March lol! But let's try and focus on February here for a bit.
February is short. One day longer this year thanks to leap year and all but still its shorter than all the rest. So yay for that right?!?! I think so!
This month might be short but it is jammed packed with events:
4th-Snowshoeing adventure (details and pictures to come if I survive ;p)
10th-Sweet Meet (girls turn to bake!)
14th-Not only Valentine's day but also Nate's 19th month
17th-Johnny boy's birthday!!!
27th-Register for Spring quarter! (wowza!)

Lots of sweet events coming up so stay tuned! :D Happy February all-I hope this month flies by and treats you lovely!