Monday, August 25, 2008

Seahawks #1 Fan!!

So check out this little guy.... he is the cutest seahawk fan i've ever seen...he loves the jersey we got him the other night..

Speed Racer!!

So kendahl isn't the only one totally in love with driving...jaxson loves it too...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ungawa....Kendahls got the power!!

So my dad and stepmom took me out for my last night to the was soooo cool...the colors were awesome and the divers...well lets just say AMAZING!!

This is my dad and i in front of the Mayan...

My stepmom and i in front of the waterfall


OK i saved the best for last!!!


So all i can say is thunder thighs...thats for you cricket!

Wii would like to play...

So while i was here in utah my dad got the chance to borrow the Wii from his co-worker [i think he liked it more than us kids did ;) ]
Heres cody and i playing Wii boxing....not going to break a sweat in that game! was so funny to watch my dad get so into the Wii bowling....I was scared for the TV ..he got so close to it when he swung...

Cody and his bowling that was funny to watch!

As for can think what you want

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Keepin it in the Neighborhood

Well while kourtney was here we hung out at the neighbors house...she had been talking with them online so she wanted to meet with our luck it happened...

Pretty in .....Black??

Ok well i thought it would be cool to change it from the original....

well the day kourtney and i went to Gardner Village we had my step mom cricket take some photos of us...


Well my step mom cricket works at Anastasias attic...for all those who don't know what that is...most of you...its a little antique shop in Gardner Village where kourtney and i hung out...the other day...

Well they have this thing coming up called moonlight madness where all the stores stay open til midnight and people ...ok mostly women come around and go shopping and get great deals...well anyways..her store is doing a pirate theme and they are setting up for halloween so kourtney and i had a blast trying on different types of pirate hats...shabby aint it?

Gardner Village Adventure

OK so i guess the statement is true....true friends always find each my case its absolutely true! ok so let me explain, my best friend kourtney came down to Utah to visit her relatives up in logan [ about two hours away from where i am ] well luck was on our side and we got the chance to hang out and have a sleep over and go to where my step mom cricket works a place called Gardner Village, its this place with little shops...that has the cutest stuff...I LOVE POSH!! Well all i have to say is thank goodness your car broke down kourt...i had a blast!