Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time for change....

Before my haircut.....

After the haircut...and this one was before i styled it

This is after I styled it

Well i got sick of my hair..and i decided it was time for a change, the only thing is I had no clue what i wanted to do with it...ya not such a good idea...but we spent about a half an hour talking it over with the lady, who was foreign and it was hard to understand her which made me more nervous to get my haircut...but i said what the heck! i did it..and i love it..there is so many different ways i can style is short and simple for me to do in the mornings and will be out of the way during golf yup hope you like...CAUSE I DO!!!

The marini boys

So this past week the weather turned nice and the marinis took a walk over to my house for a was great to go outside and play in the sun...thanks so much for coming over guys..i had so much fun!!
So ya we were being silly and having fun taking pictures and kicking the soccer ball around and rolling down the hill...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

204 month appointment

So today kendahl went in to get her last shot out of her series of three...She was very good and even got a Daffy Duck bandaid...she was very excited...!! hehe

Her arm is alright, a little dead but she will live...OUR little survivor!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

You can't stop the beat....

Ok so this past saturday our dance team traveled to Kent for a dance competition where we competed in production for our musical theater group...
We are doing a mix of songs from the movie Hairspray...
Well we didn't perform til around 3 in the afternoon so we pretty much got the whole day to hang out and watch other performers or my favorite part...hanging in the dressing room...there is so much hairspray in that room lie..and the make up...well you will see what i mean..:)

Mom thanks again for coming..i know it was a long day but i'm glad you could come...
Kendahl and Yuri...shes one of our japanese exchange students..she so cool..and its awesome being there for some of her firsts in America... :)
Me and Natasha..we look different with out make up ...hehe..we know...but you do what you got to do..

Ok this is the best part...making my hair look like its from the 60's..i believe i used the most hairspray out of everyone

But the result was worth it...

This is the musical theater group...Its like a blast from the past huh....hehe

A performer emerges... :)

Ok so to be completely honest i hated seeing drama on my schedule last year, i just figured it would be a weird class and all...well i take back anything i said about it last year..because i love having drama class everyday and i wouldn't want it any other way!
Well my first theater production has offically come....i'll be the first to admit i was extremely nervous....i had that fear of forgetting my lines onstage....and seeing as it was an improv show that i would have to be funny, which scared me...but i did it...and you don't know how happy i am to say that. It was a big accomplishment for me to get up onstage..and i enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Well here are some pictures...hope you like them!!