Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the day is DONE!!!

so here i sit in my living room, finally having my internet up on my laptop...its kinda nice to have it back :)
well finals are OVER woohoo!!! man was last week stressful, i am pretty sure i had some visitors from the zit world come and occupy my face ugh!!! i HATE those things...

well the ONLY good thing that came from finals is a nice three and a half day weekend, oh yes and it was FANTASTIC! well except for the LITTLE mishap with the car emissions, just to let everyone in on our little secret, kendahl CANNOT operate the gas i went and got gas the other day, thought i would surprise my mom and have the gas tank filled up...ya well i did with only a FEW accidents hehe..ugh gas is supposed to go inside the tank...right?!?!?! haha :)
well so with my lack of skill to put the lock back on properly came the failing of the emissions test, who would of thought that such a small thing as not turning it one more time would make the trigger set off...NOT ME!
well so i got my first experience of waiting at an auto store to wait for a guy to turn the lock once more and then run a clearance after waiting for two hours, he finally did that so then i got to head back to the emissions station to find out that you have to wait a day til you can come back to get it checked....who knew that when you got your car fixed it resets the memory....????? ahh...not ME!!!
well after driving all over our city in order to run up our miles so the car would pass, we obtained all of our ingredients for my date idea for saturday night, we made our own was AWESOME...we got to make it how we wanted and no one was there to tell me how much cheese to put on there...or how weird i was when i decided to put pepperoni with olives on my

well nate and i went shopping saturday night and it was fun to have the boy be the one to try on clothes lol..and OH BOY! he took FOREVER...hehe but don't tell him i said that...haha

well off to bed i school TOMORROW....woot woot!!!
I'm sleeping in thats my yup my phones on silent hehe

Monday, January 25, 2010

back tracking....

so its monday and i am sitting in my independent leadership class being bored and so i thought i would be productive with my time and write about my weekend....

so as you all know i left ya hanging at saturday night...i know you guys haven't been able to sleep just anticipating what i was going to say about how my game at the schotts!

ok so haha word to the wise...never ask for a crash course of the rules in the car on the ride over to the house because i did, which it was kinda funny listening to nate trying to cram all the rules and information "hints" into my head about the game....well the REAL funny part is that when we actually started playing the game it went WHOOSH all out of my head....haha yup the pep talk was pointless...haha
well apparently i appeared quieter than usual...or according to those whom i was playing with..but thats just because its definitely a game of concentration so i was and it paid off in the end because nate and I ended up winning!!!!! ya i was stoked...i was super nervous because i expected us to lose miserably and nate's fam really likes it...but the luck was with me that night!!!

well the game was THE longest game took us an hour and a half to play ONE game...(thats really long apparently, i guess thats enough time for like three hands lol) but it was an intense game...a lot of changing in the score..hehe...
so afterwards it was around ten and we all decided to go to bed...which means nate had to take me home...after working all day and playing basketball he was wiped out so i made him go get gas with me instead of doing it after he dropped me off (truck needed gas) so i could make sure that he was all good..and stayed awake...
well sunday hit and it HIT hard...boy oh boy 8 o'clock came SUPER early...and we even went to bed earlier than usual...
well church was good...had a really cool lesson in sunday school and had a great time with my friends in that class. :)

after church i lounged around ALL day...ya i think (ok well i know) that i was purposely avoiding studying..its just SO i painted my nails again (bright pink) and then i watched herbie fully loaded with my that bug is SWEET!
then we ate dinner...which was manicotti.yummy yummy...i love that stuff...even the new way my mom made it :p....(with cottage cheese)

then after nate had taken a nap (which was well deserved) he asked if he could come over and hang out (ya we are basically inseperable...but whatcha gonna do ???)
so he came over and we went over to the marinis for a bit to hang out with them ...those kids are SUPER adorable...they just keep getting cuter...(which one would think is impossible..but NOPE they DO)
then we came back to my house and hung out for a bit before we had to say goodbye....and i went to bed...

and now its monday......AHHHHH!!! and its FINALS just a heads up, not sure how much writing i will get done this week..but i will make sure i get on when i can and catch ya'll up on my EXCITING

Saturday, January 23, 2010

sittin saturday

so the title of todays blog has multiple meanings believe it or not!

so first off i had to get up at 7 a.m. to go and shoot some hoops at our 8 o'clock basketball game.....well so the story of the game is that we have a stake womens group that is playing this year so they play off against each young womens team just for today was our turn. well i must say for older woman they are skilled, BUT their breating has caught up to them...LOL ya they weren't as ugh how do i say this nicely...FAST as us :p but they did have the advantage for they had enough women to make up two teams so they just kept rotating out giving them a break...haha but we only had two subs so i only got out when i had a jump ball and this somoan lady landed on me and her foot rammed into my thigh so my coach took me out to make sure i was okay....hehe

SO my excitement of the game was when i went up for a rebound against this super tall chick and when i came back down her elbow went into my eye....ya oh man that ya my eye is a little bit swollen and hoping it doesn't turn black and blue for church tomorrow..haha that would be a sight to see...

so after i got home from my game believe it or not i stuck to my word and i went back to bed...haha yup i took a nap at 9:30 til 11 it was NICE!!!!...then i got up and ate some lunch and started working on my college scholarship papers


so that makes three down and three to go....ugh the nerves!!!!

well at the moment i am over at the marinis babysitting while joe and ember go out to dinner....yup pizza and the wii....could there be a better combo????

so after they get home i am headed over to nates to play cards with his family...ya anyone ever heard of pitch??? ya they LOVE that game..and ugh lets just say im not so HOT at that game...ya and its a game of partners so basically nate and i always lose...LOL

well off i go to solve another wii battle....(and no not on the actual game...between the kids :p)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally Friday

so WHEW!!! friday has arrived and i feel so relieved to say the least...
My C.B.A. is completed and turned what a weight that is off my shoulders!

I am all caught up on my calculus homework. what a nice feeling that is...


Yes that horrible time of the year is coming back around, man and here i was all excited for the weekend seeing as my paper was written and my math was done...along with all my other classes...but oh no life couldn't be that easy...of course not
so instead of kicking old school and chillaxing all weekend i will be cramming in all the material i have been taught since september...come on who remembers what they learned in september???? ya NO ONE so my point exactly= we should not have finals!!!

alrighty so tonight i get to see nate, not exactly sure what we are doing yet but in all honesty it doesnt really matter...because time spent with him is always matter what we end up doing. :) cheesy i know but i mean its the truth....i'm not that fancy of a girl...i don't need a date that was planned out all BIG instead just a casual hang out is mighty fine to me!!!

ok heading home now to watch some that sounds amazing right about now...

so tata for now ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

huh hmm wednesday and torture thursday

so wednesdays are nice for we have late start so it usually gives me the chance to go back home after seminary and actually get ready for the day. But yesterday i decided to wake up and actually get ready for school so that afterwards i could go over to nates house and surprise him....ya it was pretty funny to wake him up at seven a.m.....later to find out that he didn't have school til noon made it all the better ;)

well i found out in first period that i got an A on my physics test so that was a pretty nice addition to my pretty great day already!

school was basically sameo sameo...except the day i decide to go over and help out the Coons and actually attempt to write my C.B.A. is of course the day i end up getting loaded with homework...can you say RIDICULOUS...Luisa can..haha oh man i miss her :(

but i headed home at about 4:30 at started at that dang that thing was just lingering over my head....just the thought of it made me cringe...ugh!!!! so i started it then had to stop to go to mutual...where did crafts...who would of thought that there was actually a crafty gene inside of me....haha not ME!!! thats for sure...but i even cut the things out along the lines...haha

then at about nine i headed to starbucks to pick up my mom who was chilling there using the wifi because ours seems to have a mind of its own and won't be getting checked out til monday...hmph :(
so at 9ish i started to write my paper and finished at around 10 with four pages granted that i only started with a half of page...pretty impressive if i do say so myself....(which i just did :p)

well i went to bed and today is start of a brand new day...
i got to go to seminary and i went to school and in first i reviewed for our final...having to remember things from september is insane...thats all i have to say!

well the rest of the day is a mystery but no fear you will soon find out what comes to be!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

first day of the week (officially)

so today was everyones monday...and oh boy all i can say it friday yet? man today was ridiculous!

okay so to start off my morning the alarm went off at 5 a.m. which i personally am not a big fan ya but since i did go to bed early last night it wasn't as bad as expected (which is always a good thing in our
so on my way to seminary i realized that it was tuesday, one might think that that is a good thing, EXCEPT for the fact that on tuesdays school starts at regular time (7:35) so there went my plan to go to Robinsons room to chit chat of my fun weekend...HA! so instead all the teachers had a meeting (curse those things) and so i had to stay in the hallways...but i was productive with my down time and i studied for my physics test...ya hmm not a big fan of tests at 7:35 in the morning....ugh :(

so well i got all my information for my C.B.A. now all i have to do is write the dang paper!!!! zero pages down four to go...haha hmmm guess i better get on that...this dang lack of motivation of mine...or is it the load of homework i am getting from my classes that is preventing me from finding time to do it all.....??? anyone want to take a guess at a solution to my

well i got my BYU situation all figured out, only took a month but i am finally paid for my admission fee...boy was that a difficult task...and can i say that elevator music is BORING....ya i listened to it for twenty minutes!!! but the guy was super friendly when he would come on every two minutes to tell me...."the operators are still helping others and will be with you shortly, once again thank you for your patience" patience...started to

so i just spent the last hour and a half doing my calc wish i was like some of the kids in my class and this stuff would just click...boy would my life be a little less stressful, but knowing my luck it doesn't happen like once again i get to hit it hard so i can understand slightly.... :/

ok so i have to go do my civics homework....i must say that class was a high point of my day, i learned a lot about our Legislatvie Branch....pretty interesting, Stanczyk makes it fun...i love that class....and will love it even more when i finish my C.B.A......ahhhh!!!

okay getting off. night :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

The day after sunday

so usually i would be writing about what a day i had at school but seeing as one man decided to make a difference it is this day that i get to be out of school to celebrate his life and the change he made in this world. All i have to say is "Erase the Hate"

well sunday was a lounge day basically, i did go over to nates house and worked with his mom to make to looks awesome...thanks michelle!!!

so today i got up at 7a.m. to go over to the marinis to go babysit...ember was coming home this afternoon but joe had to go back to i was the filler! Well the boys are in love "addicted" to the wii...and yes i have to strangle a wii remote just to be able to play one game of super mario brothers....but i did succeed and i ended up losing or dying should i say so ha...i guess theres the irony of my life!

but i was productive while i was over there...i read my book for english ...only 20 PAGES to ya..if this dang headache of mine would go away i might be able to focus on the last couple of pages so i can write my book report on it !!!!

well afterwards my mom and i went to the dress store, A Formal Choice (the mormon store) but they have all varieties of dresses there for anyone....but i can officially say I HAVE FOUND MY PROM DRESS....funny thing is it wasn't even one that i picked out to try on, ya the lady knows me pretty well and she went over and picked it out. but not to reveal anything about it (i want to keep it a secret for the big reveal) which is in May but just a little hint...i will look like a princess :)

alrighty heading off for the night!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


alrighty so first off...i would of written yesterday but my internet decided to go capute....:( so hence the late blog...

SOOOOO friday was our MLK and believe me once second period rolled around ( we got out of third period to go rehearse) i was freaking out and SUPER the advanced drama kids were putting on a skit about the Laramie Project, so its a really touchy subject (about a homosexual individual) and so i was really nervous as to how the kids would react to such a production and OH YA lucky me got to go first in front of the ENTIRE ya pressure much?!?!?! lol...but it all worked out...and oh ya a special thanks to my mom and bro. lee for coming and supporting me, it meant a lot... :)

so friday night :) so nate and i went out to Applebee's, 2 for $ score! got mozarella sticks for appetizzer and i got the bacon cheeseburger and nate got the FIRE pit burger (thought i would add the emphasis on that one...haha)

then afterwards we went to the puyallup south hill mall and walked around and checked out the different stores. man i found a guy that likes shopping ( did i score or what??? )
then we went to Jack in the Box and I got a oreo shake and nate got a strawberry~mango smoothie..boy was that good!
then we headed to his house to watch...dun dun me bond, james bond...haha die another day....good movie..lots of action i liked it!!

so today i woke up at 7 a.m. so i could head over to the church to watch my man play basketball...ya thats true love that i would get up at 7 on a saturday when my game wasn't til ten...ya boy!
well the boys won their game...woot woot..the girls had a different after a tied game and two overtimes my team had officially won the game and then the other coach decided that it wasn't fair that we didn't have our whole team there or something like that so instead we both got a double forfeit since we both weren't there at the top of the hour when it was supposed to start...LAME
so next time we play them its GAME ON!

so then afterwards i went home and took a well deserved shower and hung around the house watching one of those intense Lifetime movies....ya something about an abduction and the guy wanting to kill his wife for another woman...sameo sameo right???? but still interesting :p

then my mom and i went to the Lakewood towne center and shopped for a bit and hung out and had a great time!

so ya tonight is still a mystery as to what will happen....haha i told nate its my turn to pick the movie...hmm i'm thinking a chick flick!!!!

tune in to see what it was......

Thursday, January 14, 2010


so last night for our church activity i got to play chef ;-P well more like the whole youth got to but hey its my blog so ill talk about me...ha!
Ya we had a competition between the boys and girls and had to cook bean and cheese tortillas and make chips....oh and some guac.....

well i helped make it so i can officially say i can cook...or at least munch on the food while heather or esther cooks...haha

alrighty so i went to our schools wrestling match tonight....awesome job from our pats....although we lost we fought a good battle...cassie was a beast and steven pinned his no time at all....

OK going to bed...have to perfrom in our assembly tomorrow so better get a goods nights rest!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the 13 of the 1st month

so this is a special day in the Heffron family....or at least in my life, today was the day my BIG bro was born.....To a brother who let me tag along when i was a squirt ( i still am height wise :p) and put up with me when i wanted to hang with him and his friends and play nerf guns or go on the trampoline rather than play barbies by myself. I wish you the BEST!! you are an amazing brother and even though you have almost been gone away from me for two years i feel as if i have in all honesty gotten closer to you while you have been gone....funny how that works out huh?

well enough of just kidding....but no seriously on to my day...

alrighty so since i found out i got accepted to NAU last night of course i had to go and brag about it to everyone i saw....its a REALLY cool feeling to know that a COLLEGE would want ME to come and learn from their reality its just the fact that they want my money (but hey a girl can dream can't she????)

SO i have come to learn through experience that slamming your thumb in the door (even on accident) is not a great way to start off your day.....good thing i had two substitutes today which helped keep my spirits was just one of those days...i mean its ONLY wednesday goodness!!!!! could this week go any slower???

so my mom is out donating plasma tonight so hmmm what to do for dinner??? that is a good question...haha well i am going to be an "ADULT" and not have cereal...OR leftovers...i know hmm do i go out on a limb and cook something or should i stick to the good old microwave???

tune in later to find out what i did :P

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


so this one is going to be SUPER short but I just wanted to write and say that I got another acceptance letter today..... :0 From .....drum roll please......brrrrrrrrrr

Northern Arizona University!!!!!

Alrighty off to bed I go...

And to all a good night!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan. 11. 2010

Wow so its officially the first time i have written 2010 full out, creepy...only a little over five months til I graduate-YIKES!

well today during school I got a major ear ache, not sure if its a ear infection or not...waiting til my mom gets home to check it out BUT no worries....i got my chewable aspirin to dull the pain til then :)

well after school i had intended to go running but thanks to this wonderful state i live in, it poured all day so i had to resort to working out in my living room instead...not too bad but not as refreshing as running in the fresh open air....but hey its a workout all the same...right?

alrighty well thats about my day....kinda lame, but hey its monday....not too much good can happen lol.....well off to do my Ap Calc homework....and work on my four page paper for civics...curse that C.B.A....ugh but i have to write it in order to graduate.....:/

laterz :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Alrighty so started off the new year hanging out with my boyfriend, then i got to spend the entire day with my mom we hung out and went and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2....pretty good movie! I was happy to see it!

So i've decided there is no use trying to catch up from August so I am just going to start now, and most of you already know whats happened since then anyways and if ya dont....ya better get to contacting me so we can catch up!!!!

Had a basketball game today and had a blast, our team works really well with one another. We know how to work around our defenders and score some baskets...(the point of the game :P) ....i went up for my three pointer and accidently had crossed the line so it only counted as two points...but i am glad that i got my arm back....or partially, i did have a bit of a rough spot for awhile there when we were playing!

Went out and got my hair cut today and eyebrows waxed...always a good but ya i like it...not too big of a difference from what i had but its clean and to come later...dont worry :)

Until i write again :)