Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nathaniel Russell Schott's farewell

July 11, 2010

Today was Nate's farewell...it started off like the usual talking at church. His younger siblings and cousins sang "I hope they call me on a mission" after his father and Grandpa Schott talked and then Nate gave a small talk contrary to what he had prepared but it was still good nonetheless. Then for the closing song all the boys who have attended Camp Helaman sang "The Army of Helaman" and asked the congregation to join in on the last verse. Afterwards the family all went back to the Schott's household to have lunch and get ready for his open house. The open house was from 2-4 and all of his friends and family stopped by and came to wish him the best. Around 5:30 we all left to head to the Stake Center where Nate became an official missionary. After that I said goodbye-for two years....it was really weird to fall asleep that night knowing I won't physically see him til July of 2012...but he has been called to the San Antonio Texas Mission (spanish speaking) and I know he is going to have a blast not only in the MTC but also in his mission area. I wish him the best of luck and I know that he is going to be an awesome missionary- he is such a great individual and is so focused on serving the Lord, I have no doubt he will be fantastic!

July 4th

Well July 4th started out with church seeing as it was sunday and all so I had to take a picture of my outfit..my mom said i looked like the "all American girl". After church my mom and I ran out to my grandparents house to visit my grandma...we helped her out for a bit and then had lunch and then came back home. Nate came to pick me up for our 4th of July adventure...we headed back to his house to hang out with his family and have dinner before we headed out to a school in puyallup to set off some of our own fireworks before we watched the big ones go off...the night was fantastic, mireya (his little sister) and I went to the field and ran around and did cart wheels for a bit..we munched on some cheetos and m&ms...and then watched a fantastic firework show. After the show we went back to their house and Nate and I decided to watch the Scorpion King...so we hung out downstairs and watched the movie...Awesome 4th!

This was funny, Nate was trying to tell me not to worry about fixing my hair for the photo and my mom snapped the shot...ya cute face eh?

There we go....both smiling at the camera!

Mireya and Kendahl Cute Mireya

Mireya and Kendahl in our jackets

Mireya loves her some cheetos...and look its her daddy behind her!

Nate & Mireya

He's in the hood!

Nate was swinging Mireya around and she tried to walk afterwards...didn't work out so well haha...too cute!

I love this picture even if I got Mireya's arm in it, but it actually kinda makes it look cool..

I'm only lucky to get him to pose for a photo once....so ya the second attempt got him-he just isn't looking at me....oh well...he looks good either way!

i woke him up from laying on my shoulder to take this photo...hehe i'm just mean like that :p

A firework! ( just in case you couldn't guess)

My weekend with Jenna

Well i had promised Jenna to a fun night out...but thanks to clashing schedules it didn't work out the weekend we had planned but it worked out the next weekend :)...i picked her up friday evening and we swung by Little Caesars to pick up the pizza and the breadsticks...then back to my house to paint our nails. We then went to Wendy's to get frosty's for not only us but Jenna came up with the idea of taking some over to the Schott's house to give them some...so off we went. After visiting for a bit Jenna and I went back home to watch Say Yes to the Dress and to do our hair :) she then fell asleep and i was soon to follow. The next morning my mom and I took her to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D....i thought it was a really good movie...she seemed to enjoy it. After the movie we headed to Hair Masters to go and get my hair cut...I had waited til Nate got home from vacation to do it and the time was here...so Jenna watched as my hair got cut and styled....and i love it! Its short and easy to care for...and really cute!

We did her hair and make up...don't worry it was just glitter!

Kendahl and Jenna

after we both had bumps in our hair!

---After my hair cut----

Emily's Graduation Party

One of the best things about graduating is being able to go around to all my friends house's who graduated too and go and catch up. My mom and I were able to go to my best friend Emily's house and go and catch up with Uncle Roy and Aunt Lori!

Uncle Roy always makes fun of my height...

The graduated seniors

Mom and Emily

Kendahl and aunt Lori & Aunt Lori and Mom

Emily's cake...she is heading off to the Culinary school in Colorado so this is her cake....saying GOODBYE Emily!

Mom & Kendahl

Emily & Aunt Lori

Emily blowing out the candles on her cake..and she did it!

Officially Graduated

So i woke up early on tuesday morning to go to my high school and pick up my diploma..hence the tired look on my face...but i was really excited to go and get it! So here it is...i finally have the certificate stating I have graduated from Washington High School :)

Graduation Party

Graduation Party

Joe and Garrick.....And cute Kenzie

Kendahl & Mom

My two cakes....my goodluck at college and my congratulations one

Family eating lunch Mom cutting up my cake

Jaxson enjoying lunch

Ember holding brooklyn while kenzie gave kisses & Jenna, Shawna, and Kendahl

Perfect shot of jenna.... James and Kendahl

Dempsey and LeeAndra

Aly and Michelle...the twins

Caught in the act of smiling seeing as they hate their photos taken i say success!

Dad cooking Mom chatting with the Quigley's

My attempt at taking our photo with my sisters big Nikon