Saturday, May 26, 2012

Portland adventure! 5.26.2012

Mom and I decided to take an adventure to Portland, Oregon for the beginning of our memorial day weekend :D We woke up, headed out and grabbed some Jack in the Box breakfast jacks-so good! Then hit the open road... :D two hours of road, jamming to music, and some much needed girl talk we made it to the BEA-U-TIFUL Portland Oregon Temple! I've never been so I was super excited! We felt a bit out of place wearing our jeans and flip flops (reminder to pack a skirt next time!) but it did create some funny moments when people thought we were investigators, we got an awesome tour of the visiting center there-it is WAY high tech...they have a machine where the Book of Mormon is read to you in whatever language of book you choose. Ya scared me to death when I opened it up and a voice came from no where and started talking to me in Cambodian lol!

Then we walked around the temple grounds-saw 6 different wedding parties so of course we had to check them out a bit lol! Then we took some photos of our own! That temple is gorgeous :)

After we went to Chipotle-my mom was a nubbie!!! So I introduced her to their amazing burrito! Then we hit up the Portland mall-time to shop...TAX FREE baby!!! oh ya we went wild! ;)
This mall is huge-they have an ice skating rink right in the MIDDLE of the how cool is that lol!!!!

I loved this little adventure :) Great way to kick off our memorial day weekend! I love you mommie-thanks for a great time!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Discovery Park 5.21.2012

Sometimes we drive ourselves to FHE...
sometimes we go after the group has already left..
sometimes we get lost..
but sometimes we end up at the end point and get to wait for the group to come by having our own dance party ( I think that was WAY better than a hike anyways lol)

Tessa and I got to rock out to our jams...get a few weird stares from park goers lol and then direct the group to the lighthouse once they arrived. We got to munch on some trail mix-yummy!
Our Discovery Park adventure was just that-an adventure-we went through like 6 states to get there (no lie-each street was named a different state lol!) Oh man...Tessa time is the best time :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ward Campout 5.18-19.2012

Snow+sleds+hot coco+s'mores+late night charades+early morning ice sledding+ Priesthood making breakfast+women having to help them out =AN AMAZING CAMPOUT!

I was nervous to see how a co-ed campout with our singles ward was going to go but man it was epic! We started off with getting lost on our way up there (classic Tessa & Kendahl move lol) then we had some amazing food for dinner (pasta with Sis Bean's homemade sauce-the Bishop's wife is THE best!) then we went outside for some sledding, started out at a bunny hill then a few of us left for a bigger thrill. We found the hill of death (serious-if you didn't stop at the right time off the cliff you would go!!!!) What is life without a bit of adventure-right??? haha
Once it got too dark to keep going we stopped (so we are somewhat sensible lol) and headed to the fire to warm up and make some s'mores. Chris taught us the "proper" way of making s'mores-you need to melt the chocolate as well...after a few attempts (he kept losing the chocolate in the fire lol) he made a delicious s'more that I got to enjoy :) I'm a fan of melted chocolate lol!

After that we went inside and played some banana-grams...hilarious! I saw the competitive side of my Bishop which was awesome! We laughed so hard during that game! :D
Then we made up some hot coco and played some late night charades...makes it really funny once its past 1 a.m. lol Then we sorted out and went to bed. For Tessa, Emily, and I our bedroom ended up being a walk-in closet lol. We were the last to sleep so our original spot had been taken so we crashed in there for only a few hours because our alarm went off at 6 to head outside so we could go sledding again! This time though everything had frozen over so it was all ice and super fast! Super crazy too-oh and boy did it hurt to fall off lol. OUCH!

Breakfast time came next-the men were in charge of it...but that failed quickly so the women stepped in a bit to help it run a bit smoother ;) Then we learned a new game called 10,000-you play it with dice and try to hit 10,000...but super fun and we added twists to make it more competitive ;) After that we cleaned up and headed home :( Such a fun night that went by way too quickly! But it was a blast! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pinewood Derby 5.10.2012

Do you have the need....the need for SPEED???? We do :D
Carole, Tessa, and I did that is for sure!!!
One late night we started carving our car using a Swiss Army knife-yes you just read that right, we didn't have any tools and we met this guy named Kevin after his Institute class who said he had one in his car so we borrowed his-got to meet an awesome guy during our 2 hour chipping away at the car lol!

The next night we discovered Tessa's exacto knife worked a bit better and it helped shape it into the way we Tessa had designed it lol Then we got to paint our lovely car which we had decided to name it Carly Rae -yes after the song Call Me Maybe-we love to jam out to that song in the car! We created lightning bolts on the sides with numbers (going along with our calling theme lol) -we even included our own numbers in them lol..we are dorks!

Carole decided to sponsor us (she had WAY too much money in her food account) so she bought a bunch of donations and we ended up winning the top prize -$50 dollars to Pizza Hut HECK YES!!!

So we decided with our winnings we would throw a pizza party at Gas Works with some friends! It was super fun-everyone brought drinks or chips and we brought the 5 pizzas lol and we ended up playing some Ultimate Frisbee and then watched the sunset then sat around telling stories from our past! Super chill yet amazing night! :D

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Brooklyn turns 2!!!! May 5.2012

My blue bug eyed beauty is 2! I can't believe it-just the other day I was graduating from high school and welcoming this precious little girl into the world and now look at her all grown up! Not a baby anymore!
I got to fly down to Utah to be apart of Brooklyn's birthday party-The Hungry Caterpillar! My sister is so creative-all the food went with the days from the book and the cupcakes looked like a caterpillar...oh can't forget the art and craft project of making your own caterpillar! It was super fun! :D

This little girl is spoiled and loved by all! She is such a cutie-it is hard not to love her :D I love being her Aunt and being able to celebrate with her! Brooklyn I love you to the moon and back! :D-Auntie K

I love being an Aunt

From squeezing hugs to messy kisses being Auntie K is always full of surprises and laughter! Thanks to Brittany and John for giving me such two amazing blessings in my life. I have loved spending time with these two little tykes-they are so dang cute!!! I got to fly down to Utah this weekend to celebrate that little girls 2nd birthday-don't worry there will be a post about that too. I can't believe its been two years already-they are getting so big and making me feel so old lol!  I love you kiddos! -Auntie K