Wednesday, March 30, 2011

6 MONTHS....March.29.2011

HAPPY 1/2 BIRTHDAY to ME!!!!! In Six months I will be turning 20----adios teen years and HELLO "adulthood" *not officially an "adult" till I get to add a number to the end of twenty* but hey its one more closer eh? Just wanted to say Happy 1/2 Birthday :D Hope everyone is having a terrific day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Quarter March.28.2011









Institute Committees


SOC 270

SOC 270





ESS 101

GUG 220

ESS 101

GUG 220

ESS 101


Kane 130

Till 11:20

Kane 130

Till 11:20

Kane 130


Pol S 201 Ai

Pol S 201 Ai

SOC 270 AE


Pol S 201

BNS 115

Pol S 201

BNS 115

PAA A 214


ARC 147

Institute class

ARC 147

Institute Class


Till 1:20


Till 1:20



ESS 101




JHN 162


Till 3:20



Institute Class

Ready or not spring quarter is here...and underway (not sure if that is a good thing or not-TBD). Well here is my schedule for the next ten weeks of my life-i can't believe in ten weeks I will be done with my first year of college and it will be summer!!!! :D So I suppose I should translate what this says so you can know what classes I am taking (because I am sure everyone is dying to know lol) So first off is EES (geology) this class is going to be a blast! First off i am taking it with my roommate Carlye (she is AWESOME!) and secondly the professor is fantastic, he isn't one of those professors who just stands and talks to the class he gets into the audience and talks with us :) Next class is Pol S (political science) this is going to be my butt kicker class, ya the teacher is basically borderline insane and he is really harsh (according to my TA who i met with today and she seems really nice and helpful (thank goodness!) ) I am excited for the challenge but I think I may have pulled out a few strands of hair by the end of the quarter. lol!
SOC 270 (Sociology) Ok so this is going to be neck in neck with geology for my favorite school class (institute is in its own category lol). Geology might win because it will probably be less work lol but this class was pretty awesome today-the teacher is pretty chill and we are going to be talking about social problems so it should make for an interesting quarter :)
institute class i chose for this quarter is Book of Mormon 3 (in the day)....I have a few friends in that class which should make it pretty awesome & I love institute so it will definitely be great!
OH and I am taking the evening class with Tessa which makes it most certainly awesome :D
Hoppy Spring to you all (seeing as I missed that too-oops!) Hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not one but two.... March.24.2011

This week was amazing...Spring break was a definite success :) got to visit with family and catch up with people I haven't seen for a while :) I flew in Tuesday night and got letter uno from Elder Schott then wrapped up the week with letter dos from him! Great way to end the week if I do say so myself!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mowed Lawn :) March. 23.2011

Spring break from a college kids perspective: sleeping, watching tv, sleeping, eating, did I mention sleeping?
Sprink break from a mothers perspective: write up a list of stuff for me to do while I am home....HA!
So yesterday I woke up and got out the mower from the shed (it had been a few months since I've seen that old friend haha) and I met up with my neighbors and we tackled three lawns! Call me weird but I really find mowing the lawn not only fun but cool-making designs in grass is pretty sweet! Usually I make a K and then go from there or I will make diagonals so it will look cooler but since I was working on three I had to be time effective and I did it sideways so I could just go straight into the neighbors yard too haha :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lunch and Shopping with Cricket! March.22.2011

Good morning...One of my favorite traditions is the one I have with my step mom Cricket that we go to lunch and go shopping whenever I come down! She woke me up on her way to get gas so I took my shower & curled my hair :)
We wanted to beat the lunch rush so we decided to hit Walmart then go to Applebee's for lunch! I stuck with my usual and had a Bacon Cheeseburger-its just too good to pass up lol
We made room for dessert and ended up getting this awesome chocolate chip cookie sundae- you can't go wrong with chocolate and ice cream lol!
Best part of this photo above is that I had just gotten a bloody nose right before they brought it to us so I was super worried to take this photo because I didn't want to get blood all over my was too good to ruin
I would say today was a to have great conversation with an awesome lady, got a new outfit and some make up as well as I had gotten a new purse yesterday! Thank you Cricket for such a fun day!
We went to Kohl's and I got the Capris....went to Maurice's and I got the shirt and shirt that goes over it haha (they call it a vest but that sounds too old for me haha) and I got my makeup from Walmart. Today was a fun day-thanks cricket!

Me VS the Brick...March.21.2011

Carrying in my suitcases yesterday I tried to be cool and run around the car to grab my suitcase. Well me VS the brick...the brick won and even brought blood to the battle :/ Thank heavens for band-aids...i even got cool ones with neosporin already in it :) ya i'm a dork lol I know!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dinner Date with my dad! March. 21.2011

My dad was at work today so he let my sister drop me off and let me have his car-Thanks Dad! Its so nice to not be trapped inside the house and being able to drive around and visit people! Oh and then hit traffic because 90th had the power out! Well I went to pick my dad up and he took me out to Cafe Rio (yup again-i love that place!) for was nice to have some time to catch up and chit chat! Thanks dad for the awesome dinner & conversation!

Visit to Nate's Grandparents March.21.2011

Today I went over to Nate's Grandparents house to catch up and chat! Its been about three months since I have seen them so it was nice to catch up and gossip about Nate lol. I love these guys, they are some of the sweetest people I have met!

Grandpa & Grandma Schott were so fun to talk to that I spent a little over two hours with them :) And may I say that I loved every minute of it!

Cuddle Buddie March. 19.2011

Jaxson is such a cuddler! In this picture his dad was sleeping and he went and laid down next to him and cuddled-it was SO cute! His dad had been at work and Jaxson had been at school so they hadn't seen each other so it was one of those "ahh" moments...such a cute little kid!
This picture was taken earlier that morning after he had come down to wake "auntie K" up...people just don't like to sleep in here in Utah haha! After he woke me up he got down and cuddled with me-ah that little boy is so cute!

Tucanos March.19.2011

So for all of you who don't live in Utah or who have never been to Tucanos let me fill ya in a bit on how it works (this was my first time so they told me all the info!) Basically you pay a flat rate for all you can eat meat & salad bar (which really wasn't a salad bar but more like everything else that goes with meat: pasta, rice, fruit, & well ya there was salad there too.)

So the workers walk around with sticks like up above carrying meat around-at each table there is little colored sticks that tell whether you want to have them bring it to you or not (flip it to green for food and red for if you are taking a break or if you are done) Believe it or not ladies and gents I tried every single food that came by (shocking i know, I'm not a big meat fan!) But some of them were turkey wrapped in bacon-amazing! The picture of me eating is actually of a chicken heart-yup they have those there too so I had to try it & my mom wanted to get proof of me doing it....tasted like chicken ;p The best part of this place is the grilled pineapple-yup they grill it & then bring it out to you & it just melts in your mouth! I would say I am a fan of Tucanos-I kinda like meat now haha!

Provo Beach Resort 3.19.2011

Well we wanted to go out to Tucanos for lunch on Saturday but its a really popular place so we had to wait an hour so we decided to kill time by going over and playing on rides, trying to win gift cards, and watching people surf & fake surfing!

Jaxson loves the carousel. Brooklyn-not so much but it was fun to watch them go around & around & around (ok i think you get it lol)

Then we found this perfect photo taking we got the kids on there to take a photo of them & then I hopped on with my nephew and we hung loose ;P

looking out 20,000 feet from the ground! March.16.2011

*Warning: if you are scared of heights then you might not want to look at these photos* Because these photos were taken at the top of altitude :) The sunset was so pretty that I just had to capture it & it was somewhat early so I tried to get a shot of the city life down below!

Yup I sit by the wings :)

This sunset was BE-A-U-TIFUL! I so had to get a picture of it :) It is so cool to think that I was coasting through the clouds on my way to Utah! The invention of the airplane is one of my top favorite inventions!

Friday, March 18, 2011

This is why i LOVE being an AUNT March.18.2011

They scream and throw tantrums and make ya want to pull your hair out....your head throbs from all the noise. Then....

They smile.
And melt your heart :)
Brooklyn is adorable and now has toofies (yup talking baby talk) and she will only show her bottom teeth....she thinks its so funny to keep it away from us!
They find the cutest things while shopping-Brooklyn picked out this headband so we just had to get a photo.. *my sis is pretty cute too*
Then there is Jaxson...this boy-oh i LOVE him...he had me wrapped around his finger from day one! We went to Barnes and Noble tonight and Britt told me he would show me where the train set was to play with in kiddie land-she wasn't lying! He walked to the kid section weaving in and out of aisles but never getting lost (i was SUPER impressed) then we played with trains :)

His shirt made me laugh and since the camera cut it off I'll write it for ya... "Are sisters really necessary?" hahaha

Happy Birthday Mom March.18.2011

Can't believe its your birthday-feels like just yesterday you were 29 ;) Mommie I love you, there is no words I can express that will be able to describe how amazing you are and how much you have influenced my life. We have had so many awesome times throughout my life and I am so grateful for all of the memories!

I want to wish you a FANTASTIC birthday and I hope that you enjoy your day...which I am sure you will since we are in Utah and you get to be with your kids and grandkids!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day 3.17.2011

Woke up this morning to my cute nephew and niece-ah I love it! Seeing as it is the day for green we decorated cupcakes with green icing!
My mom and Jaxson after they made their cupcakes!
Jaxson and I-ya I look scary early in the morning after I get up...
Decorating cupcakes :)
Before Jaxson went to school I snapped this photo of Britt (my sis), Jaxson, & Brooklyn
Jaxson and Brooklyn got green shirts from Grammie Lis for St.Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finals Relief March.14.2011

My two best friends while I am up late at night and my roommates are off to sleep-Vitamin water (lemonade flavor) and my ipod (a college kids best friend!). These two things keep me kicking throughout the late hours of the night in order to finish up the writing portion for my dang art final-one more day and that class will be over FOR GOOD! I will be SO excited to turn that final in! Tomorrow is devoted to studying for sociology-ugh is it SPRING BREAK YET?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day & 8 months :) 3.14.2011

I think I get my mathiness (yup just made that a word) from my dad but hey who wouldn't want to eat a delicious piece of pie on pi day?!?! I do! & the institute just happened to have a dessert waiting for me when I got there and boy was it scrumptious!
Today also marks 8 months of Elder Schott :) Last week they had transfers and he is a dad in the mission now (his words not mine haha) but the guy in the middle of this photo is his greenie companion (Elder Loveland from Preston Idaho) who he gets to teach now! And the guy on the left is Elder Berg who trained Elder Schott so that was awesome that they all got to meet up! ( Elder Berg and his thumbs up thing and he's got the greenie doing it too lol makes me laugh!) I love getting photos from him!
So my calender is slowly creeping its way to the year mark-I WILL reach that top of the temple...I am determined!
Figured since I have this awesome camera on my camera I could use it and get all crafty with how I held up his sign-8 fingers...haha I'm a dork but he loves me & I love him! Keep up the great work Elder Schott!
P.s. Last week's letter had a whole page where he bore his testimony to me (this time in English not in Spanish haha)! He is growing so much its amazing to watch it happen!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Facials March.11.2011

Green aliens have invaded my room...haha just kidding! Electra decided we should do facials to go along with our girls night! So she brought over her face stuff and off she went applying it to us making us go green (well Carole did a moisturizing one so her's was clear which is why her face isn't green!)

Tessa said "what up?" hahaha-she is awesome!

I really like using it is basically my new favorite thing...its bigger than my camera so i can get more people into the photos! and it has a distortion button which makes for some funny photos!