Saturday, February 26, 2011

Epic Adventures of Tessa & I Feb. 25. 2011

Oh my heck-I love this girl! Tessa came over last night and I needed to return my ink at Walgreens so we walked the five blocks to get there. In the dark :/. and the cold (brr face lol) but we made it :) And then we went to the ocho (cafeteria a.k.a. the eight) and we got fish sticks-ya they totally cheap shotted us with the fish sticks, usually they're big pieces and as you can tell these were not so much. Shrimps ;)
And then there was the tots-you can never go wrong with the tots :) We had a blast making Napoleon Dynamite references during dinner-don't tell me you never do that?
Then we came back and watched "Say Yes to the Dress" -ya we are addicted to that show but honestly how could you not be?!?!?
We were kind of on a wedding high from that show so we started looking up dresses online, then songs to use as our first dance songs, then it turned into looking for wedding shoes, then wedding flowers lol It was a blast...I haven't laughed that hard in so long-thank you Tessa I had a blast!

Hangers? Feb. 25. 2011

Welcome to my third Art project-yes we are making hangers...and here is the real kicker they are going to be made out of cardboard! These photos are just my prototypes that I had to turn in for the first critique this week. Ya first two projects had to deal with photography and type which made sense with the design that is part of my art class, but cardboard hangers-really? Ya the whole class thinks its a bit weird but hey gotta do it anyways right? (sadly yes) so here are a few of my first ideas, the goal of the project is to be able to hang a coat on them afterwards-if the coat stays on you pass, if not...well you know :(

Visit from Rasler and JJ Feb. 25. 2011

Having one class on Friday makes for an awesome time for friends to come and visit me :)
Today Angela (Rasler) and Justin (JJ) came up to UW to visit me! We went to grab drinks at Starbucks (busiest Starbucks in the world according to JJ lol-lots of college kids studying!) gotta love me some peppermint hot coco! Then we walked around Uvillage (shopping mall near my school) and chit chatted...good thing we had our warm drinks because brrr was it chilly outside! Then I treated them to my favorite place on campus (Freshens) to get smoothies and we walked around campus and I showed them a few campus is ridiculously huge so we could only see so much. It was definitely a fun afternoon-thank you guys so much for driving up to see me :) We will have to do it again soon!

Carlye(he) Feb. 25. 2011

The toys and knick nacks you discover at Carlye's bro's house (Michael) haha. Carlye went over to feed his cats while he out in Florida watching the shuttle launch (haha funny blonde moment from yours truly-Carlye and I were watching the launch on tv and I turned to her and say "where is that going"-meaning its location is space and Carlye looks at me and bursts out into laughter and responds with "well its a space shuttle kenneth (her nickname for me) so its going to go to space!" hahaha love my roommate) Anywho she brought this little gadget back that is a mustache on a necklace and then you put the necklace behind your ears and *poof* you have a mustache! What made this even funnier is the fact she wore it to the concert she went to last night and some guy wanted it from her...she was like dude no its mine haha love her!

Friday, February 25, 2011

5 Days till 500! Feb. 24. 2011

Thought I would try out my webcam for this sorry if its bad!
anywhoo-5 days till 500 days left :) Definitely made my night last night to find that out! I love my missionary!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hannah Montana Feb. 23. 2011

Midterms suck. Nothing really nice to say about them lol-they take away your sleep, give ya zits from stressing, and make you stare at your textbooks for too many hours just to get a passing grade! Well as I was reading for my Nursing midterm which was today (I think I did pretty good -*keeping fingers crossed though*) I turned the page and I see a picture of Hannah Montana as an example of adolescent sexuality! Ya it totally made me giggle! (slightly childish I know) But it was funny that they used her as an example I mean come on has she even held a guys hand? If ya want to use an example at least make it one thats legit (yes I just used that word)....MTV would've been better lol :p

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm freakin speakin spanish! Feb. 23. 2011

What better to do while sitting in my Art class for two hours listening to some guy talk about industrial design (i think?) than sit and text Tessa in spanish-NOTHING of course! Oh my my this girl I just love her! She knows exactly what to say (usually from her "utahan" lingo) to make me giggle, smile, then say "oh Tessa"! It was very interesting texting to her while teaching her spanish at the same time-that takes some impressive skills (as Tessa and I would say Ninja skills-go ahead and hate lol ;p) But now my awesome friend over here now can say a few phrases in Spanish...I sadly only have two years from my fresh & soph years of HS under my belt but I really want to learn more (might have something to do with the fact a certain boy of mine is speaking it on his mission) but I really do love speaking spanish...It was a very entertaining afternoon and I thank Tessa for it! I love freakin speakin spanish ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Best Picture-thus far! Feb. 21. 2011

Ladies and is THE day-I got to fill in my last circle on the left side of the temple :) Man I can't believe I finally made it here-there were times when I thought I wouldn't make it but here I am!!! Now only half a column more and it will be day 365!!!! Woot Woot!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My new kicks Feb. 19. 2011

What better way to spend you night than shopping for some new shoes?!?! lol I LOVE shoes (especially flip flops but its not summer yet so sneakers will have to do) I also love coupons-Payless had a 40% of coupon that I was more than happy to spend :) I went in and didn't exactly know what I wanted till I came upon these sneakers...I was wearing my black ones at the time (flat as heck-no support) which I have had for about two+ years. I tried these ones on and man do they feel good and as an added bonus they have the "stride n tone" thing so my lower half will actually benefit from walking all over UW's hills now :) What made me even happier was that they were on sale (only way to shop)! So I got these shoes that were originally 30bucks that were on sale for $19.99 for only $13-ya boi :) I was a happy camper! p.s. they are my school colors too (hard to tell in the picture but they have purple on them :) )

Swim Time Feb. 19. 2011

Today I went swimming with Craig, Jenna, and Natasha-jenna had some friends there as well (jessica & anna). It was Natasha's first time going off the diving board-which was exciting ( i love cannon balls!) Then after wards we went to go grab ice cream-what goes better with 40 degree weather than ice cream (I sure don't know lol) Natasha and Jenna got cones (the cone was bigger than Jenna lol) then Craig and I got milkshakes which they forgot about so we had to go up and ask for haha that was awkward lol overall I would say that my Saturday was great :) Thanks for the awesome company!

Mommie's surprises Feb. 18. 2011

Walked into my room after an exhausting week ready to crash and I found this on my bed! Wow I love my MOMMIE! Not only did she make me a Valentine card she also went to the store before the chocolate went on sale and got me my all time favorites-OREO' really can't go wrong with OREO's :) I had Natasha over Friday night to chill and we watched Say Yes to the Dress (yes i'm addicted) and we munched on OREO's :) Thank you mommie for always being there for me and loving me-I love you more than words can describe!

Roommate LOVE Feb. 14. 2011

Welcome to college+my lack of creativity....makes for some sad Valentine's Day cards :/ (sorry gals) But the words inside did truly come from my heart. Each of you girlies mean a lot to me-you've helped make my freshie year one to remember! Love you all :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Johnny! Feb. 17.2011

To my wonderful bro in law-Happy Birthday!
Another year older to become another year wiser :) I can't believe how far you have come since I first met you. You have made my sister one lucky/ happy gal! You have helped bring two adorable kids into this world-who i love and get can't enough of! You have served our country in Iraq and now serve the state. I love how you know how to have fun-Just dance 2 and the michael Jackson experience were hilarious this past christmas but I have had many fun times with you! I wish you the best this year and I hope you have an amazing birthday :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Mireya Feb. 16. 2011

I honestly cannot believe it has been a year since Mireya turned 5 (where did the time go?!?!?) I remember going over to her house and celebrating her 5th birthday and look at that she is 6 today! Mireya is Nate's little sister (for all who were wondering) and she is adorable! She loves to give hugs and cuddle (that runs in the Schott blood lol)! She has a very creative mom who designs adorable flowers and outfits so she is always looking cute! I had to use this photo because she was so cute here-I took her to go get her nails done and then out for ice cream when I came home for winter break. We went to DQ for ice cream and I asked for a cup to put the cone in and she was like "i don't need the cup! I am a big girl and won't spill!" I got her one anyways and when we sat down at the table guess what? yup she spilled lol she looked up at me and said "oops" it was hilarious :) I love this little girl (can't say little for too much longer because is going to out grow me here shortly). Happy Birthday Mireya! Hope you enjoy your day!

College Bunk Beds. Feb. 16. 2011

So my theory is if I go on a rant and vent about what is bothering me here then my bad mood will leave and that today will be a better day than yesterday...we shall see how this goes. So my victim of today (evil laugh) is the college bunk bed, mine however is a lot nicer looking then this with my mattress pad (thanks to the Quigley's for giving that to me for my birthday-because those sad excuse for a mattress they give us is pathetic and sucks (to be blunt)!) and my comforter (which is reversible with two different shades of green :p) BUT no matter how "cute" ya make the dang thing it still is a pain in the rear! I had a horrible night of sleep last night which is odd because I worked out right before I went to bed, didn't stretch as long as I should've because I woke up with my calf in pain this morning (not the nicest wake up calls there is out there) and last night as I laid in bed trying to put my mind at ease with thoughts of Nate and I so that I could finally get some sleep-it made me miss him so much more (yesterday was not a good day) So to make this long story a little bit shorter (sorry to those reading this) horrible night of sleep + missing Nate = Not a good morning for Kendahl....sigh...on the bright side it is Wednesday which means I don't have class till 11:30 and we are halfway through the week! Happy Hump Day everyone-we can make it to friday!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day & 7 months Feb. 14. 2011

Happy Valentine's Day to my love (and of course to all those who read my blog). Although I do kinda think this day is just for corporations and wanting people to buy things for each other I don't mind participating in telling my other half that I love him...even if he is a few states away! I totally believe in telling the one each day that you love them (call me mushy lol)
But today is not only VDAY but it is also the marking of Elder Schott's 7 months out! I can't believe its been so long-he is growing so much and I absolutely love hearing about it!

Well since he isn't here to take a picture with on Valentine's Day I will have to use last years ( I can't believe its been a year since we went to our first Adult dance) But here you go-funny story behind this photo....I wanted to get all cute and girly and so I did my hair different, I posted this on facebook and my stepmom commented on it and she said that she thought it was someone different next to my man haha guess the different look worked lol. I had a fantastic night with Nate on our date-can't wait to celebrate our first Valentine's together when he gets home :)

Carole's 20th Birthday! Feb. 13. 2011

Happy Birthday to my roommate Carole :) She is no longer a teenager! Carole went to swing dancing Saturday night so I put together her desk decorations and then when she went to bed I stayed up long enough to make sure she was really asleep (she wakes up first so I had to it after she went to bed). I'm not really crafty and being in college kinda doesn't help me with the lack of resources and what not but I did my best! And in the spirit of Valentine's Day we wore red-haha Tessa, Electra, Carole, and I actually ended up wearing red, white, & black it was pretty awesome! Happy Birthday Carole hope you enjoyed your birthday!

Casino Night Feb. 12. 2011

Tonight we had our dorm event-Casino Night with a 1920's theme!
Black Jack, Roulette, Poker and food!
They had mexican cokes (ya the legit ones!) It was a pretty fun evening-they had a photobooth (with props) that we took advantage of lol

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh Electra :p Feb. 12. 2011

Not sure exactly how to describe this but this is what Electra does when I am skyping. Lol I was skyping with Jenna and all of a sudden I looked over and this is what I see! Ya Electra is pretty much awesome-she always knows how to make me laugh :)
I asked if I could get her photo and her answer was "only if I can be dancing" haha. dork.

Sunbeams :) Feb. 11. 2011

Ya Tessa and I are basically trouble makers lol...we went out from the dance to find the water fountain and we spotted some little chairs-yes everyone is thinking "just my height" but it was SO much fun! I love the little chairs and I miss being in Primary :) It was a great ending to our fun night :)

HOT chocolate :/ Feb. 11. 2011

CAUTION: contents WILL BE hot!!!

So this is Allen. Allen is awesome (carefree guy who loves to joke around) well he took his "joking" to another level tonight. So as mentioned before the guys were supposed to make desserts, well Allen found this chocolate that has Ghost Chili in it (the hottest chili on earth) and decided to use that as the chocolate for his chocolate dipped strawberries. He made a beautiful spread of chocolate dipped strawberries mixed with cookies (which I later learned were made with bacon flavored chocolate). So everyone fell in love with his dessert and put their raffle tickets in his bag. Well it ended up going to table 3 but Allen later came up to me and was like "i saved one for you" (me thinking it was a sweet gesture took it) and i said "ah you do like me!" and he replied with a laugh and said "yes i do" so i took a huge bite and then went back and sat at my table and then it HIT man did my mouth go on fire!!!! At first I thought it was just my taste buds acting up since I had consumed way too much food already and they were telling me to stop eating-boy was I wrong!! Ya so I am sitting there dying from this burn and I look to the guy to the left of me and was like "will you try this and see if it tastes funny" he grabbed it and the chocolate got on his fingers and he liked them and he was like "WOW that is HOT" (ya that stuff is that strong and i had a huge chunk of it :/) So i look around and Allen has this smirky grin on his face....grr..
BUT he is a nice guy afterall-he ended up eating the plate he had made out of the chocolate to hold his strawberries as a payback for me :) Ya hence the picture :) After that I forgave him and we turned it into a game trying to get others to try the chocolate lol!

The sweets Feb. 11.2011

So the rule of this event was the boys arrived at 6 with their sweets and the gals came at 6:30 with our canned goods so that we could get our tables & raffle tickets :) Electra and I " strategized so that we could sit at the same table that way we could have 20 tickets instead of ten each (smart huh ;p) Well as you can see from the pictures the desserts were pretty impressive. We ended up winning all three of the desserts we wanted (YAY us-its the picture that has three desserts and the number 6 on it!) After we had our sweets and men (oh ya ;) ) we got dinner that was served by the older adults from the Stake. And then we got to enjoy our desserts and had some awesome conversations! After we had ate WAY too much they put away the tables clearing the area for the dance floor (ya boi!) Man was that dance awesome! I love surprising people with my awesome "gangsta" dance moves haha (i accredit it to going to WHS for high school-yay for "ghetto" schools lol) But ya Steven (aka Butchie) and I showed up everyone on the dance floor with our moves!

Sweet Meet-Decorations Feb. 11. 2011

Ah hearts, kisses, thought bubbles-the sweet meet or should i say "the event formally known as the sweet meet" (that was its real name lol) made for some awesome entertainment. We had helped set up so we were a bit early so after all was up and ready we decided to play around a bit!
1st off Electra wasn't really into the "love" thing as you can tell by the first photo, well at least from Tessa haha
because Electra turned around and tried to purpose to me (with a ring I was already wearing by the way ha!)
then we switched over to the thought whoever invented chalkboard paint is a genius! That was such a fun idea! The story behind the one of Tessa and I is that Tessa always says "oh my heck and goodnight (not like when she is going to bed or leaving but as like a ending point to a debate haha) and my response is always "oh tessa!" :)