Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jump into SUMMER 6.20.2012

June is almost halfway gone and guess what---
I just now did Elder Schott's box (oops lol)
But I did it, had to ask some of my friends for some ideas (man my creativity is starting to get slim here on the last stretch lol)
 The girls helped me come up with some awesome ideas to put in his Jumping into Summer box :)
Jump rope
chap stick
shovel and pail
candy bars
squishy basketballs (usually to be filled with water but soft if they just want to throw them at each other lol)
water guns
missionary talk (spiritual thought)
I wrote on there "toys for the boys" lol 
Hope you guys enjoy it! :D

Marini boys in action 6.20.2012

America's favorite past time???? Baseball of course :D 
I love getting to go and watch my little guys play the game they love!
With the sun shining it made for an amazing day to watch a baseball game :)
Zack is getting so good at baseball-he got all 3 outs in the last inning!! 
Bryce is just starting out t-ball but boy is he eager to play-he runs those bases like nobody's business! ;)
Little Andrew Swift is also on the team so that was awesome to get to see him playing as well :)

Congrats boys on your game-although they don't keep score I am saying you guys won! ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

4% 6.18.2012

Can we just take a minute to zoom in on this picture and notice:
1) percent left-4% SAY WHAT????
2) months to go: 0.97 (oh under 1???)
3)weeks- FOUR-That is nuts!
4) must be crazy! But I'm okay with it ;)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pacis Reception 6.16.2012

May I introduce to you Mr & Mrs Pacis :D
I can't believe Morgan & Chris are now Mr & Mrs!!!!
They are such a cute couple and I am so grateful for the invitation to be apart of their big day!
They got sealed for time and all eternity in the Seattle Temple on Friday morning and then snuck away for a night at a hotel then came back on Saturday to celebrate Island style for their reception!!!
They had performances by some islanders in our stake which was awesome (yup that is Natasha right there-she did a few of the dances!!!) They even got the groom up there to dance for one of them ;)
Morgan's colors were pink and orange -now I'm not usually a fan of pink BUT Morgan made this look adorable and went so great with her personality :D 

Congratulations to Chris & Morgan! I wish you two the best of luck!!! :D

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Relief Society BBQ 6.14.2012

Tonight we got treated-and I mean TREATED by President Hjelm and his lovely wife with their AMAZING grilling tricks :D Now anyone who knows me knows that I am not really a fan of meat we shall say..I have to be in the mood for it to eat it. But BOY oh BOY while he was talking to us about all his marinates and techniques all I was paying attention to was the smell coming off of that grill!!!! SOOOO GOOOODDDD :)
He treated us to 3 types of marinated meats: margarita, rosemary, and a traditional bbq sauce
I must say I think I liked the rosemary one the best-it was so savory!

Then we all grabbed the side dishes we had brought and added some meat to our plate and dug in. I ate my meat first too-BIG DEAL in my book lol! President Hjelm is hired for all my meat cooking needs lol!!! Thank you so much for coming out on your week night to give us ladies some of the tricks of the trade!!! :D

oh and the picture of me with the hat-ya I totally stole that from Steven and he was coming to get it so I snapped the photo before he could ;)

I love letters :D 6.14.2012

today I got my letter early. Perks of being home.
this is my 5th to last letter. WOW.
Only 4 more letters from Texas then I'll be seeing Elder Schott face to face...EEK!!!
I love letters from Elder Schott, he definitely knows how to calm my nerves, make me smile, and gets me excited to see him again here soon :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Joey's Graduation 6.12.2012

Little Joey is not so little anymore-he is graduating on Saturday and heading off to BYU Saturday afternoon so they threw him his graduation party a little bit early! Mom and I headed back to our old neighborhood, (so weird to go back-flashbacks and memories of when I was little always come back...makes me miss those times) found the clubhouse, crossed our fingers it was actually the right place...then saw Joey as we walked closer -phew ;)
Got to catch up a bit with his family which was nice, got treated to a yummy italian soda by his little bro Nick. He was pro at making those, even convinced me to have a second one so I could try his rootbeer/vanilla one -tasted like a rootbeer float :)

Congrats to Joey and best of luck this summer at BYU and we are all excited to hear about your first year and what is to come for you :) Congrats grad of 2012! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Scripture journal complete! 6.11.2012

100 weeks have come and gone.
Each night Nate and I read a chapter in the scriptures and write down thoughts on them.
Each week we send out our notes and swap them.
I've come to the end of my book which means only 4 weeks left!
4 weeks of "regular" paper but I'm A-OK with that ;)
This is coming to an! :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Thai food 6.4.2012

So my co-workers found out I have a secret-
I'm not cultured lol. 
I'm kind of a picky eater-I call it I just like to have a routine but they didn't take that excuse so they took me out and treated me to Thai food :D Caitlin, Kelly & Cynthia (in order of the photo!) are the sweetest ladies :D I took Cynthia's advice and had the chicken one-with only ONE star! Heat + I are NOT good friends lol!
I have to admit I liked stepping out of my box a bit, it was way yummy!
Thank you ladies for convincing me-aka pulling my arm ;) I was so lucky to have you girls to work with! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Institute Graduation 6.2.2012

Today was the big day, I graduated from Institute. WOW. Never imagined this day would happen-didn't expect it to be honest until Sis. Williams asked me about graduation and I found out I could be graduating this June. Well fast forward a few weeks and BAM graduation day! It was a hectic and packed full day, bridal shower, baptism and after prepping the chicken at the Stake Center. Great conversations happen in the kitchen lol. But graduation was a perfect way to end this hectic day, such a spirit filled meeting! Got to enjoy a dinner, listen to some great testimonies and speakers, and then we were able to walk across the podium and receive our diplomas! WE DID IT :) It was so amazing to spend the evening with family and friends :)

The people in the video just in case you don't know is Tessa and I :) We got it taped so we can show our family and friends who weren't able to make it! Enjoy! :D

Shannon's Baptism 6.2.2012

Happy day for my friend Shannon today. 
I got to be apart of her baptism. 
Shannon is amazing, such a spunky personality and lovely to be around. 
I've loved getting to know her and being able to hang out with her throughout this year :) 
Shannon I am so proud of you for choosing to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know it has been a struggle and that you have prayed about it and come to know for yourself that this is true! This gospel is amazing and it can bring you so much joy into your life, as you already know! You have tons of people around you and in your life that will support you in your life.
 Congrats again Shannon! :D 

Maren's Bridal Shower 6.2.2012

This lovely lady is becoming a August! So we had a bridal shower for her before school got out :) I have loved getting to know Maren over the past 2 quarters thanks to being in the same classes :) She is amazing, super smart, and really funny! Her and Jacob (the lucky fella) are SO cute together! Thanks to Maggie for throwing her an awesome party and thinking of me! oh and Maggie came up with the CUTEST idea for gifts-food clever!

Maggie had cute arts and crafts as well-we got to make our own jewelry! Overall such a cute bridal shower. Job well done Maggie and Congrats to Maren and Jacob for their engagement and wedding here soon :)