Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pioneer celebration weekend at Nisqually

we're going blue cause we are losing weight..NOT

To date my mom has lost 27 pounds while i have lost 18 pounds.... :)

Park with Marinis....part one

Park with Marinis..part two

Shopping with the Fa'aleleas

My hands to Natashas
So we were shopping for baseball mitts.....ha compared to them i have super small hands ;)


Natasha and Kendahl

Heather and Kourtney

Kendahl and Natasha's

Natasha...striking a pose!
Heather, Emily, and Holly

Kendahl and Luisa!
those poles in the water were fun to jump off of!

Seini found a grasshopper....

So as a mutual activity two wednesdays ago we went intertubing at American Lake...Oh my! i had a blast...a few battle bruises the next day was totally worth the fun i had!!!!