Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas has arrived!!

Well the countdown has offically begun....Christmas is around the corner...

So we decided to make an early start at this wonderful time of year...and get our house ready on Thanksgiving night after we were all stuffed....i guess you could say we wanted to work off some food to make room for delicious apple pie!!!

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving day has been a blast...

My mom let me sleep in.....much needed...then it was off to the movie theater where we saw Four Christmases...

Then as the turkey roasted we watched the Maceys Thanksgiving Day Parade....

Also we have been catching up on all our favorite christmas movies...

Turkey day was great...and We are stuffed....JUST LIKE THE TURKEY :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Roll Call

Ok so for all of you who have read the blog recently....I am in our schools theater production...and we've had a switch of plans...

We are no longer performing The Boys Next Door, instead we are presenting to our audience sketch comedy. We are taking ideas from Saturday Night Live and making a spoof on Washington High School...[my High school]

So seeing as we have had a change of plans we have decided to move our dates of the play so the new dates are:

January 22 7p.m.
January 23 7p.m.
January 24 2p.m. and 7p.m.

* Times may vary so i will get back and correct them if needed...*

Dance Dance Revolution

So to all those who are sitting on the edge of their seats or to some who might just not know....i tried out for my school's dance team once again this year and just for an extra thing i tried out for the musical theater part also.
And....drum roll please.......
We are performing in december at our next assembly...not sure on the dates yet
But for the musical theater.... its like telling a story without words only through dance...its really cool and we are performing to the song Run and Tell That off of Hairspray....
So i will update the blog when i get the dates...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Soccer Banquet

Well soccer is offically over. We had our soccer banquet on monday at the Ram, YUMMY. We had laughs and tears but overall a good time. I can't for next year...senior year!!!

Sarah Jessica and kendahl

Sarah Jessica Kendahl Sienna sharon Sherena and jasmine

The soccer team basically....and someones bro

Jessica Sarah Kendahl Gaby Teara

Alex Sienna Kendahl Michelle

Kendahl Wendel and Ally Ballie

Gaby kendahl and Jordana

Alex Michelle Kendahl Brandi Ally
~ ~ ~ ~
And guess what I LETTERED!!!

Bruises are back

Well soccer season has ended and i have finally gotten around to posting pictures of my bruises, some i never got the chance to but heres one that was a shocker for me, i found it on my arm...weird place for a bruise for me...but oh well soccer is a contact sport..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Open auditions.....

Well included in my schedule this year was advanced drama, and our teacher surprised us with the start of something new, that we would be doing the play practice within our 6th period class. this gave us more free time in the evening. Well i was totally cool with not getting a part and just helping out backstage like i helped out last year during my class period. Well my teacher asked me to audition...and i decided...hey what can it hurt...
well i guess she was right on the auditioning part...because...I GOT CASTED!!!
I am in the play The Boys Next Door, it is a play of four mentally handicapped boys and their daily struggles. It makes you laugh, sympathize and want to cry at is one amazing play.
I was casted as Ms. Hedges, ironically enough i am a golfer in my scene.
The dates of the play.....December 11, 12, 13....Hope to see you there...