Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dance Fever

Heather, Luisa, and Me

 a long night of dancing...

Sammy and Kendahl Best Buds

So this year one of the young women from my ward is an German exchange student, Luisa...i love you!!!...shes awesome, she is on my golf team with me and we have so much fun...this past weekend we went to one of my church dances and we rocked out....
Its so cool being able to teach her of the different American dances...i love it..shes so entertaining...hehe
It was a blast...though our feet became was worth it..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Its up to decide...whos better?

Wack that ball!!

So my dad got a chance to come to washington for a business trip and he got to break away for the day and we had planned to go golfing....well we live in washington and it likes to plan B was Spanaway Lake driving range [its covered]
I make golf cool.... ;)...word
My dad and i...thanks again for fixing my back thanks you too!!!

Ladies and Gentleman....the next tiger woods is in your presence...

Whos better???

Just for the record....i hit it farther than my dad... :)

Dance...Dance....The beat is dead...and gone

The cost you pay for picking on your coach.. ;) love you guzman
Its tradition, guzman and i are photo freaks!

The whole gang....well missing a few but we made do!!

Well dance is now over, we had our banquet last Farellis.ever been?? well i hadn't and i have to say, it was nice....expensive though, a large pizza was 26 dollars..i think i'll stick to Little Caesars!!
I can't wait til dance team next year....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the award goes to.....ME

Over the past few months i have been working on a science project and today was the big day for the regional science fair. I got the chance to spend my day at PLU at the Puget Sound Regional Science Fair. Anyways you spend your whole day getting judged and around 8 o'clock this evening they began handing out awards. Well the first lady up was from the American Association of University Women and the first name she called much to my shock...was Kendahl Heffron....i freaked...ya so i got the first award of the night, the Young Female Scientist Award..with a certificate and a letter with an envelope filled with $50!!! I would like to just drop a thank you to my wonderful mom who stayed up with me late some nights to finish this project and has stayed by my side to support me in ALL that i do! I love ya mom