Friday, March 30, 2012

Mr & Mrs Beagley 3.30.2012

A week ago my friend Matt married his sweetheart Rachel.
Matt and I go back to high school-growing up attending mutual together and hanging out in high school especially in drama class. We dated for a bit during his senior year but after he went on his mission for our church we went our separate ways yet still staying great friends. After his mission he decided to apply to BYU-Idaho and got accepted and on his first day there at orientation he met Rachel. After weeks of hanging out with friends they began dating and a few months later they were engaged and got married last week in the Dallas, Texas temple for time and all eternity. I am happy that Matt was able to find his eternal companion and I hope the best for him and his new wife Rachel :)
Congrats again to the happy couple! 
Thank you for the invitation to your wedding reception-it was an epic night!

Monday, March 26, 2012

10 days from 100! 3.26.2012

Is that so?
in 10 days I'm going to be one day away from double digits? oh my my someone please pinch me!
This calender is getting so filled I love it!
 Look at that awesomeness!!!
AHHH I'm so excited!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Surprise surprise! 3.25.2012

If you know me, keeping secrets aren't really my thing. Usually I get too excited and will say something on accident but then everyone knows the surprise. But I am getting better as I am older lol. This time around I can say I was successful! :D
Ember and I made plans to have some friends over at their house for dessert for my mom (birthday on the 18th) and Kenzie (birthday is on the 25th). I  made some calls while I was up at school, Ember invited my mom over for dinner so we would be there for the dessert part too. After a yummy dinner of enchiladas we gathered to the family room and then the Lee's and the Schott's showed up to celebrate with us for both birthdays!
It was fun to sit around and chat about funny stories-thankfully not many about me lol!

Happy Birthday Mommie and Kenzie :) 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome home! 3.24.2012

This is what I saw after being gone from spring break in Utah:
My mom knows the way to my heart, through fruity pebbles of course (thats the box attached to the note) :)
My favorite cereal ever and an awesome welcome home present from my mother!
Thanks mommie!

Bryce & Kenzie's bday 3.24.2012

M-i-c-k-e-y MOUSE (done to the clubhouse theme song lol)
Welcome to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
Today after getting off the airplane from Utah I got to go to Bryce and Kenzie's birthday party. 
After looking around at all the little kids running around I began to feel old. I have been in this families life through each and every one of their children and cousins births. Man it hard too-I remember when the Marini's moved into this house only at that time having two kids and now they are expecting another little girl in July. I can't believe how long it has been! Kenzie was just a baby when Nate first left on his mission and now look at her in her minnie mouse dress Ember (her mom) made for her-she is 3 now and getting so big!
Bryce is my little fire rocket-he is always so anxious to play yet when he is upset-don't go near him lol! It has been amazing to watch him grow and develop from a little baby I used to hold into a little baseball lover and excited for t-ball here soon! 
We got yummy cake (which stained my lips black lol) and watched the kiddos open their gifts! 
Happy Birthday Bryce (who is turning 5) and Kenzie (turning 3)!!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wooden tracks 3.23.2012

One loves applesauce. The other cheese.
But they both love playing with trains on wooden tracks.
I am grateful I got to watch these kiddos for a bit today!
They are so much fun and play really well together for siblings (not all are so lucky to have that lol)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Girl time 3.22.2012

Today I got to hang out with these gorgeous gals! Shelby, Hailee, and Paige! Paige is super awesome and came and picked me up and we headed to the Orem mall to meet up with Shelby and Hailee. It was so much fun to meet these girls and chat as we shopped. We hit up a store called Tie on one (of course missionary girlfriends would find that store lol) Paige and I picked out ties for our guys to send to them for Easter :) Shelby got some new shoes and Hailee got some scrapbooking stuff so she can get started on her scrapbook for her missionary :) (she is way better than I am, sorry Nate lol)

We went to Cold Stone and we got to chat for a bit, they asked me some questions about waiting-its weird to see people coming to me now since I have the most experience, I remember when I was the one asking questions!!!!

After we jammed out to music in the car and then they dropped me off :( I didn't want the fun to end, until next time!!!! Thanks girlies!

Chit chat & delicious food! 3.22.2012

Today I got to go to Kneaders with this beautiful lady Allison!
I can't go to Utah and not get me some unlimited french toast from Kneaders-its super yummy!!! I love it!
We chatted over breakfast about life, school, and our boys (both of us are waiting for Elders ;) )
it was fun to catch up on our lives and be able to talk about out guys a bit-its like a missionary girlfriends favorite thing to do lol! Allison was so much fun to hang out with!
Until next time missy! :D

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Diana Date 3.20.2012

I got to drive up to BYU this evening and meet up with this gorgeous gal! Diana is such a cute pregnant lady! She is due here in a couple of weeks so I am glad that I was able to meet up with her while I was down in Utah. Sad I have to miss out on the baby but maybe next time when I come down!
Her husband Matt is in an acapella group and so I joined her in his rehearsal. It was super fun to listen to these guys and chat with her about how life is going! After we went to the BYU creamery and grabbed ice cream and chatted! You can't go to BYU and not hit up the creamery, it would be a sin lol!
Thanks for the fun evening Diana :) Can't wait to see your little baby boy here soon! :D

Saturday, March 17, 2012

He is my lucky charm! 3.17.2012

I went home this weekend and got to put together Elder Schott's LAST St. Patrick's day box-getting closer to making his LAST box :D Its crazy to think about-actually both my mom and I did think it at the same time lol...we have no idea what we will do after he returns since we won't have any more boxes to send ;p

For this box I went for the theme of "you are my lucky charm"  contents included:
A green tie (Landon helped me pick it out-it was SO patricks day too-dark green and I think its going to look  charming on Elder Schott ;p)
Lucky charms cereal (got it in the bag ;) )
Fresh breath spray (Said on the box "kiss me I'm irish-BUT he had to wait a few months till he could say it!)
Green gum-good luck for the go ;)
Irish Spring soap-so he smells like the Irish....a clean one lol
Green box of Mike and Ike's (renamed Mike & Steven-Nate's two best friends hehe)
Cliff bar-for the nights he doesn't get so lucky and the singles don't feed him :)
So he doesn't have fierce breath-the HULK toothbrush ;)
Jello-you can never go wrong with Jello ;)
A green puzzle (funny story-the puzzle has all green pieces and has no image to tell you what it is supposed to look like lol, so I wrote him GOOD LUCK!)
A box of Andes Mints-Nate makes AWESOME mint brownies and so I told him to start practicing because I want some when he returns!

Elder Schott is so my lucky charm-he brings the smile to my face and makes me the happiest girl in the world! I'm so proud of him and the people of Texas are SO lucky to have him being there, he is so passionate about this gospel and so determined to spread the gospel all over while he is out :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day Elder Schott!

Wear your green! 3.17.2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2012
I hope you all wore green so no one got pinched!!! ;p

I got to go over to my sister's house in the afternoon for games and dinner with the family.
My mom had sent in my get well box a Winnie the Pooh puzzle so I brought it over to Jaxson and Brooklyn to let them do it. I was so amazed at Jaxson who did the puzzle all by himself! He is such a smartie! Then I got to help them do it once and then Brooklyn tried it on her own!
I'm such a proud aunt-these two kiddos have my heart-they are so amazing, growing so much between every time I get to see them! I love being their Aunt! :D

St. Patrick's Day was fun-we played games, ate, and just chatted which was really fun! It was nice to kick back and relax a bit (not like I hadn't done it all day the day before but I'm on spring break so why not lol!)

Hope everyone had a fantastic day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

A little less smart 3.16.2012

Well I know most of you wanted to see how my surgery went and the aftermath of it (aka my chipmunk cheeks lol) well I hate to report it to you all but I didn't actually get all that swollen
 (more inside my mouth than outside lol) 
I didn't get too loopy either (didn't get the good drugs lol)
But I did talk funny which had my family laughing!
On the left is before I went in for the surgery and the middle photo is when I got my IV. my first IV-so cool! 
Then the bottom two on the left and right were both after the surgery-it took me over 7 hours to eat that Sonic shake lol (thanks to having to put it back in the freezer whenever it melted since I couldn't suck it up lol) 
Then for an additional surprise for all your blogger viewers-I tried to teach my dad how to use my video camera for after I was done but he didn't really get it lol..but I did manage to get this SHORT clip of him actually videoing me without knowing it as I try to point it out but I was totally out of it! Enjoy!
Thank you dad for being there for me during this, you are awesome for taking the day off to take me there and back and keeping me up on my meds so I didn't feel any pain. Thanks for being so caring for me-I appreciate it! :D

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I have the GREATEST mommie! 3.15.2012

Since I am down in Utah to get my wisdom teeth out for part of my Spring break & my mom had to stay in Washington she sent me this AWESOME get well package.
Korrine delivered it to me last night and I opened it tonight before I had my surgery because I wanted to actually be coherent when I saw it and called my mom to thank her for it lol!
 It was filled with tons of goodies for getting well-pudding and jello, gummy snacks...then things to keep me busy like cross words and puzzles :)
i am spoiled and I love it hehe thank you mommie for being awesome and sending your love all the way from Washington. I am nervous for my surgery but this will help me get through the recovery! Thank you :)

Backyardigans 3.15.2012

It is March and we are playing outside in the sun-can believe that? I wore capris rain jacket for me! 

I got to play with the two cutest kids in the world! We played outside in their cars, pretended to mow the lawn, and rode bikes around :) 
These two are hilarious-they each have their own buggy and yet they don't like to drive in their own, they want to be in each other's and will whine if they don't get it that way hahaha!
It was so much fun to play outside and enjoy some downtime with the fam :) 
I love the sunshine-its getting me REALLY excited for summertime!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hands and Toes :) 3.14.2012

This isn't real is it???
Nate has been gone for 20 months today!
I am now counting on my hands and toes again for him but this time its for how long he has been out instead of how long he has left ;) I definitely like it better this time around ;)
 Elder Schott you make me so proud to call you mine-every week as I read your letters I see how much you are growing and I'm amazed. I thought you were great before you left but you are becoming a fantastic man with such a strong testimony and loving spirit :) 4 months left-no more full hand of counting for me-however will I count down now...get closer to my ring finger? use my eyes, nose then mouth? he matter I count its so exciting :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

600 days of waiting! 3.5.2012

My oh my this calender is getting more filled up by the day ;)
600 days have gone by for Elder Schott-he has been out there in Texas serving the Lord with all his might mind and strength. I am so proud of him!
 you know what 600 days of waiting means???? no? well let me inform ya...
ONE HUNDRED & THIRTY DAYS LEFT....130...that's it :D AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Time is flying by and I am loving it :) Keep flying on by time-anxious girl right here ;)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Clara turns 19 3.4.2012

Well since Clara's birthday was on Saturday this year and she has to go home each weekend to work and I was heading home, Carole and I decided we'd surprise her with breakfast for her on Friday morning :)
We made her a pancake, got her some snacks and decorated her desk!
The sign said:
"Since we won't be seeing you on your big day
we wanted to treat you in our kind of way
Here is breakfast from us to you
We have loved getting to know you"

You are awesome and I hope you had a fantastic birthday! :D

Growing up too fast! 3.3.2012

What a sweet way to celebrate Landon's birthday than treating him to Coldstone? haha you see what I did there?!?! hehe
Landon's birthday is really on March 10 but lucky me I get to take a final on that day so I came home this weekend to take him out for it :)

Landon is awesome...I can't believe he is 14 now-he is growing up WAY too fast!!! but he is awesome-
he is great at break dancing-he joined his break dancing club at his school and man this kid has moves! He watches the step up movies (ya he wins points in my book for that!) and will copy their moves and he has gotten really good at it too :) I'm so proud of him!

He is also a little punk too- like every other teenage boy lol but he is good at that too. Trips me when he gets the chance and makes fun of me all the time but he makes me laugh so its all good :)

Happy Birthday Landon-I hope your birthday is fantastic just like you!