Thursday, June 26, 2014

Time to play catch up! January-June 2014

Wow how time flies! Geez, I can't believe it has been SIX MONTHS since I wrote on here last. 
I am such a slacker! In my defense, I feel that I post on instagram & facebook enough to keep ya'll up to speed with what is going on.....but I will still write on here just to catch everyone up!

So this first collage is of all the random (single) photos I had on my computer. From Nate joining the "glasses club" (where all the cool kids hang out ;p), to building our own fort in our living room over Spring Break, to the Seattle Seahawks WINNING the SUPERBOWL-it was a pretty big deal in our family! We also got to meet our newest niece Tanzii Rae, she was born in March and was blessed in May! She is a little cutie!
Check out the other collages to see what else we've been up to!

 February family activity was going to the Provo pool (see pic below) which was a blast then we hit up the Philadelphian for dinner-my Dad's FAVORITE place to eat and Nate has never been so we had to introduce him to it! Britt and I even enjoyed the meat!! CRAZY!!! 
 Oh just some random snow storm we got in February.....the joys of living in Logan
Went to a LDS devotional with Aubrie and Willis-amazing time!
 Over Spring Break we went and hiked the Wind Caves, pretty sweet hike with amazing views!
 Jordan turned one in March-crazy how fast that year flew by, it seems just like yesterday we were coming down to meet him for the first time! I love that this kid is all smiles!
 He had a mustache party-so cute! My sister has the cutest ideas for parties!
 Shout out to my mom for her birthday! Although we missed her actual birthday it was fun seeing her for Jordan's party! Love you mom!

Breanna and I decided to make pizza and strawberries for girls night while Nate was at Priesthood! Yummy treats :)

 Nate and I got to decorate eggs together for the first time this year! We love being able to make these traditions as a couple now! 
 Then in May, I did the unthinkable (ok that is a lie...I thought about it A LOT)....but I cut my hair off and donated it! As heartbreaking as it was to watch it get chopped off, it is amazing how much cooler it is now :)
 This past weekend we went down to SLC and hung out with the family! We went to Thanksgiving Point and fed the fish and went to the Fairy Festival and got ice cream! *not pictured is me with Tanzii-all photos of her and I are on her mom's camera*

After that Nate and I went down to Orem to meet up with Breanna (my sister in law) and we drove down to Manti, Utah and got to attend the Manti Miracle Pageant. My first time going and I loved it! So worth the drive and the wait! Amazing experience for sure!
Well that's all folks ;) It has been fun catching up! Stay tuned for more of our summer adventures! I promise I'll be better and stay on top of this blog! :)