Sunday, January 29, 2012

Looky here 1.29.2012

After many mishaps of trying to get my glasses from Utah to Washington they finally arrived! :D
And may I say i love them! Bottomless frames *awesome suggestion from Cricket may I throw out there* are amazing! I love being able to not see the bottoms whenever I wear them, no more headaches for me-booyah!

Now you too can see how awesome my new glasses are ;p

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kegger 1.28.2012

I mentioned this on his actual birthday post but this is some pictures of Tim opening of his gifts and his guests-little Savannah who is his nap partner was in love with all the wrapping paper lol! His party was a hit :)

T.I.M turns 30. 1.28.2012

A good friend of ours Tim Babcock had his birthday this past weekend. 
He is now in the 30 club lol-partyin till 8p.m. till he goes to bed baha!
For his birthday kegger (He had a root beer keg from an awesome place here called BJ's-homemade rootbeer!) we made him a gag basket full of old people jokes like a magnifying glass, LARGE crossword puzzle, BIG remote, gas relief *for his car ;p*, peanut butter-had to write a note to remind him not to eat with his dentures lol! It was super fun putting it together for him and it was awesome hanging out at his house and having him grill us up some hamburgers :) 

Happy Birthday Tim :) 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lisa's last day 1.27.2012

Sadly this post won't be my usual happy one....My awesome friend and co-worker Lisa left our work at UW Tower today for a fantastic opportunity at Microsoft. Lisa has been an amazing friend to me, always letting me bounce ideas off of her, talk to her about what is going on in my life, and always a great source for snacks ;)

I loved being able to have the chance to meet her and get to know her a bit but I am so happy for her and her family!
Please stay in touch Lisa :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bubble Tea 1.26.2012

Tonight I went out with the girls to go grab some bubble tea...this was my second time having bubble tea-last time it was with some friends and I just tasted a sip but I caught a tapioca bubble and ya I wasn't a fan. This time I ordered a mango flavored one with tapioca (with hesitation lol) ....first sip I got this time was six tapiocas in a row haha! Great first impression lol! (second time around!) But it was fun and I definitely loved the girl chat time :) It was much needed!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tayler Thompson turns 21! 1.22.2012

Happy Birthday Tayler!
I don't know you all that well but I'm definitely excited for our plan to change that!
Loved hanging out at your party-and eating your birthday cake (yummy stuff!)

I hope your day was special just like you my dear and I wish you the best all year :)
Happy Birthday Tayler :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thank you-NOT 1.19.2012

To whoever pulled the fire alarm this morning at 2.A.M.
Thank you....NOT..
Ladies and Gents-just because it says "pull down" doesn't mean to do it whenever you feel like it.
It is for an EMERGENCY!
So this morning after already being asleep and WARM I was forced awake by that annoying noise and flashing light making me go outside to the ice covered ground and staying out there waiting for the fire truck to come and have it turned off. UGH! It was horrible my head was pounding, I was frozen, and I didn't have time to put my contacts in nor do I have my glasses yet (still stuck in the mail) and so I was blind outside. I am sure I was a sight to see lol. GRRR!!! I am so happy that I don't have school today so that I was able to sleep in. And as I sit here writing this the snow is falling from the sky in big flakes. SNOW DAY part 2 is happening right now :) Stay warm everyone!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MG date night :) 1.18.2012

How in the world do you get so lucky as me? (when I find out I will let ya'll know!)
 I got to chat with these girls last night! 
Who said distance separates people???? Heck no!
 We live all over the world and still find ways to stay connected.
 From left to right on that photo you have Kegan-Arizona, Abby-Australia, Paige-Utah, Lauren-Florida, Candice-Oklahoma, and Me in Washington. 
Sweet huh?
As the night progressed we lost a few girls thanks to time zones or their computers not being nice and letting them see us and we also gained a few girls! It was a total blast getting to talk to you girlies!
 Can't wait till Saturday night to do it all over again. I love MG's :)

Sledding 1.18.2012

What do you do when you are snowed in and school is cancelled?
We go sledding ;)
A bunch of us got together today-hiked our way to the park through the snow to meet together to have some fun in the snow. Carole and I made some hot drinks for our hike up Mt Olympus (aka 45th street lol, that sucker was covered in snow and I personally have NO snow gear lol). We met up with Jessica and made the rest of the trek over to the park. Some snow ball fights, white washes ( I got the guys a few times it was epic!), snowball to my eye lol. And then on to the hill to sled! Well since we live in WA and it NEVER snows no one owns sleds however people did have snowboards and we managed to get creative and pile people on them and go down the was AWESOME! My first time snowboarding and I used it as a sled...BAHA!

Skype party! 1.18.2012

Who said being stuck in your dorm had to be boring?!?! NOT US!!!
I texted Tessa and told her to get on skype so we could chat.
Well she decided to mess around with her computer so I talked to a baby for a bit-it was SO weird to watch its mouth move but head not lol. Creepy Tessa lol
 Then we turned on some music and had a dance party via skype. We are awesome. we know ;)
 Tessa and her SAWEET dance moves ;) I love this girl-she is amazo! 
She totally help make my snow day not boring! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

sNOw! 1.15.2012

Good morning Washington!
On today's forecast-snow storms!
I woke up to this (granted its not like Utah snow-5 feet high) but for WA this is snow...
 And once the driveway had been shoveled you could actually see that there was a good pile starting up. The thing that makes Utah snow different than Washington is that here-it will melt than freeze overnight turning everything to black ice making the roads crazy slick and the drivers crazy! ;)
But it is official here in the Northwest-winter has arrived! Bundle up and sip on some hot coco because that is what I plan on doing with my Sunday ;) 

Present from Germany!

I got home from my weekend with the Marini's and after being gone for the holidays to a package from my German sister Luisa. I was so excited to come home and be able to open this gift :) Her and I swapped gifts this year-I sent her a BYU (it's what she asked for lol) and her favorite toothpaste (they don't sell Crest in Germany). And in exchange I got an adorable make-up purse, delicious candy bar (which is mostly gone now, its my favorite!) and a face mask :) I loved it Luisa! :D Thank you so much for being an amazing friend and always sending me gifts. I love you girlie and I can't wait to see you again soon :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I love math...1.14.2012

I love math....
when it looks like this: 24-18= 6!!!
S-I-X months till he is home ladies and gents :)
My stats as of now are:
77 letters
18 months completed 
6.0 months to go
25 weeks left
181 days
25% left
Finally feeling like I'm getting somewhere ;) lol jk It been an awesome journey so far and I can't wait to see what the next 6 (ah) months have in store for us.

p.s. the time it took you to read all this and admire my photos another min or two has gone by ;)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge 1.13-14.2012

Marini's invited me for a weekend of fun at the Great Wolf Lodge. I headed down from school on friday afternoon and then we headed up to the Lodge. We got in and found our room, unpacked our stuff and hopped into our suits so we could go PLAY! Hours of waves, slides, and playing in kiddy land! Pizza that was lacking cheese ;) for dinner, DQ for dessert, and staying up with the kids till they all finally hit the hay.
Next morning waking up and grabbing cereal and hitting the pool again! Played basketball for over an hour. Got dunked a few too many times lol. Almost fell out of the inner tube. Played in the arcade. Won tickets. Got a sweet glow in the dark bracelet that matched Kenzie's. Played for a bit more till we were all exhausted. Headed to Applebee's for dinner. Sang primary songs on the car ride home. To sum it all up....FANTASTIC weekend :) Thank you Marini family for inviting me, I had a blast :)

My big bro 1.13.2012

23 years ago tonight at 7:11p.m. (yup he was born at 7:11-not the place just the time lol)
My big bro was welcomed into the world!
Although I wasn't there to be apart of welcoming you into the world bro I am very grateful for the time I've had you in my life. Although far apart in distance we remain close at heart. I love that.
This past summer you married your sweetheart, I didn't lose my brother like I thought I might but instead I gained a sister :)
I am so happy for you that you found your true happiness and made that step in life!
You are such an example to me in all that you do (ok well most of it ;p)
I love your passion, determination, and heart!
I'll always be your little sis who looks up to you and wants to be just like you!
I love you bro.
Happy Birthday Brandon :) Hope it was a blast! p.s. Happy Friday the 13th bloggers :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Yeehaw! 1.6.2012

Winter 2012 Opening Social-round up style!
Rubber band shooting.
Lasso with the horses
Herding cattle
Relay races
Learning to square dances
Line dancing

Rowdy night! :D 

Happy Birthday my love! 1.6.2012

Happy Birthday to you *cha cha cha* Happy Birthday to you *cha cha cha*
Happy 21st Birthday Elder Schott!
Happy Birthday to you my love!
Wowza you are OLD ;p
21 years ago the world was blessed to have you enter into it and you've been blessing lives ever since.
My life has truly been blessed to have you a part of it, I can't imagine my life without you-you are always there for me (even if we are states apart), you are such a great motivation to me. An example to me and others. Your testimony is incredible and your willingness to serve is remarkable!
For your quilt I made a sign "21 things I love about you"-coming up with 21 things was so easy because there is a million of them :)
 Hand stitched with love :) I hope you like my "little" surprise for your 21st birthday!
 Hope you stay warm during the winters :)
 Wrapped with love from Kendahl's mom, wishing you the best and hoping you have a fantastic birthday!
We'll celebrate your birthday a bit delayed this year but don't you worry come July we'll have a BIG bash! :)
Love you Elder Schott and I hope you have a fantastic 21st Birthday :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pictures galore :) 1.2.2012

Made it back to the dorm after winter break, opened up my mailbox and saw the golden ticket (a package slip) and this one actually had my name on it (it usually has my roommate Carole's lol). I went up and got my package, flipped it over and saw Elder Schott's name on the return address....AHHHHH! I have never booked it so fast with two suitcases in my life lol!!!
Got back to my dorm, opened it up and saw pictures from the last couple of months from my man (yes he hates photos so sends them sporadically lol) but I loved them nonetheless!
It was so nice to see his face in some new photos-he found a 7-11 so he was able to score a slurpee (his favorite thing from back home and he was beginning to suffer from with-drawls lol!)
 Then he got stuck in a downpour-made him think of home :) (i loved his expression in that one!)
then one from when the Elders went to help clean up so he got to wear the bright yellow Mormon helping hands shirt-woohoo!
Some with his Zone and District :)
A few with Elders exchanging ties!
One in a sleigh-its their Christmas tradition!
His ward mission leader :)
And having dinner with a family from the ward!
He is staying busy and doing what he loves which makes me so happy! :)
Keep up the great work Elder! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is it! 2012 1.1.2012

Adios 2011 and HELLO 2012. I can't believe it is here. Seems like yesterday I was just getting used to writing 2011 instead of 2010. Now I have to start all over again ;) But I don't mind in the least!
This is going to be the year.
Lots will be happening this year.
Nate turns the big 21 in five days
I complete my 2nd year of college
Nate returns home from his mission
I start my 3rd year of college
I turn the big 21 (ah!)
Not sure what else is going to pop up this year but I will say I am stoked to find out!

Hope everyone had a terrific New Year's Eve and New Year's day!
I got to bring in the new year with family and friends-great way to spend my night! :D

We eat cake! 1.6.2012

At the beginning of every month all the family gets together at Dad and Crickets house for dinner and to celebrate whoever is going to have a birthday that month. Seeing as I don't live in Utah I never get to attend these events-EXCEPT this one! Since I was still down for the holiday break I got to be apart of Brandon, Cricket, and Natalie's :)
Happy Birthday to all of you! :) 
*the cake was delicious!*