Monday, December 27, 2010

Paige :) December 27, 2010

Today my niece Paige came over to hang out at the house. We played on the wii for a bit-man canoeing and cycling is a arm workout lol! Then we played around for a bit while we chatted with Cricket. When my dad came home we all went to the Old Spaghetti Factory which was delicious :) It was fun hanging out with Paige today-she's such a cutie

Christmas Tree December 26, 2010

So tonight we went out to the Old Spaghetti Factory and so I changed into my new clothes that I got from Cricket and I's shopping adventure. Thought I'd take a photo in front of the Christmas tree when I actually look awake compared to the one on Christmas morning ;)

The Cutest thing EVER! December 26, 2010

Meet my niece Brooklyn!!! She is a little over seven months and just began crawling :) With this bib on her she looked like a little christmas present!!! I am definitely a proud Auntie :) She has the biggest eyes (we call her bugsy!) and she has the CUTEST giggle ever! I tickled her tummy and she makes the cutest squeak haha...I might just start calling her squeaker :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas part 2 December 26, 2010

Having a split family has its perks-more than one christmas celebrations with family :) With Brandon having served a mission the past two years he has missed out on Christmas's so it was nice to have him back this year :) We also have another first-Little Miss Brooklyn's first christmas, it was nice seeing her reaction to all the toys. Jaxson has become a pro at opening gifts and being distracted for like ten minutes at a time per gift LOL!

Brittany got to be the helper/ gift opener whenever Jaxson got distracted lol. Cricket opening the calender I made for her-it has all the families birthdays and photos in it!

Natalie holding up the I.O.U. she opened from Brandon-don't worry it was just a gag-he gave her a gift right after :) Dad with his rocky shirt :)

Every Christmas i try to take a photo with Jaxson-usually they come out good but now he has moving and walking so he doesn't want to sit on Auntie K's lap anymore (oh how they grow up lol). Cody liked his guitar shirt and gift cards he got for christmas! The last picture is of my gifts :) Most from my stocking but the gift cards and watch were gifts from Cody, Dad & Cricket, & the Herrera's

Christmas Morning December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!! Well i was SLIGHTLY tired when i woke up for christmas that I forgot to check to see if the memory card was in the camera...yup so all the pictures i took are now on my camera's memory-i'll figure out how to get them off somehow! But Christmas morning was awesome! I felt just like a little kid again all giddy for my stocking and opening presents :) I hopped on my mom's bed and said "Lets go open presents!!!" My mom's biggest surprise was the hair dryer i bought her-seeing as i took ours to college i figured i should give her one-she loved it :)

Seeing as i am having issues with my ears my mom and i found clip on earrings that look just like "grown up" ones so now i can wear earrings again :) It has been six months since i wore them last and it felt weird to put them on but i loved them :)

Christmas morning was fantastic-after opening gifts my mom made breakfast-cinnamon rolls & a eggnog :) Then we headed to go see a movie (our Christmas tradition) "how do you know" it was a really good movie-definitely a chick flick (sorry guys lol) but it was good!! When we got back my nana dropped my uncle steve off then my mom, him, and i ate dinner (kinda early) because we had to go to the airport, my mom dropped my uncle and I off and we headed to Utah!

Overall it was an awesome Christmas-being with family made it amazing :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve dinner 2010 December 24, 2010

So seeing as Christmas this year will be slightly messy with my flying to Utah and all-we decided to have Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve :) My Nana and Uncle Steve came over for ham, peas, potatoes and rolls (can you tell I planned the menu haha) then we opened gifts which was fun (early christmas gifts :] ) I love my family :)

Gift from the Quigley's December 23, 2010

So our friends the Quigley's stopped by today and dropped off our Christmas gifts-which they made us open my rule of waiting till christmas isn't working out so well haha! Well I got an awesome photo album to hold photos (I haven't decided which photos I want to put in there yet..but don't you fret I will soon!) I then opened this awesome gift-a sign on a plate (those crafty mormons haha) I love the saying-definitely suits me :) Thanks so much Quigley's you guys are awesome!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I've been SHOT! December 23, 2010

Went to the doctors this morning for my second chicken pox shot in the series and ended up having to get another shot too! So I've been shot twice today :D and you know what- I didn't even get cool bandaids :/ sad day!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Old Photos December 22, 2010

Seeing as I have so much free time over break I have been going through the photos on my computer and organizing them into categories and years! WOOHOO! But upon organizing my photos I found one of Elder Schott and I from my 18th birthday...ya not so long ago but I had forgotten that we took this one..:D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Girls Day :) December 17, 2010

So I took out Mireya and Jenna for nails and ice cream today! It was a blast! We all got redish colors on our nails then we got snowflakes on our thumbs (for christmas :) ) and then we headed to DQ for ice cream (yes in december haha) and then I came up with the crazy idea of taking those two to the mall LOL. It was fun and they had loved picking out things that they would like and they especially had fun picking out shoes at Payless for me to try on! :p

Making FUDGE :D December 17, 2010

So tonight my mom and I made fudge :D I got appointed the job of stirring the mixture till it had boiled for four minutes-do you know how long four minutes is as you watch the clock tick down a second at a time!?!?! lol but OOHH the fudge tastes AMAZING! Oh the picture with me and the chocolate chips i call "every childs dream" haha

Elder Schott's Christmas Package December 18, 2010

After waiting in the post office line for an HOUR (i learned the lesson from procrastinating :/) Elder Schott's christmas box was finally sent off :) My mom has been collecting all the Lowe's ads we get in the mail so I can wrap all his gifts in them (I wonder if he notices haha). The picture with the ties didn't actually get sent, I sent him and his companion two for christmas though (matching ones red & orange too :p) But i had already wrapped them so I took this one! This picture is of Elder Schott's ties for the next five months (one including his birthday tie!) Yup my mom picked the perfect colors to go with the next four holidays! :)

Elder Schott's Christmas Texas Style! December 13, 2010

Here's a glimpse of Elder Schott's Christmas in Texas.
Although no snow or rain Texas is getting into the spirit of Christmas!
The tree in the photo has over 5,000 lights on it and the house in the other photo is a member that Elder Schott helped decorate-the guy had over 3,000 lights :O!!

Flowers :) December 20,2010

Today was Hazel Coons birthday so my mom and I went and picked up some flowers and delivered them to her and had the chance to catch up with her which was nice! So we went to Safeway for the flowers and I discovered that blue flowers exist-not just BLUE but the BLUE that I want for my wedding :) I know its a long way to go and I might change my mind but I'm noting that in my mind for when it does happen :D

Monday, December 20, 2010

I heart TEXAS Dec 17 2010

So for part of my Christmas gift my friend Electra bought me a Texas shirt and a bumper sticker that says "someone in Texas loves me" i was so excited when i opened it :) Her box was so cute-all about time and how the best things in life are worth waiting for! Thank you again Electra for my gift! I absolutely loved it all...I took this picture to send to Nate in his birthday package! :D

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seattle Lights December 9, 2010

So tonight I went downtown with Carlye, Electra, and Tessa to check out the lights in Seattle. They had a huge tree that was beautifully decorated! But what caught our eye-the store that has the words "No, You're Weird" haha amazing! We had to pose in front of it :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Seattle Temple December 7, 2010

Tonight the Institute got another opprotunity to go to the Seattle Temple to do baptisms for the dead! One of the many perks of going to UW is having a temple so close :) Our institute tries to go at least once a quarter and this quarter we got lucky and were able to go in November and December! I absolutely love it there-there is no place where I feel more at peace and feel the love of the Savior! Doing temple work at night is amazing as well-we are the only ones there and the temple workers are so helpful-I am so grateful for them :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Seattle University November 10, 2010

Well tonight Electra and I went over to Seattle University to visit our good old friend Tessa :) Seattle University is pretty sweet-not as good as UW of course ;) Good times we had by all...I really liked Tessa's bed, she has made it like a couch and it was super comfy!

Jaxson's 3rd Birthday November 9, 2010

Jaxson Armstrong Derbidge turned three years old today :) Being in college I wasn't able to get away for the birthday party but I wanted to share some photos of the CUTEST Nephew EVER (i'm slightly biased :0)
Well Jaxson's birthday party was themed "going to school" since he himself was headed to preschool after he turned 3! My sister came up with some super cute ideas-school lunches and water bottles along with make your own goody bags :) Jaxson got a school bus cake which he actually touched this year rather than years in the past lol