Saturday, December 27, 2008

A day OUT!

Well as a tradition with my step mom cricket is that we go out shopping and out to lunch.

This time i got the chance to have my step sisters Natalie and Nicole tag along with us. Thanks for coming guys, I have never laughed so much...and p.s. i apologize again natalie...hehe

Well we ended up waking up on friday morning to roughly 15 inches of lucky me got to shovel...Dad you seriously need to get a snowblower!!..

well no weather can stop women on the day after Christmas when all stores are having sales up to 70% off...and in my case 90% off at Kohls...

Well we began at Walmart seeing as most people enjoy shopping there we thought we might as well get that store over with. I guess it is safe to say we have looked at EVERY comforter in Walmart... :)

Then it was off to lunch, my choice...Well i picked Chili's, yummy...

well i picked, drum roll......Soup and Salad, can you believe neither but it was amazing! Creamy Potato soup [thanks britt and mom for getting me hooked] and then ceasar salad..yummy

Well then it was off to Kohls.. where we found amazing deals...i mean come on 90% can't get better than that!!!

Then we went to that store...

We laughed so hard trying to find shoes for natalie..and her hot date that night...hehe

Well i believe it is safe to say i walked off my lunch..or at least my first bowl of soup :)

Well this picture came from target...this sunglasses just couldn't be denied...they caught my eye and i had to try them on...!!!
Check me out!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow has hit...check this out


There is supposed to a road there -->
This storm has hit and hit hard, all tire tracks are being covered up within minutes and snow is barely stopping. The temperature is starting to drop once again, and under the snow is all are slidding all over the place and spinning out of control!!!..
Trying to stay warm!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


new set of handprints...its getting deeper...!!!
and its snowing like crazy..big flakes...

December Breeze

So this morning we woke up and it had been snowing since 3 a.m. or so....then we got the call that seminary was cancelled...given the fact we were already dressed and awake..our luck, then the television said two hour delay...always nice, no complaints there...then around 8 a.m. the clicker on the television said Franklin Pierce that means snow day!! heres the pictures from around 8:30..a.m. more to come later...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Surprise

So after church we walked out and noticed that it had snowed the whole time we were in church... And this is what we had when we got home...

Good Morning...snow??

Well sunday morning brought a nice surprise....snow...It took us half way through December but it finally got cold enough to high for the weather this week is would think we were in Utah or something :)

Ward Christmas party 08

Setting the stage
Santas stop
After decorating the tree


Seini Fa'alelea's gingerbread house

Catching a picture with the cook...

Never too old for Santa

The pizza box is not from us.. its from the elders..the cake is ours though!

Yummy..oh yes they were!

Merry Christmas to all and to ALL a good night...