Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Northwest Trek July 15.2010

The Marini's invited me to go with them up to NorthWest Trek. It was a blast-all the animals and the tram ride, the kids loved seeing all the different animals and being so close to them!

Bryce on the car ride up there..

the kids eating lunch

Kenzie playing peek-a-boo with her blanket

Zack waiting for the tram

Ember taking a photo of me taking a photo of her :)

Kenzie really wanted her juice

Right out the window!

Half shaven lol
she was making ooo noises..it was cute

Kenzie loved hanging off the window!

it was ready to charge!

Kenzie pointing to the animal

Alec is a bit shy

Zack and Kendahl

Can you spot the moose?

The view

Kenzie and Kendahl

Bryce and Chas

Kenzie and Kendahl

She loved that tram ride

Kenzie wanted UP to see the animals

Bryce and his cousin were calling for the wolf-it was so cute "kitty kitty"

The Wolf

I caught Ember off guard :)

Chas and Patty

She found the wolf!

Cool picture of the owl

Zack and his cousin were too cute!

Kenzie on Ember's shoulders-she loved it!

We woke the bear up :/

All of the kids-yes i am considered an adult now :P
the Otter loved kenzie-it kept doing flips in front of her

Lake july 14. 2010

Cheese ball Zack
Morgan :)

Kendahl and Kenzie

Playing in the water

Alec and Ember-little did he know he was going to be thrown in after that!

Morgan and Kendahl


Ember and Kendahl

Kenzie's first time playing in sand!

The boys

Bryce and Kendahl
The boys playing with the sand

Morgan the mermaid-she was such a good sport

Playing in the sand- my foot prints and Morgan wrote my name
We wore kenzie out!
On the ride home-singing and dancing to Surfin USA!